BKM Hotties of the Week 7-23-11

Oooh dear Taecyeon is killing me…*sigh*

Left to right: 2PM’s Chansung & Taec, Kim Sung Soo, Kwon Sang Woo, ripped hottie, pool hottie, Big Bang’s Taeyang


13 thoughts on “BKM Hotties of the Week 7-23-11

  1. Aigoooo!!!! Good grief! Stop teasing me, BOAB! You KNOW I’m going to Japan in less than a month, and there are BOUND to be Korean hottie students around!!!

    • @Cloud8837: oh I’m so jealous!! I haven’t been in a few years but am pushing my boss to send me again this year!! Have fun ^^ And who knows?? Maybe the Japanese guys are catching on and starting to work out and give the Korean guys some competition! Here’s hopin’!!

  2. Taeyang is a cutie, because he is my younger sister’s man I can only look at him as a little brother, but them other joker’s up there are all men!

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