Bi Works Hard For the Money, So You Better Treat Him Right!

How are you gonna contract Bi (to no doubt pull audiences and attention to your project), and not wanna pay him?? Like seriously, you know your cred is now shot, right?? Some people!
CloudUSA reports that Bi recently won a lawsuit against the “Fugitive: Plan B” production company for unpaid drama fees he worked oh-so-very-hard for. Read all about it here. This is great news, and a great way to start off the week!

7 thoughts on “Bi Works Hard For the Money, So You Better Treat Him Right!

  1. It’s ashamed how some people just take advantage of people. Did his former company really expect for him and his cast mates to work for nothing? I guess they think that money grow on trees.

  2. Oh man I heard read somewhere he wasn’t making alot from that show, but they expected to pay nothing? SERIOUSLY! I thoroughly enjoyed the drama but it didn’t get the best ratings I think. Sad =[ Jihoon may be a nice guy but he’s not a fool, GRATS on his win~

  3. Did they REALLY think they’d get away with that? Maybe, because in the past he’s been so damn patient and tolerant of stuff that’s been done to him. What everybody needs to realize is that Baby Boy has changed and evolved in the past year and you may get yourself ripped a new one. Huh!

    Go, Hoon.

  4. wow… that was just wrong on so many levels!! seems to me like bi always gets involed with shady people for some reason! but anyways, he has every right to get his, and if they won’t GIVE it to him, then he has every right to TAKE it! weakness is never a good thing. let him sue all he wants… it that’s what if take for them to stop stepping all over him, then so be it.

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