BKM Hotties of the Week 7-15-2011

Happy Friday! ^^
From left to right: TOP, unknown hottie, military hottie, Joo Jin Moo, Junsu

21 thoughts on “BKM Hotties of the Week 7-15-2011

    • He says he builds bulk quickly, which is possible. My father and I both build bulky, round muscle quickly, even if we do not really build much strength in that time. I’m just glad to see some meat on his bones again. I was very fond of pre-debut fluff-butt KHJ, who was in no way fat, but got teased anyway for being healthy.

      • agreed, he looks great bigger…i love my guys preferably on the ‘healthy’ side…

  1. T.O.P………DAMN!! He may have to “keep me company” while Bi is away….Good Mercy!!
    Oh and military hottie….Haaay Boo! Gee, hubbie has a military pic (bare chest/in camis) like this one…..Damn, i’mma have to go pull it out. Military sexy…..that’ll be Bi in a few months, Umm hmm yes indeedy. That’s why I can’t be sad. Honey, when pics of him come out like THAT…..Puleez. (SMILES)

  2. Hyun Joong I believe is the first pic. The one Whatthefrell and I will be fighting over when Bi goes away 🙂 Although I have been keeping TOP in my back pocket as a sugarbaby. Who is KJH? Is he the military hottie? Because that joker is fine!

  3. Whoa! BKM hotties of the Week is my favorite part of this website. Kim Hyun Joong’s body is slamming. WHOA!! T.O.P. has amazing eyes. Junsu is so adorable. The military dude is cute.

  4. TOP is hot as H*ll!!! and when he has that white hair, OMG!!! I dont know if it’s the eyes or what but so far he is my favorite,even over BI!! I’m sorry BI but i have a new love!!!

    • Ha! Angel, For shame! TOP has got the swagger and those devious eyes. I love it when he cocks his eyebrow. Funny “Turn it Up” just came on the KPop radio. Go to http://ibigbang.wordpress.com/ to see them on a variety show they were on close to after they made their debut. Scroll down to “[NEWS] Protagonist behind “Look at me, Gwisoon” and whom rejected G-Dragon returns!”
      You can really see his personality. We could definitely hang.

    • It’s the panty dropper eyes baby girl…….the Eyes! Oh Yeah! But Angel nobody “tops” Bi, in my book anyway, not even T.O.P. Just like nobody topped MJ in my book (as far as entertainment goes). Some performers I put in their own category all by their little selves. However, I’ll “play with” T.O.P. while “big daddy” is away at boot camp. (*wink, wink*)…………SMILES

      • Get in line-get in line. 🙂 No one can take Bi’s place. I can’t wait to see what he looks like w/ a buzz cut. I hope he sends pics from the military.

  5. That first guy is definitely my Kim Hyun Joong! I have a picture with him like that in my KHJ photo album on FB. That man is just pure hotness. I love him! I’d be on him in a New York second and then take two to go.

  6. Now I know why Javabeans loves it when actors come from military duty….Kim Jae Wook and Lee Jun Ki, I’ll be waiting for those shirtless shower scenes when you guys return from the military ^_^.

  7. Bi is my husband, T.O.P is my lover, Military guy my personal bodygard, now my world is complete!!! lol lol

    • @Carine Clerge,

      Well, in my Fantasy world your top 3 contenders I can definitely see as my top 3 (in the same order) also, but I’m gonna also need a “pool boy” and a “gardener” to round out my top 5! (SMILES)

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