[M/V] Mblaq – Mona Lisa

Ooooh! Check out the new Blaqie joint “Mona Lisa”, the first single from their new mini-album! Not quite sure how I feel about the song yet, but I find their new look to be very interesting and different from their debut days. And oh! is that Dungie’s arms nearly popping out of his shirt?? *Giddy* My Dungie’s becoming a man! Hehe…hands off ladies! ^^

source: allkpop.com

18 thoughts on “[M/V] Mblaq – Mona Lisa

  1. #1- I am absolutely lovin their look, they look like men!! #2- they need to always keep their hair black, the only singer/rapper i have seen that hair color change has worked for is T.O.P !!! I’m not feeling the song, but Cheongdung is lookin superfine. I mean the rest look good but he has gone thru the most change and a change for the better!! OMG!!!

    • I agree about the haircolor staying black or at least close to a natural color. Also agree about TOP he can pretty much pull off any color. Although I also prefer him w/ darker hair.

  2. I actually really like this song. I like the Spanish/Latin flavor, I think it gives them a whole different vibe. Bi is quite the businessman and his proteges learn well, they must be going after the latin market now.

  3. I like the fact they look a little edgier than when they first came out but….they will never be able to crossover looking like that. What is up with the guys wearing skirts and leggings. Sheesh! Still love them though.

  4. damn you’re good!
    this is working for them.
    thunder is fine!
    he can carry being in the forefront,
    he is very commanding,
    and thankfully his hair’s grown out a bit
    and he looks damn good!
    i couldn’t see him as a solo artist before.
    but i’d say if this is a taste of dungie going solo, i’ll bite.
    he said july, and they delivered right on time!
    they all look really, really especially good.
    mir – so glad to see him.
    he is especially attractive with that haircut,
    and i just adore him, he warms my heart,
    and it’s so great to see them all together.
    he was most hurt by the separation of his recovery.
    go – looks especially tasty,
    and that note was a bit unexpected but thoroughly enjoyable!
    chansung – no one holds a candle to joonie,
    he remains one of kind,
    and even though his part somewhat takes a back seat,
    he very much captures your attention every single time.
    seungho – digging the dark hair in all of them,
    but especially in his case.
    don’t mind the leggings,
    they are captivating individually,
    and as a group, as usual.
    since it’s them, this song will grow on me.
    there was nothing i disliked about it upon first listen.
    in fact i enjoyed it very much,
    the choreography helped move it along,
    and i enjoyed that as well.
    blaqstyle was presented more artfully,
    this is oozing masculinity;
    hints of 2pm (who i love),
    and big bang (who i have much respect),
    and some of the newer groups.
    they are stepping up to the competition,
    but staying very much true to themselves.
    there is no question,
    this is all mblaq,
    and they are one of a kind.
    finally finished kkaeal player.
    some really interesting
    (also ridiculous, hilarious, endearing,
    touching, surprising; and yes, painful) moments.
    there is no other group dynamic
    like them out there in k-pop.
    i love these guys!
    mblaq fighting!
    thanks boab!

  5. From boys to men..WOW! the older they get , they hotter they are, and that Thunder oooh weee..
    Man, he looks really good. His doctors said that he need to gain weight and he did. It’s really working for him

  6. While I probably won’t download this particular song, it is pretty catchy. I haven’t really listen to their music but I think after hearing this song, I’ll go searching for their earlier work.

  7. wow! i love the black hair and most of the hair cuts/styles…LOVE the shorter style on mir…the only one i had trouble recognizing was seungho…i like the shaggy cut, but it would look better to me if there was less of it…thin it out maybe? not sure how to put it into words…

    doongie is lookin’ good…he’s been eating his wheaties…i like seeing him in front for a change…

    i like the video more than i like the song…didn’t hate the song, just not sure if i’d listen to it on a cd vs watching the video…

    i guess the tight pants/leggings are the style right now…i’ve been seeing it across genres…one of those things i wish would go the way of the sweatband…or did those come back?

  8. MBLAQ looks like they’ve grown up since their debut. I love the edgy new look!!
    The only thing I can’t get used to is the boys in shorts and leggings >.<

  9. Not really feeling the song honestly, but I like their newer image. It suits them, definitely from boys to men. Thunder has changed for the better. But I gotta say Seung Ho’s lips has definitely got me doing a double take. Mmmm…big juicy bottom lip.

  10. so,
    it seems the accordion gets a lot of action on this mini album.
    the more i listen to this song
    the more inclined i am to appreciate what they’ve done here even more,
    as it seems to have a bit of the more traditional “trot” flavor to it,
    but with a definite contemporary flare… mblaq style.
    move over super junior t… this is mblaq.

  11. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and finally decided to leave a comment. I love MBLAQ and G.O. is a really great singer, I don’t know if you have already heard this song that G.O. did with Nassun called O-IWI-O. I swear the first time I heard it I thought that Nassun was T.O.P lol!!
    Thanks for writing this blog because I read it everyday and always learn something new. I also think that I might be your youngest reader. 🙂

    Here’s the link to the music video:

    • I agree about the all white outfits. It gives them a certain “polish” and cohesiveness. Bi is ever the ambitious businessman, and I think crossing over to other markets, namely the U.S., is probably always a goal of his and even for his MBLAQ proteges.

  12. They went back to their “latin” vibe, that’s what they brought to the young Kpop scene when they debuted with “Oh Yeah”. I think their new style is the BOMB! They look manly and always have, but they took it to a new level. They grew up!! Thunder, I applaud you! They have been one of my favorite male groups from the beginning of their career. I agree that the black hair is what suits 98% of korean male singers best. Au natural! A few of them can pull off colors (Bi looked good with highlights, TOP as someone else said, G-Dragon with the red hair is okay) but the vast majority needs to stick to jet black hair. As for the song I don’t like it! But hey, nobody likes everything from an artist or group, wish them the best and I’ll definitely listen to their new mini album!

  13. I like this song actually, and there new look is stunning! I have watched this MV a number of times now and its just as good as the first time. They all have great voices and work so well together!!! I have to say I really like the dance move they do at 0:21 Hot! aswell as the hand face swip at 1:01! I dont want to seem the only almighty unknowing person here but what is all the talk about mir coming back? did he leave the group or something? and if so why? AND HE IS BACK thats a relief! Mir looks so good with his new haircut, but I hate the fact that they cover his face the entire video with sunglasses and such. he has a fine face that its a shame to block it out But I have to say it does add character to him. each person in the video has a different look to them with some tiny similarities. however I do not like the wing shirt(2:27 DX) or the usa flag pants o.O (even if I live in America, that doesnt mean I have to like the pants XD) I agree that Thunder is looking fine in this music video with that black net shirt and all XP. I also noticed the difference in the haircuts Thunder: Fire it up hot(I have to say the hair going with the name)! G.O: side parted/cut layered bowl cute hair(and cleanly shaved ^.~) Leader baby: Right side parted spikey layered Hot(sorry couldnt resist) Mir: short and spicey I mean sweet! 😀 Joon: Sexy! opps I meant: short non parted spikey hair! Its just all the colors in the Hotty rainbow except Hair ❤ !Great video! Amazing dance moves! Awesome Clothes other than the exceptions! Hot Hair! Sexy Guys doing there sexy thing like always ❤ all the way! Hoo-RAH!

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