BKM Hottie of the Week

Sorry all of you other hot Korean guys, this is Bi’s week! Our sexy Booboo is a manly 30 as of yesterday and we just can’t get enough! Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “BKM Hottie of the Week

  1. Thanks .. Im new here… I love my Rain……… Can you please post pictures of kim jong kook .. google him girl he is so damn fine and fit!

  2. You know me.. I love guys with facial hair, though any man can look good both ways.Maybe that is a imprint or a shadow beard or something, but whatever it is it makes him looks even more super hot

  3. Welcome Ke Ky 🙂

    I loooovvvvvve Bi’s long hair Ninja Assassin look!!!! He’s smoking hot on the motorcycle.
    I really don’t like the androgynous look on men as in the face shot. But hey, whatever sells……..make that money baby!!!

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