SHINee and Scary Noona

Below is a clip from episode 10 of “Yunhanam”, a reality show starring the SHINee boys and noonas wanting to date them. I get that this show is scripted and written to be funny, but I have to admit Jisun noona scares the bejesus out of me, and I’m not even one of the SHINee members! This chick rummages through the guys’ clothing, personal belongings and even steals Minho-kun’s rainy-day cash stash. Not cool! Apparently, Jisun is a popular gagwoman in South Korea, much like our girl Jung Juri (who shows much more humor and “finesse” in her obsession for cute K-pop boybands), but gives the impression of what a “crazy” fan may be like. Yikes. I found that my first impressions of her (just from watching the clip below) were uneasy, and unfortunately, it is the lasting impression. The SHINee guys seem to truly be terrified but do their best to get through the taping of the show. This is hella entertaining and if you get the chance, definitely watch the rest of the episodes, which you can conveniently find on youtube.

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11 thoughts on “SHINee and Scary Noona

  1. Geez!! Creepy isn’t she?If I was a male member of SHINee, and if it was some woman to chase me I’d rather for it to have been Jung Juri At least Jung seemed like a giddy schoolgirl expressing her love for them. This woman acts like a stalker.

  2. lol i thought it was funny except that she was fixated on only jonghyun…that was creepy…

    minho is so cute herding the guys out to exercise and then doing his aegyo after he won instead of talking ^-^…and the look on his face (!) when he was told something might be up with his emergency money, haha…

    they sing very well even while jogging…well, i guess they dance harder than that on stage…and the dance at 9:54, lol…now i gotta find that episode and see what they are talking about…

  3. I’ve seen her on the variety shows. Shin Bong-sun says she’s funny, but I don’t see it. Jung Juri and Shin Bong-sun… THE BEST NOONA’S EVER!

    SN: I hate how Jung Juri and Bong-sun are always put into the desperate Noona position. I mean I know it’s done for laughs and can be funny. But they are two beautiful, talented women and they deserve better than just being a punch line.

    • i agree….funny or not, whenever i watch them i always feel like their feelings are going to get hurt…

      i don’t think jisun is nearly as funny as jung juri…i guess i just thought the reaction of the guys and the situation was funny…jung juri can practically get away with murder…

      • Exactly! Thats what I see.. They do Bong-sun dirty on Happy Together. Sometimes the stars are very tactful about it. Most times they’re not. It annoys me.

  4. Ok, this is CREEPY on a lot of levels or SHE is creepy rather. Scripted or not it is SO not happening like that at my house. Yeah, they were shocked and I would have “lost it” when I found out she took my money. Don’t play with my money! She was a pushy so-and-so taking what she wanted. Do that over here and the show would go from “Noonas wanting to date K-Poppers” to “Bad Girls Club.” I watched the other episodes and they are rather entertaining. These young men act so “innocent” compared to 18-25 year olds in the U.S. They may not be, but it’s definitely how they come across. It is a very different culture.

  5. So BOAB I want to thank you for suggesting that we take a look at the entire series, YunHaNam. It was very interesting and funny. And I have to agree with you about Minho or as the group likes to call him Flaming Charisma Minho. I’m starting to think there’s something about the name Minho. Tall dark and handsome men with loads of charism and a beautiful smile. I hope Minho gets into acting, he was killing his part when they did the saguek. Oops. He already did a drama. KBS Drama Special. It was called Pianist.

    He did pretty good and should probably actively pursue acting.
    Oh and btw… most of those noona’s came off a little bent.

      • Thanks so much for posting! My boss is away and I’m at work and watched all 6 parts of Pianist…..LOVE IT! I’m a sucker for this kind of story. All at work (*sniffle, sniffle*)…….(SMILES). He is good and I totally forgot his K-Pop image, he is definitely believable as an actor. His big baby doe eyes floor me!

      • You’re welcome Ma’am. I really think he was under-rated by the Noona’s. I think it was because the Noonas themselves were still pretty young and plus at the time of filming he was only 16 which was a big surprise considering jis maturity. His personality sorta reminds me of Jang Hyuk (luvs him, hurry up ISubs general release) a quiet intensity. Like I said earlier there must be something about the name Minho. We got Lee Minho and now Choi Minho. Thanks BOAB, I would have never bothered to look at SHINee.

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