Seung Ho’s Got Skillz

25-year-old Mblaq leader Seung Ho hasn’t been doing so well lately. What with me dumping him for his much younger friend and all, and the overall neglect he endures from Mblaq fandom. I’ve decided to give Seung Ho some exclusive love in this post. Truth be told, Yang Seung Ho is very handsome, and hella talented. He’s not able to showcase his talent much in Mblaq, beyond a well-sung line or a nifty backflip. But you’ll see by the clip below that there’s much more to Mr. Seung Ho than meets the eye.

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Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at

19 thoughts on “Seung Ho’s Got Skillz

  1. BOAB, You know I told you he was mine 😛 LOL! Unfortunately I have to wait til I get home to watch this 😦 ****Le Sigh*** My little phone wont let me watch You Tube links. I do think fans and even other idols need to treat him better. He’s multi-talented and a sweetheart.

  2. Thank you, someone else who loves him and thinks he’s beautiful. If I read one more fandom comment about him being fat, I’m going to vomit. Since when does having adoreable, smooth baby cheeks make you fat? And since when can fat guys do back flips and ninja flips? There isn’t an ounce of fat on that poor guy and even if there were, he’d still be better looking than 99% of the rest of us. I’ve also seen him called fug and I have yet to see worse than a slightly average looking idol. Apparently you have to be nearly perfect to be an idol in Asia and if you make that far, you are in no way physically repugnant to the general population. People can be so petty and jealous.

  3. The Asian community as a whole has a “skewed” view of what is fat and what is skinny just generally speaking. I mean HONESTLY, if we speak generally, most Asians aren’t as big as mosquitos (male or female). So if you are born and raised in a country where most people are tiny like you and that’s ALL you see, then seeing a person with round cheeks constitutes “fat” in their view. Doesn’t mean it’s an accurate view though. However, I would invite them to explore OUTSIDE their countries and they’d be surprised at what “fat” REALLY IS!!

    My co-worker traveled to Hong Kong to a conference last year and she brought us all back some trinkets, etc. I asked specifically for a t-shirt in a (L). She went to heaven and hell and back again just to find that size, as I have an ample bosom. They barely make larger sizes even for tourists to buy their wares over there.

  4. Oh my! I didn’t realize Seung Ho was so talented! For some reason I go goo-goo eyed over cute Asian men who play piano LOL. He’s the right one to be MBLAQ’s leader. Papa Bi taught him well 😉

  5. And if Seung Ho is fat, I’m ginormous! I tend to take issue with Asia’s view of what it means to be fat, and the isolation bigger people face. I myself am sort of thin, but I’ve read about everything in Japan, from t-shirt sizes to seats on trains and in stadiums being made to fit thin to “size Large” people, to make those who are MUCH bigger stick out like a sore thumb >.< I also read somewhere that clothing sizes only go up to size LL, which would NOT pass for an X-Large here.

    • Exactly… the world of Americans I’m smaller (a little overweight for my height, but smaller), but compared to some Asians I’m a hippo. After all I’m a Southern girl raised on grits, biscuits & gravy and everything else that needs “sopping” up. The bottom line is as much as different countries want to close themselves off to foreigners “invading” their culture, it’s gonna happen. Your country/culture can’t be “exclusive” forever!

      • @ladies: a bit off topic, but still related: when I was in Tokyo, I went to a shoe store and thought it odd that the sizes only went up to 8 1/2 (I’m a 9). When I asked the saleswoman why there were no size 9 and up, she replied that 9 and up was for “big people” and that I would have to go to a special store to get that size. Ha! Apparently, I had boats! Just imagine…but yes…most people in Japan are thin and short, especially the women. I was told by a co-worker (who lived and worked in Japan for several years) that at first she was very shy to go to the onsen (hot springs) in her town, but she finally decided to bite the bullet. Mind you, the reason why she was apprehensive was because clothes are ABSOLUTELY not allowed in the bathhouse. Seriously, they don’t play. You gotta go in buck-naked. So when she went in, she said she felt an immediate boost of self-confidence and feminity because all of the women there were very thin front and back, and short. She said, that after that, she had NO problems showing off her nude body at the onsen. I thought that was interesting…

      • Oh my…….Asia is the ultimate oxymoron, traditional/conservative when it comes to dating and family values, yet you can show your hind parts in a public bathhouse.

  6. @BiAlamode….I was just thinking maybe when Japanese people are in the bathhouses it’s the only way for them to oogle each other without worry. I don’t know. Maybe they have a “thing” for being nude in a public bathhouse, but feel the need to be slightly prude-ish on the outside! It’s all about “saving face” and all that stuff! LOL!

  7. Hmmm… I wear a size nine and ten depending on the brand of shoes they are. I know people who wear a size 12,but they are stick figures and vice versa. Where did they get that assessment from?

    Anyways, I could care less about how Seugho’s weight, I only care about how well he entertains people. There was also a clip( Entitled: Mir is scared/general hospital) when MBLAQ was going for a routine checkup. The groups doctor thought that Mir was also ” too fat”,but when I looked at the doctor putting in the cords on Mir to do his acupuncture, I was like were is the fat?

    That kind of thinking is scary. It can make them anorexic or bulimic. I remembered viewing a picture of a k-pop lady singer. The authors behind the blog thought she looked awesome,but people like me and even some of the netizens thought that her wafer thin body frame was a call for concern. You know that something was wrong with her when they said something about it.

    I guess that is why I’m bored with today’s entertainment industry, its more about image than quality singing. In the past, I would( still do) listen to people like Luther Vandross, Barry White or The Fatboys. All three were overweight,but people liked how they were expressing themselves over the mic. With Barry White it didn’t matter if he was like this , all the women liked was that deep sexy voice he had. Same goes for Luther, he was a great romantic singer. Even in death ( With Luther, Barry and one of the fatboys).People still listen to them.Maybe some of the netizens need to see them and redefine the term overweight.

    Sex appeal may sell,but I notice that without great singing it doesn’t last very long. These days , they just want people to utter a word, just as long as you look good it’s all good. I guarantee by having such vain standards for the k-pop idols and other singers in general,by the time they are 50 years old, they will be a blip. Beauty will fade,but quality singing can last for a lifetime( if they keep their voices up that is). Just look at Stevie Wonder.

    • @ATLSis,

      I absolutely agree. You ever notice how the greatest musical legends you can name, that many would say can “Blow” (Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Patti, Aretha, Gladys, Jennifer Holliday, etc.) were not known as great beauties but BOY any one of them could blow your @ss into next week with the power behind their singing and still can in their 50s and 60s (those who are still with us). Even the ones that people considered the beauties (Lena Horne, Diana Ross, etc.) had to really sing and could definitely Put On a show. I could go on and on naming singers, but the bottom line is decades prior to now IT WAS about talent only. Oh sure your management gave you etiquette lessons and brushed you up and put you in nicer clothes, but nobody was asking you what designer you were wearing when you hit the red carpet or who styled your hair. Nobody gave a damn whether you had extensions or a lace front on, the only thing that mattered was Can You SANG! You didn’t have to be a size 2 either.

      It seems the more “progressive”, “educated” and “enlightened” we human beings became the more superficial and shallow, less spriritual we have become. You are SO RIGHT…..Beauty will fade, for some quicker than others, and you better know I will only buy the music of those who have the talent to take it into their golden years and mine. I could give a rat’s @ss what you look like then.

      • @ATLSIS@BiAlamode: makes me think of what my grandmother once said about Percy Sledge: “Percy can sang, but he sho’ is ugly!” Lol! Some may think that was cruel, but my grandmother kept it real. But like you said, it was about one’s TALENT, not their looks alone. Back in the day, the entertainment companies looked for someone who could sing, entertain and heck, it wouldn’t hurt if they were attractive. But NOW, they do it the other way around! My falling in love with K-pop goes completely against my musical and intellectual grain, because I don’t even really listen to modern pop music or modern music period for that matter. For a while I was ashamed (except of Bi), and only listened to it in secret. I LOVE me some traditional blues, classic rock ‘n roll and classical. K-pop puts very high priority on looks, but the music (in comparison to what I really love to listen to) is not really that inspiring or moving. But where K-pop gets you is in the damn-goodlooking faces and bodies, and the fan service (reality tv shows, variety shows and music performances). Those are the bread and butter of K-pop. Seung Ho’s got mad talent, but what’s highlighted is his handsome face and occasional vocal part, not to mention his being made fun of and mocked. I wish Mblaq could really utilize his piano playing and song-writing skills for the next album.

      • @BOAB81, I have seen Percy……so I know what grandma was talking about. (SMILES) I hear you regarding how “pretty” K-pop is. Those are the prettiest men I have ever seen in my life. In the beginning have to be honest I was a little put off by it, until I starting learning more and more about the culture. Then I came to accept that as the way of Korean entertainment. As far as Bi is concerned, I can honestly say that his looks did intrigue me when I first saw NA, but when I went to YT and saw him dance AND sing “Still Believe In Love” I couldn’t believe it……just couldn’t believe it. He was SO GOOD and not Black…..(Ha!) was all I could think at the time, but His TALENT is what “won me” over ultimately not his looks (although his beauty is gravy). You can be pretty all day long, but at the End of the day will I put my green back on a counter somewhere and ACTUALLY buy what you are selling? Only if you are what I consider truly talented and you “move” me, will I part with my coins (the two I rub together) and/or follow your career. I need to “feel” something…..anything when I listen to/watch an artist perform.

        Also, Seung Ho is so incredibly talented and just like in the States, pop music SO “waters down” those who are truly GIFTED at times. It’s such a shame. I had never really heard him before and once again…..He’s SO GOOD, but in a “tickling the ivories” kind of way. I love all types of music as well, except Heavy Metal. My father used to play (albums) Chopin and Tchaikovsky at home all the time, alongside a little James Brown and Aretha (SMILE), so I really do appreciate Seung Ho’s playing….really do.

  8. Leader has always been my favorite. I really love his commitment to becoming an artist. When MBLAQ first debuted his cracked his ribs on a varitety show (I think it was Maknae Rebellion). But he continued with his schedule. I know from experience that a cracked rib is very painful. Almost unbearable. I was out of school for almost two weeks. I don’t how he was able to pull that off. I have the utmost respect for Leader. MBLAQ fighting!!!

  9. I love my Seungho he is perfect the way he is, “Yakuza body” and all. He is so talented and I want those lips so bad, they just scream KISS ME

  10. He is honestly not given enough credit for all the work he has done as a leader. As I can see in the video, he knows how to dance/break dance which is amazing because I cant dance (well if i practiced everyday I might be pretty good but I am lazy :D) and break dancing is just a topic all by itself. you need a lot of strength and skill to do things that he performs and if he was never in gymnastics it would really supprise me because on my own I learned how to do a cartwheel a one handed cartwheel, arial, and(a wierd but i can do it) front handspring. But to do what I saw in the video that is really incredible, on top of the other talented things he can do like beatboxing, singing, dancing, smart and who knows what else! O.o along with playing the piano which is one of my favorite instruments as well as the violin. Over all Mblaq is my favorite Kpop group ever so far. they are very talented, funny, easy going guys that do what they do well.

    To comment on the fat thing: I dont agree wih the whole “they think Mir is fat” thing. I think he looks fine. He dances for a living people and he keeps up with the other members so what the big deal. I really dont get why its such a big deal. But I do want to bring up the fact that people are naturally attracted to certain people, whether they are big in size or as tiny as a stick. People choose the way they want to look. though, I dont not agree with people getting so big that it effects there health/ability to walk. I just think its pathetic if you get to that point. Sorry to be so harsh but I truely do think that. if you do get to that point it was your fault alone. you cant blame anyone but yourself because it was you alone who chose to eat fatty food and not just fatty food you eat lots of it. My brothers eat junk all day and they are average for there age. So, the real question is “what would you have to eat all day to become the size of the people I have seen on videos as well as when I go to the store?’. Its just sad seeing someone having trouble getting into there car because of there weight and also people who have trouble walking. I really, really dont understand the people who cant even leave there home because they cant fit throught the door of there house and or cant walk because there legs cant handle the weight. its just sickens me. anyways, sorry to be so negative but I really dont understand. DX

  11. @ Dark,

    The “fat” issue in the Asian culture is “skewed” at best in comparison to Western (American) culture (IMO). Most in the Asian culture are “tiny” by American standards and if all you “see” daily are people who look like you, small like you, anyone with a little weight on them (normal size by Western standards) they put the “fat” label on. People who call Mir (and Bi even) “fat” can’t even begin to comprehend what the words fat/obese means in the realm of the world we live in and also in the realm of what a Western medical professional would consider fat/obese vs. normal size for one’s height and frame. I won’t go into what may or may not be the reasons someone has gained weight to extreme levels. Those reasons are as varied as the individuals themselves, but I see that type of weight gain, Always, as a cry for help. The food is a “soothing balm” for something much deeper (IMO). Until the “deeper reasons” are reached and conquered, the issue will remain. So I try not to judge “the why.” I do agree it is sad to witness, but only because you want people to be able to live their best and fullest lives. At least, that is my wish for everybody.

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