JYJ Junsu…Hmm….

Check out the video clip below. Perhaps JYJ’s Telisha-hatin’ fans don’t have anything to worry about. And yes yes I know that Korean guys, by culture, are more touchy and affectionate with each other. Quite noted. I’m not trying to hurt anybody…just sayin’…lol…

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42 thoughts on “JYJ Junsu…Hmm….

  1. Of course I couldnt watch the video properly on my phone, so I can only imagine what happened I don’t know. Have you read any fanfic? Those fangirls eat that mess up. I remember Jang Guen Suk’s character (with dream sequence) commenting on it in Your Beautiful. The fans like that “suspect” behavior. Nickhun even said he had to get use to the touchy feelie part. Its hard to tell if its just an act or for real. Sometimes Key confuses me because it seems like an act.

    • @Seli: after careful review of Key’s actions/comments, my cousin and I have come to the conclusion that he will probably come out of the closet after completion of his mandatory military service lol…

      • Funny thing is… I would so love to hang out with Key. And unfortunately, the only way he’s coming out the closet is if he permanently immigrates to the US.. that just ain’t happening there. Have you ever notice that most groups have one member that’s is really suspect?

      • @OMG!!!! That is exactly what I told my cousin: all boybands have at least 1!!!! Still trying to figure out who it might be in 2PM…they are all so manly, so it’d be hard to tell….

      • @Seli: oh yea for sure. They can release all the Antique Bakery movies they want to, but that still is not going to make “alternative lifestyles” acceptable in Korean society…

      • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soo funny cause Although I like the korean boybands, I never understood the whole touchy feely thing, and recently I watched a game show with MBLAQ where they have to move a thin piece of paper from one end to the other end by passing it lips to lips from each member… I was like WTF…!!!

    • After long and thoughtful observance of key and much discussion, my cousin and i have determined that key will probably come out of the closet after he completes his mandatory military service, lol

      • whatever is going on with key, i love him, pink floral shirts and all…ladies love him too.. on the ‘yunhanam’ show with shinee, i’m only on ep 6, but at this point key has been chosen twice by noonas as the guy they liked best…even though he was not experienced with dating, he was still very confident…

      • I love Key! You are right. He is very confident. Just watching him HB with Yooguen was awesome. Well actually he and Minho both were awesome with the kid. Let’s you know what kind of fathers they’re going to be. Key is always sayng he will be getting married first.

  2. I am pretty new to the whole K-Pop scene and don’t know all the members of all the Korean boy bands out there, but I can say I am still not used to the whole men “loving up on” each other thing. I do realize that it is because I am seeing them through my Western eyes, heck it took me a “minute” to get used to the very effeminate haircuts….but now I am. I’ll say this, I can’t stress my brain trying figure out which ones are actually gay, cause to be honest there are still many American men that can through you for a loop. You’ll get a damned migraine trying to be “sure” these days. I swear women should be armed with a special “gaydar” detection device and the minute a man steps to you just click it on and if he is gay that sucker will go off like an ADT house alarm.

    • I will never get or like the feminine haircuts. I wish they would go away. Bowls cuts and that thing where they drag it to the front in sections. I hate them!

      • yeah I agree Seil I am not completely on board with the feminie haircuts. Although I really didn’t mind Bi’s hair from Fugitive, the longish blonde hair and the permed hair. Not feeling it at all.

    • @bialamode
      “it took me a “minute” to get used to the very effeminate haircuts”

      lol I love their haircuts, most of them anyway…not a big fan of key’s hair right now…but what wouldn’t i have done to get my hair to feather/layer like that back when i had a relaxer…

      i never liked mir’s or taemin’s bowl cuts and were happy when they changed it. maybe the thought was that it made them look younger(?), idk…i liked rain’s hair when he wore it layered on top a few years ago, even though the short cut really looks good on him now…i guess i’m saying that i love the layered or featherly cuts because of the playful/romantic/youthful feel of them and then i love the short cut because to me it looks mature. a lot of the kpop guys had longer hair when they were younger and then when they got older (or after military duty), they went shorter. it definitely depends on the guy and whether the cut fits him and at what stage he’s wearing said cut…

      i laugh to myself when i remember when i was learning about big bang and catching up on their music…i didn’t know any of the guys apart. i just knew that one had braids in the beginning, and then later he had a fauxhawk…i hated the fauxhawk on him! it just didn’t seem to flatter him to me at all…well, then i learned who the members were and that it was taeyang, *sigh*…the fauxhawk doesn’t bother me anymore. it’s the same cut and yet it doesn’t look the same as when i first saw it…in fact, i would venture to say that it shows off his good features…funny how things change..

  3. Everyone should read this post by The Korean at the Ask a Korean Blog
    He answers the question about all the affection. From what I hear from females living in Korea, Korean guys are EXTREMELY affectionate with their girlfriends behind closed doors. Prepare to be hugged and pinched to death I guess lol. I think it’s cute. But The Korean properly explains it all with both a korean and western perspective in this post. http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2009/10/i-love-you-man.html

    Also…men in europe are the same way. Makes me think that theres honestly just something wrong with Americans lol.

    • the touchy-feely surprised me the first time i saw it in a kdrama. but now i love to see it. i like how junsu says that they are family and with family it’s ok to do it. i envy friends/families who have that type of closeness and are comfortable enough to show it freely. :/

      to me it’s refreshing to see that type of genuine affection displayed between guy friends…in fact, the excessive macho attitude here in the states gets on my nerves. there should be a nice balance…sometimes it’s not appropriate to let it all hang out and sometimes it’s not good to keep it all bottled up inside…but there’s nothing wrong with a guy hugging his friend or telling him he missed him…even if he never says it, he feels it. why not just say it?

      i agree with seli in that many of the fangirls love to couple the boys up. and because the fans like seeing it, many of the shows create such situations…some of the guys look like they really, really don’t want to do stuff like the mouth-to-mouth game or the love rolling game, but in the name of fan service and their contracts, they acquiesce…and they do joke around with it too. i love the show with 2pm and shinee, nichkhun and minho’s parts. you can tell nichkhun comes from a culture where skinship is taken to mean something else, because whenever he plays around, it’s in a knowing ‘wink-wink’ way. but minho looked wide-eyed and innocently going along with the program. i think part of it is because he is intensely competitive and will not be outdone or lose. but there was a point when nichkhun looked like he wondered if they’d gone too far, or if minho ‘liked’ him for real…i just thought it was cute and funny…

      what i don’t like are the endless youtube couple videos creating something that is not true. with mood music, slow-mo and edited videos, anybody can look like they are in love…if they are, they are, but in most cases, they aren’t.

      • ladibug-to me it’s refreshing to see that type of genuine affection displayed between guy friends…in fact, the excessive macho attitude here in the states gets on my nerves. there should be a nice balance…sometimes it’s not appropriate to let it all hang out and sometimes it’s not good to keep it all bottled up inside…but there’s nothing wrong with a guy hugging his friend or telling him he missed him…even if he never says it, he feels it. why not just say it?”

        I completely agree, we just need a happy medium.

  4. Though guys in the states been doing it for years, it still seem strange for me to watch some guys get a quick slap on their behinds,but I have to give Korean music shows their props. They really know the definition of what reality shows are.

    Seriously, like Bialamode said, I’m still trying to get adjusted to this as much as I see some athletes get slapped on the butt by their fellow players and coaches encouraging them to have a good game in the states. . If I was in Korea and seen this, I would respect it, though there would be a part of me that would be like “what?”. Far as Junsu, I bet this video of this is driving them up the wall. He may/may not be gay and just could be being crazy,but if he is( gay) it’s his life and he can do what he wants with it just as I would say with those rumors being spread about Telisha.

    • i read somewhere that they can’t keep their hands off of each other…unfortunately, i have not really paid them much attention because i just can’t get into the idea of that many people in a group together…it’s too distracting for me, lol…but their ‘sorry, sorry’ dance is pretty popular…i love when minho did it for taemin in their skit on ‘hello baby’, lol..

      • They have waayyy too many members. I don’t even try to tell them apart, it taxes my energy. I don’t believe in more than 5 to a group.

      • @lei: that’s what it is! When I try to put forth effort to learn them, I get exhausted….I am not past convincing though. Just as soon as I get off of my 2PM high, I’ll be ready to check them out as well…

    • @Nicole: truthfully I don’t know that much about Super Junior, but what I do know about them annoys me. For one, I think they have way too many members…just seems a bit chaotic to me…I gather you like them?

      • Well, at first, I thought there were too many of them. And I would had a hard time with their names. But I have grown to love them. Originally, there were 13 members. As of right now, 10 are active. One is M.I.A., the other one is in the military and the other one left the group.

      • @nicole: i can certainly appreciate that you have grown to love them because i have taken to rain and 2pm like i never thought possible, so i understand! Thanks for the 411 on them…who’s your favourite member?

  5. I like Junsu, he has an awesome voice and when and if he comes flying out of the closet I’ll still love him lol That was funny thoughXD! I once saw a vid of Shinwa from back in the day where they some sort of sleep over photo shoot, I dunno what it was. Now this was before I even got into kpop and upon seeing this behavior, as an American, I thought ” wow thats really homoerotic” BUt now after years of seeing this sort of behavior it’s not that big of a deal. Think about it, men do alot of weird things just to see a reaction, maybe he’s just super affectionate.

  6. .Thanks for this. It has certainly opened up my eyes to embracing the Asian (Korean) culture more. I didn’t like the effeminate hair-cuts, make-up and the touchy-feeling between the men. Until I realized I was being a little prejudice against them. After reading the post, the many comments and the enclosed article I said to myself, “Aren’t you the same one who loves punk rock music, Elton John and even David Bowie in his early days. If you accept that why are dissing the Korean culture?” Well, am not closed minded any more and we Americans should get the stick up and out our asses and learn the world doesn’t revolve around us.
    As for the hair cuts. I was jealous. Those cuts are mad serious and I love them. I am not willing to cut my wild, crazy hair since it has take me so long to grow it, but I will order a few wigs this winter and have them cut into some asymmetrical styles that resemble the K-Pop boy bands. 🙂

    • LOL! My mom was watching KPop videos with my On Demand and she commented on Chansung’s haircut from I’ll Be Back. Ummmm. Yeah. The next week she had a new weave with that cut. She said, “I gotta give it to them. They sure do know a fierce cut!”

      • LOL i don’t blame your mom one bit…chansung’s haircut is fierce…there’s a couple others that i’ve had my eye on too…

  7. Admittedly, I dislike all of that skinship. I’m a yaoi/boylove lover. I write it, and I read it, but I just feel like they’re coerced (pushed, shoved, kicked…) into that behavior by mgmt because fanpoodles enjoy that sort of androgynous behavior. If it was clear -crystal clear- that they actually wanted to kiss and touch each other (Super Junior. Goodness gracious…), I’d be totally cool with it. But I get a nasty feeling that such behavior is being forced on them, for the most part, and that irritates me. No one who isn’t gay or attracted to men should be made to do things like that for the sake of someone else’s weird “fetish” of seeing straight men molest one another.
    Picture Nsync, or some other boyband, doing that here. Not likely.

    And I just learned of the Telisha thing last night. I won’t say all the stuff I’m thinking, but I will admit that it changed much of my views on Koreans as well as spawned a disgust for yet another racist, delusional “fandom” that can’t seem to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. The things they’ve said about that woman, the names she’s been called… I felt my blood pressure go up.

    I almost never discuss my genetic makeup; I don’t see the need because my mother was a black woman and that’s what I identify myself as, but some of what I read about Koreans and Japanese last night made me reject my father’s blood even more than I already do. It will take a few days to get over how pissed I am because when I look at that pretty, cocoa-skinned woman, I see my mom -and all that my mom endured until she finally got rid of that sperm donor and his entirely racist family.

    Okay, on a tangent here. Let’s just say, I’m not too happy with Asians right now. And yes, I’m aware that not all of them are like that, and most of that behavior is a fob thing, but still. When I watch them emulate the way my people speak, dress, sing, and perform, yet never give due credit and almost never acknowledge/invite/pay homage it rubs me all sorts of wrong ways. And seeing the “Bubbegirls”, or whomever they were, in black face didn’t help.

    • I feel u on that one. Its very disappointing. What’s even more disappointing is they can’t understand the reason int’l fans get upset. Especially considering if they keep doing something over and over again and they keep getting a negative reaction from int’l fans…. then yeah, something is wrong with it.

      Being involved with an article on SeoulBeats regarding Boom’s Stevie Wonder blackface cemented my problems with SUJU. I rather know how they really feel, then be sucked in by fakeness.

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