[M/V] Kim Hyun Joong (ft. Double K) – Breakdown

My cousin tipped me off to this and I’m glad she did! I’m really feeling the hook in this song and I know a few of you out there are big Hyun Joong fans. So represent for your boy! Enjoy ^^

22 thoughts on “[M/V] Kim Hyun Joong (ft. Double K) – Breakdown

  1. I downloaded his album onto my iPod and its pretty good. Breakdown really shows his individuality and I’m glad that he took the time to do a solo album (although I still love SS501). And I know a few of us were watching that video trying to learn the dance moves 🙂 Or was it just me?

    • twasn’t only you…i watched it twice in a row, and the second time i was standing in front of the computer trying to break it down…still got some tweaking to do on that, 😛 ….

      i had never heard of ss501…i just remember KHJ from ‘bof’ or ‘bbf’…i was so sorry that his character didn’t get ‘the’ girl, or any girl at all…that’s how ‘princess hours’ ended too…anyway, i LOVE his dark hair/haircut and adult look…shirt? he don’t need no stinkin’ shirt…and thankfully for me, there’s a couple KHJ nip-slip photos posted about, *sigh*…

  2. Like WOW, I didn’t think Kim Hyun Joong would be here nor knew if he have been here before. Loving it, loving him , forever truly.
    Djinn within your Djinn

  3. I really, really love this video. Kim Hyun Joong really has a hot bod. Next video, sweetheart, be topless. And I would love to see SS501 back together.

  4. I know this is an Asian male appreciation blog, BUT…….Black people….we are some BAD Mamma Jamma’s (I mean that in the best/greatest sense). I think we have forget that at times.
    That’s it…………………………………………

    • you felt that too?

      lol every time I look at Kpop ANYTHING…it all emulates black culture lol. it’s cute..make me appreciate my people even more. Black People are the originators and it’s really cool to see other cultures doing their version/interpretation of it.

      • I SURE did! (SMILES) It’s really the reason that “put the stamp” on my admiration for Bi. It wasn’t his acting first, it was his “homeboy swag” on stage. He shocked the hell out of me (in a good way). IMHO in order to emulate and emulate well, you must first and foremost Appreciate. I have always felt Bi’s genuine appreciation for black music and culture. The Black American influence WORLDWIDE boggles the mind at times. I wonder do we Truly SEE it, I mean Damn! It’s a beautiful and AMAZING thing to witness. (SMILES)

  5. I had to rewind this video cause i was like where is KJH… He is absolutely Hot in this video and almost like a different person!!!

  6. I really liked this mv the 1st time I saw it. He is sexy. I like the part when all of them r doin the dance called the cat daddy. That makes me like him even more.

  7. I’m not racist but… I’m tired of seeing white girls in Korean videos especially with guy singers/rappers(GDTOP) or boy groups. Why the lack of black girls?

    • But if you ask them why there are no Black girls, then you would have to go further and ask them why no Black male backup dancers as well. Personally, I think as long as Asia (as a whole) remains mostly homogeneous, you’ll never see diversity (as we know it) in videos or TV shows, etc. coming out of K-Pop or any other form of Korean entertainment. It does seem a little odd since most of their music is rooted in Black American urban culture, to not see one Black person (male or female) dancing alongside them. It would lend a certain authenticity to their K-Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop swag. (IMO)

      • I agree with you both. But yeah I understand they are homogeneous but even they have whites in their videos or dramas, same as India (I watch A LOT of Bollywood movies). But yeah whatever let me get over it, it’s obvious they favor our hip hop and R&B but they favor whites as a whole, which is sad and pathetic.

      • @Tmesis,

        I totally understand how you feel. I feel the same way. Most cultures around the world view White/Caucasian as better and we all know that mindset has been ingrained for centuries. So I’m not surprised. I just wish all Black people could get a “nickel” for every time Anything rooted in “urbandom” was utilized in Any capacity around the world. Then we’d Really See where true riches belong.

  8. Honestly, I love Kim Hyun Joong, sure a lot of people say that, but theres so much more. Yet, I’m to many years older then he, as well, we’re millions of miles apart. when I would talk to him in my sleep, and awaken to realize it was not only happening to much, but that I needed to get a control of myself; I knew there was a problem. I refuse to want someone that much that has no interest in me, don’t know, don’t care; more or less has so many fans I’m one in a million. I have better control over my thoughts and feelings then before. It still would hurt to see him marry and one day he will; unfortunately it won’t be to me. The lucky lady, I hope he would truly love and be loyal to truly. I wanted to create a special video an art work to submit online dedicated to him. I that’s not a good thing for me to do nor the right time. I’m just a fan like many others and he’s millions of miles away. I will alway be his fan, love his music and him truly forever. Djinn within your Djinn

  9. Saw this video last week and tripped. The hook is off the chain and I loved, LOVED the video. I’m still new to K-pop, but he’s definitely a favorite (along with seventy-billion other boy bands/singers/hotties from Korea).

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