Bi Poses With “Mr. Richard”

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Our worker Bi is always on his grind, hustling out deals and hanging with the stars even up ’til his impending army enlistment this year. His latest tweet hints to a project that may be waiting for him when he joins civilian society once again in a few years:

Thanks to CloudUSA for the translation!
I couldn’t be happier~ I cannot tell you how glad I am..I’ve been offered a great deal, so I’ve met him~ That’s three years from now, so there’s going to be something that you might expect… with mr. Richard

He also conveniently posted the pic below for confirmation of the “mr. Richard” he was referring to. And in fact, it is Mr. Richard Gere, famed and seasoned Hollywood actor! How cool is this??

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14 thoughts on “Bi Poses With “Mr. Richard”

  1. ahhh! I am so happy for him. That is great that he has something set up for when he come back. I am sure that might have been a worry for him, not only that it is with a Hollywood actor/director, which is exactly what he wanted. I wish him the best.

  2. That’s great! Bi really deserves a lot of good. He’s be very overdue to be in Hollywood. I’m hoping that this picture he’ll be playing is a hit. Richard is high calibre actor and I never heard of him acting in movies that are flops(can’t never forget him in “Pretty Woman”. That movie was better than I thought). Also, I can never forget Ric where he got in that ” mess” kissing Aishawaya Rai? So crazy.

  3. This is awesome news and yeah Richard Gere is up there in the Hollywood ranks. Bi is getting meetings with the tops in Hollywood, he ain’t messing around with the C and D listers! (SMILES) You go Baby Boy……work it!

    Oh and Richard Gere also knows his way around some love scenes too. His movies Breathless and American Gigolo come to mind………not that it has ANYTHING to do with wanting to see Bi in a love scene…….AT ALL. (*Y’all believe that?……..BIG SMILES*)

  4. Im so happy for Rain. I luv Ricard Gere every since I was a kid (my Moms a big fan). I cant wait to see what type of project it is. I hope its a movie and our man gets his shine on. If it’s a movie then its gonna be HUGE!!!! I cant stop smiling… that song keeps playing in my head…Im so excited and I just cant hide

  5. Hollywood is stuck on remake mode. I hope Rain does a new version of (Richard Gere’s) An Officer and a Gentleman. I think he would be perfect for the role. He’s sexy-as-hell in a uniform………out of uniform……… just sexy-as-hell PERIOD 🙂

  6. This is from RainLegend via Han Cinema

    While it has been revealed that Richard Gere and Rain are preparing for a later “World Project”, it turns out Richard Gere showed interest and contacted Rain first.

    It was recently told to News N that, “When Richard Gere visited Korea, he called Rain and arranged a meet”. Richard Gere carefully asked Rain if he would like to be in a movie together.

    However, Rain answered, “No thank you” because of his military service at the end of this year. He politely rejected Richard Gere’s offer but Gear told him, “I’ll wait until you are discharged”.

    Their meeting was first let known by Twitter. Rain posted, “How happy I am~ I was offered to be in a project that doesn’t even make sense to me right now. So I met him~ wait for me in 3 years…with Mr. Richard Gere” and uploaded a picture he took with him.

    Meanwhile, Rain is looking forward to join the army in October and he is now preparing for his last national tour

    It is interesting Richard Gere contacted him and then said he would wait. I have a new love for Mr. Gere

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