Bi – Running Away From the Sun

Bi’s 2003 single “Running Away From the Sun” was the first song I’d ever heard by him. The song didn’t stand out to me particularly, but Bi’s voice and dance moves did. His energy almost seemed to overtake the song and served as a foreshadowance of greater things to come. I think we could all relate to shunning the sun to shield a broken heart at some point in our lives. Bi is no different, but someone this fine and talented should always see the light of day.
Enjoy 🙂

10 thoughts on “Bi – Running Away From the Sun

  1. Well my first introduction to Bi was through Ninja Assassin. I was instantly intrigued with the beautiful Asian man, but when he did that backwards hand stand on a bed of nails, I was like…..”Damn, WHO is THIS?” After the movie was over, I looked on the back of the jacket and read down to where it said ‘Korean Pop Star Rain’…..I said “Korean pop star Rain, huh?” From there my YT journey to find Bi began. When I clicked on this video, which I found out later was an extended CF, I was “in love!” I thought are they doing All THIS in KOREA….WHAT???!!! Bi had Black Brotha SWAGGA “dripping” off of him…..(in my book) and I was FLOORED! I’ve been a Cloud ever since. It was at Cloud USA that I realized that there were Other SISTAS who liked Bi just as much as I did and then my next search lead me here. So I have “two homes” where I get to express my Bi “love.” Through my posts, I’ve met a great group of ladies on both sites. However the video that “did it” for me is this one………….

    • You know, after I saw the Still Believe vid, I was like, who the H thought him how to dance like that!? And then I realized…he probably already knew how! I got the impression that Rain was dancing like that way before it became “hip” in Korea to dance with so much rhythm! And wow, does he have enough “black brotha swagga” ! LOL! Rain’s progressive and so ahead of the times (back when he debated) that (I think) people were wondering who/what the hell he was doing!

      Not that people in Korea didn’t dance, just probably not like him! Boo-yah!

    • That was one of the first videos I saw of him as well. Kind of wish he would’ve had the wifebeater and khakis and hat the whole time, but it is still all good. 🙂
      Didn’t “know” him until after watching The Fugitive:Plan B and hating him for making me fall in love with his (in the beginning) annoying character.
      I started at which I still poke my head in. Then saw a post thanking blackwomenwholove bi for a video and was so excited when I found this site. Bliss since then. Thank again bitofabelly

    • OMG!!!!! your journey is the exact same as my journey!! Rain was the person who introduced me to Korean Pop and Kdrama!!! All because of Rain, Ninja Assasin and the internet, I was introduced to BigBang, 2NE1, TVXQ, Boys Over Flowers, etc… Just a whole other culture overall that i didnt even know existed!!! So when Rain was selected to be Time’s most influential person 2011, I have to agree 100%!!! 🙂

      • Same here. He is what started it for me as well. I had started learning a little Korean at the time of watching Fugitive, but then started listening to his music on youtube, which would then send me to other artists and next thing you know. I watch more K-Dramas then american shows and listen to K-pop every time I am at work. It is a fun allergy I have caught here and I am not looking for relief 🙂

  2. And the crazy part is I’m not Super hip-hop crazy either, but whatever Bi was selling….THAT day…..Honey, I was SOLD completely!! (SMILES)

  3. Arrghh.! My volume on my computer just went south,but at least I can still interpret all of that swagga and sexiness that i see in it.

  4. i didn’t see this video until after watching stephen colbert’s parody video of it…hilarious!… but it became one of my fave rain videos…i love his facial expressions and the camera work…

  5. Oh this is the second song I ever heard by him back in 06, the first music vid that introduced me to this awesome guy was It’s Raining lol I laughed back then but here I am 5 years later still watching him<3 We have to keep him in our prayers when he heads out for military duty soon.

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