Can He Get A Witness?!?

Woooooooo wooo wooo wooo woo wo….Timothy Medel, a young Asian man, breaks down his “chocolate” addiction in the Southern Fried Poetry Slam a few years ago. I personally think this took too long to be found, but hey, better late than never! Now this is the way to start a Monday! Enjoy!! ^^

Thanks to vnickelson for the tip!

19 thoughts on “Can He Get A Witness?!?

    • Yeah, I did too, and I still love it!!! I hope by now Timothy has had a chance to dip-in-the chocolate. 🙂

  1. Hi, Timothy Medel was wonderful on this video at Southern Fried Poetry Slam. I truly loved it; I wish Korean Singer Kim Hyun Joong heart felt that way about me with true love. However, fate is so funny, because the distance between us is not only in the million of miles away, but in our ages as well. I truly love Kim Hyun Joong.
    His Djinn within his Djinn,
    Sherelle Rippy

  2. I had to come back and watch it again. This made my week. Thanks, Boab81….girl you know what we like!!!
    Aww a new interview.. thanks Coily. Timothy is so cute.

  3. Always been an admirer of Asian men… especially Bi ^_^…… but THIS…… wow… I have never came across a video like this. He’s so cute. I’m happy that this man has said a spoken word poem about black women in front of a black audience…. that alone is …. SPEECHLESS. But for me to see his humor and no bullshit approach is just the icing on the cake…… All my life and now after 22 years, I get to finally see it. I’m on Cloud 9! Where are the ones like him?! 🙂 I feel so high.

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