Nichkhun Horvejkul: Thai Prince of K-Pop

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25 thoughts on “Nichkhun Horvejkul: Thai Prince of K-Pop

  1. As cute as Nichkhun Horvejkul: Thai Prince of K-Pop is, he is NOT Kim Hyun Joong. Kim Hyun Joong is #1 in my world and always will be. It’s unfortunate that I’m not Kim Hyun Joong woman nor close enough in his age, where he would truly care or even want only me that bad; but he is still #1.
    Djinn within my Djinn

  2. I like Nichkuhn. He’s normaly very funny and sweet on the shows. Im not physically attracted to him. He’s that REAL good guy friend (no benefits ;P) that you can tell anything too.

    BOAB he had a nice little interlude with SHINee’s Minho on 2 eps of Idol Army. Ep 14 and 15 I think. Very funny and almost homoerotic, is that the word im looking for?

    • @Seli: yes I agree with you on that! I don’t get the urge to rip his clothes off…but rather to hug him like a cute little puppy. I’m all up for him proving me wrong though..;)
      Yes, I saw that a while ago and my cousin and I discussed it extensively. Was it all just a joke or was there some real attraction there? We concluded (wishful thinking) that they were just playing around…..but ya never know…

      • I think it was all joke, but it was still kinda cute. Remember they usually have female idols on there.

        The Minho’s are gorgeous
        Kim Hyun Joong is fione!

  3. Oh. I know that I’ve seen that picture of Nic around a lot of Korean/Asian websites. I certainly love what I’m seeing here.

  4. I’m not too familiar with this guy, is he the same one who gave the nice shout-out to Rain in an article (or something like that) that’s posted over at the CloudUSA board?

    And all this time I thought he was all Korean…lol….Thai-American….yay! Hmmm, so I wonder does he sing the English parts of the groups songs? Just wondering.

    • He and Taec usually bust out a little english in their raps. It’s funny to hear them speaking english to each other. It’s really radom. What’s the word for Korean English mix? Engrish?

  5. He speaks fluent English. I am not sure if it is his first language but it is definitely ahead of his Korean. He was on a variety show with Rain and he was going over an English conversation with him. They were saying that Nick should tutor him. Also on an episode of Running Man he had to interpret a conversation between the cast and visiting foreigners. I also don’t find him sexy, but very teddy bear adorable, w/ those Elmo eyebrows.

    BitofaBelly, where is his Men’s Health cover? That made me rethink the sexy part.

    • rain’s english is like nichkhun’s korean, LOL!! they always talk about nk’s mispronouncing/misstating words…but he’s so cute that they just chuckle and go on…

      wow, rain can really wax philosophical at times…probably every girl he ever asked ‘have you eaten?’ is trying to figure out how to get in touch with him, lol…

      • You have to watch the whole show. His dealing with a bully at school, dealing with his sister getting married, etc. I can listen to him talk about his life all day long.

      • I wonder if “Have you eaten?” is the Korean slang for ” I want your number?”. He isn’t the first person I have heard said that they have used that to show interest in a girl. Hmmm..

  6. i’m not gonna count khunnie out just yet…yes, he’s adorably cute, sounds genuinely nice, funny to the point of downright silliness at times, and one glance at him doesn’t immediately seem to give some ladies the desire to rip his clothes off, lol….but on second glance, i’ve got the sneaky suspicion that underneath the disarmingly sweet exterior lies something smoldering just waiting for the right woman and moment to ignite….and just like that, y’all done burned the room down…

    idk, maybe it’s just me, lol..

  7. ok, i just watched the thai interview pt2…boab, thank you so much for posting it! it’s very insightful and answered something i’d been wondering about: skinship. thanks nichkhun for clearing that up for me…i understand now.

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