Telisha Breaks It Down

Check out the radio interview clip below of Telisha Shaw, a 27-year-old American dancer who has toured with JYJ and who’s supposed romantic relationship with JYJ member Junsu, has been at the center of controversy among the fans. So…are Telisha and Junsu dating, or are they not? I think this interview will put all wonder to rest.

Thanks to cello33 for the clip tip!

24 thoughts on “Telisha Breaks It Down

  1. Well she says they are not dating and just professional friends, so we have to go by her statements. However, I can’t think of any point in time when any entertainer freely and openly admitted to “relations” with any other entertainer they were suspected of dating. That type of admission would come WAY in the future. So until there is evidence otherwise, we must take her word. However, I must say it was “irking” me how she kept saying “the boys”…….their men are they not? Anyway, that’s just me. (SMILES)

    • Thay ARE men but those guys are going to be some of the ones who look cute and boyish well into their senior years, the bastards. I doubt that she meant any harm by it. In fact, I’m sure it was an endearment. She most likely thinks of them as her boys and wouldn’t we all like the be there. I’m guilty of calling my night servers “the kids” collectively, and I’m sure it would/has irked any of them who overheard me. They are still in high school, most of them, and I don’t really see them as children but it is a convenient way to group them, in terms of life experience and maturity. If one of them screws up I am more likely to excuse it and just patiently educate them again. If one of the older more experienced servers screws up, well, they knew better.

      • @Plinkin,

        “those guys are going to be some of the ones who look cute and boyish well into their senior years, the bastards….”

        (*Kekekekeke*) you crack me up! Naw, I never thought she meant harm by it, it just started to grate on my nerves for some reason…..(SMILES).

      • @ATLSis, @BiAlamode, @Plinkin: yes, ladies I agree. What she said was straight up ignorant, or as we say, “ignant”. I have to confess that when I was younger, and before I was working with tons of Japanese men, I never could imagine dating or marrying an Asian guy. I was just never around them, and I thought they all looked like Jackie Chan (and as lovable as he is, Jackie is not my idea of sexy!). So yeah, I was ignorant to Asian men, because I was never around any of them.

      • @bitofabelly81

        I get you. I have always been attracted to Asian men but my roomie never had until I got her into watching jdrama and kdrama. Her gay BFF was always into cute, little Asian guys and for some reason that didn’t open her eyes either. I’m not sure what did it, but she has seen the light now. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes and really look. Sometimes you need to do more than look. The interviews and live clips that really show their personality really help. It’s all about personality too.

      • Plinkin-“The interviews and live clips that really show their personality really help. It’s all about personality too.”

        That is what endeared me to Bi, the sexy was the frosting on the already good cake

  2. I liked that interview and liked the person that did it.

    Telisha shouldn’t have to apologize to those “fangirls”. I’m not seeing many of them reciprocating their apologies to her.
    Why should she even have to tell them I’m sorry for that song? to sing about two people of different races getting together is beautiful, but for some of them to say that they had problems with it just shows you how racist they are.
    I’m not one will who will often accuse people of being racist,but in this case, I will.

    Like many of the Black/African American posters that have commented about it, I do believe that if Telisha wasn’t black, it would be more tolerable and if she was a full blooded Korean woman, it would have been praised to the fullest. I trip out on this. Some of these same fangirls didn’t think much of Seungri from Big Bang making those racist comment about Black men shooting him or Tayeon of SNSD making that comment saying” For a Black girl she( referring to Alicia Keys) she is pretty.” Now how do some of those same women think that Black people felt about them making THOSE comments. Yes, there were a few posters that thought it was derogatory,but over all, these people just praise them,not giving two cents of what their Black fans( or former for all I know) feel about it.That racial hypocrisy is a real pain in the butt.They may be a big hit in Asia,but they wouldn’t be able to get away with that in the states.

    Judging by Telisha’s interview, I have a strange feeling that as long as she is wanted by JYJ, she’s going to be with them for a mighty long time. Even if she were to leave that group, she would never be forgotten by them and that she will be hard to replace.Now she is what you will call a truly strong Black woman.

  3. @ Bialamode,

    It’s crazy how they have to keep their relationships/marriages under wraps like that. I don’t get those fangirls. If they really cared about their favorite idols, they would let them do what makes them happy. Not long ago, I read where Junsu’s brother had to close his Twitter account because is ” fans” harassed him for singing with another group. I just don’t understand how people can themselves fans when they harass them for doing something different out of their norm.

    Even if Junsu and Telisha was dating, it’s their business and it shouldn’t matter the race of the woman Junsu is dating. They both already said they were open to it( in this case, I think Junsu may be open to dating a Black woman).They better get use to that possibility.

    • I wanted to reply to both of your comments but will just reply to both here. I was spammy enough my first time around a few weeks ago.

      The incident you are referring to with Junho was not about him singing with another group, but about him signing with Avex, the company DBSK was with for all of their Japan activities. They are the company who was preventing JYJ from performing in Japan and they even stopped JYJ’s earthquake charity concert. So, Junho signing with Avex in Japan is like him signing with SM in Korea. However, Junsu and Junho both came out and said that they had discussed the positives and negatives of the situation before Junho took any action. Junsu also said that he supported his brother’s decision. You would think that would be enough to calm his fans down, but they are some crazy wenches. Anyway, not really their concern; they should let it go.

      My other comment is not really said in defense of anyone in particular, it’s just trying to see the situation from all sides. I think that so much racism is not true racial hatred but instead just ignorance and unfamiliarity. If you are completely unfamiliar with something, it becomes intimidating and from what I can tell from interviews and dramas(and we all know what a reliable source of information those are hahaha). movies and new clips and basically just anything I can get my hands on, is that many Asians have never actually been in the same room with a black person. I do not think that you can really hate something that you don’t know. It’s like you telling your Mom, “No, I hate spinach” and her saying, “How do you know? Have you tried it?” In some cases you try something and don’t like it and sometimes you are pleasantly surprised. I’m not trying to trivialise this by comparing race to vegetables. We are all people after all, with feelings and in my opinion vegetables could care less wheather you appreciate their good points or not. There are some religions and naturalists who seem to resepct the “feelings” of plants and animals more than the feelings of their fellow humans and that is their right, but it’s not for me.

      This rambling and I am not really saying what was floating around in my head. I know that I am not black and it may not really be my place to have feelings on this particular issue. Aside from typical knee jerk reactions of trigger happy black and white people in Shreveport, I have never been the target of a racial attack. It’s gotten so bad there that people are constantly defensive and EVERYTHING is about race. But that was kind of my point. When you know nothing about something and make a racist comment it’s still racist, but it is said out of ignorance. When you around something or someone on a daily basis and still makes comments or refuse to see that not everyone is the same it becomes racial intollerance and hatred. While I think that so many people in the US have a broader understanding and wider consciousness, I think that just as many blatantly CHOOSE to be hateful and small minded. They make a completely educated decision to be morons. Can you even do that? Make an educated decision to be a moron? I don’t know. Anyway, I’m more inclined to Sungri and Taeyon a little slack. I’m certainly inclined to cut Brian Joo a little slack, even if his impression was hastily done and not thought out. I read somewhere that it was actually an impression of a black friend who was back-stage at the time and that it was frequently done to tease her. I’m wondering if it was his stylist. Anyway, if I can find that reference I will return with the link, since he was the object of discussion before.

      • Wow, I have so many typos. Please excuse my half-asleep post. If I could figure out how to edit, I would go back and correct myself.

  4. F*ck those hatin a** fangirl b*tches!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry, but sometimes you gotta act GHETTO, regardless of what race you are!!!!!!! People need to mind their d*mn business… With access to the internet, we are able to see nationalities from all around the world and appreciate it. Instead of being around just a limited area of men or women, we have a whole world of men or women to check out!!! I cant help it that i like asian men and now that i can see them all the time on the internet, instead of at the chinese restaurant, I fantasize about them all the time…:) I just found me an Asian Masseuse and i’m workin on him to be a little bit more comfortable with me, (another fantasy of mine) LOL //So if Telisha wants to be with Junsu and vice versa, then say “F*CK THEM” and do what the h*ll you want!!!

    • Ooh, can I vicariously live through you? I’m so shy I can’t even go get a massage from an old woman, much less a hot, young Asian guy.

  5. @Plinkin,

    I definitely understand your points and yes, I think it is entirely possible to make an educated decision to be a moron. I think as human beings we inherently know what would be considered the right thing to do or the right stand to take, yet many of us choose/decide to do the opposite. We (human beings) have a tendency to also listen to the “roar of the crowd” as opposed to our own gut. However, I have to agree with Angel, I know that many traditional Asians have never traveled outside of their countries or maybe even been in the same room as a Black person, however if those individuals have access to ANY outside news medium, SURELY they have seen other people in the world. These traditional Asian people can’t possibly think everyone in the world looks like them. With that being said, I can’t give them a pass on racist comments made in ignorance, even if I do understand that is where it’s coming from. I would not AUTOMATICALLY let my mind go to the darkest recesses of my thoughts about a person Simply Because I have never experienced that individual, who is different from myself, in a social setting. My curiosity would be tweaked….yes, but I would never think…..”oh he/she doesn’t look like me and I’ve never socialized with them before, therefore they Must Be second rate.”

    It’s like watching a documentary about an indigeneous people. I am always curious about people indigeneous to a certain region, many of whom still live primitive lifestyles as compared to mine. I would never think I am better because of that, if anything it makes me want to read and learn more about those people and their lives and cultures. So, I’m sorry, traditional Asians don’t get a pass from me either. They are not blind. If they don’t know about Black people personally, then learn!! Education, in this regard, is a two way street.

    • I agree, you should never choose to make yourself close-minded. That just leads to badness. I would be more inclined to try and teach someone about myself and let them know me, if they were honestly curious and wanted to learn.

      Kind of in keeping with this line of thought, I have met many open minded Asian men on the internet, through several social websites, and fortunately, or unfortuntely, depending on how you look at it, most men seem to be exactly the same under their skin. They like boobs and almost everything else about women of all varieties. And don’t let people fool you about Asian men being shy and innocent. When they are on the internet, they are just as prone as most other men to try and talk you into web-cam sex or phone sex. Apparently the internet is the ultimate confidence booster for everyone.

  6. That was a very interesting interview and I’m glad she set the record straight. Who was interviewing her? I liked how they said they’d go for TOP… women after BOAB’s own heart 😛

    I don’t know if you guys saw this or not, but once the interview was over…. one of the related videos at the bottom was of 2 young black girls pretty much calling her a troll (internet instigator) and their explanation for it. All I could do was shake my head.

  7. Plinkin,

    Like Bialamode, I respect your words and I also try to look thorougly into people before judging them. Like You said, you have those people that may be racially ignorant,but you also have those who are just outright bigoted. In some of those fangirls cases, they weren’t being ignorant, they were outright racists. I’ve seen some anti-Telisha pages where one young women compared her to a banana eating chimpanzee, girls referring to her as “black( derogatory comment)” and in one bold statement.

    What those girls/young women spewed was straight up racism. If they we’re ignorant, they would be as ridiculous as they are. People over and over have told some of these girls that it was, yet they continue to do so. I understand that Korea and other countries don’t have a lot of Blacks or other minorities in it and to some people, they may seem exotic or maybe intimidating,but not all of them will act like those fangirls. Several years ago, I was looking at news report about the former East Germany. In it, a Black man news reporter was interviewing some of the citizens of that country. In it a little girl got curious about his darker skin tone. Then she politely ask him could she touch his skin to see if he was actually that color. To some people, this may seem racist,but this is an example of racial ignorance. The little girl said that she never seen Black people, as well as some other former East Germans. I wouldn’t get mad at them, I understand them. I would educate them about me and my culture.But with those fangirls that’s a totally different story.

    Like Bialamode said, Korea isn’t a third world country where people aren’t aware of other races of people. A friend of mine recently went to Istanbul,Turkey. There aren’t a lot of Blacks that live there,probably far less than Korea,yet, she was talking about how hospitable the people was to her, especially they guys. She’s not the only Black person that I heard this coming from. She wasn’t trying to downgrade that there was no racism there,but her experience.. at least.. in her eyes ,made her want to come back.Some of those guys also never seen a Black person, yet they respected her.It;s ok that you’re proud of country, who you should be,but for people to jeer you because of who you are, oh ,no..I will not tolerate that. If I let give them a pass do put me down with those words, then I don’t think much of myself when they do it and I wouldn’t want for them to think it’s ok for them to continue to do that.

    Now that I read that part about Junho, I don’t think that I would want him to sign with Avex( Thanks for that tidbit of info),but if that he what he wants to do, the fans should respect his decision, whether they like/hate his decision. I know one thing ,he now knows who his real fans are. I was a fan, you were a fan and the other posters were probably deep fans of their favorite singers. I remembered seeing girls get crazy about them. I could be wrong, but I’ve never seen the fangirls I knew get so nutty about their idols to the point where they are playing detectives, threatening them for being married/dating them, even in some cases, if they fans feel that if one idol gets in the way in the other one, they will surely make them pay for their ” crime”. That’s enough to get on anybody’s last nerves.

    • I totally agree with you. I think that there are some very racist people in the world. It is one thing to be proud of your race and who you are and another to think that you are better or superior.

      Junho really astounded me with his decision. If it were me, I would not choose to join an agency who had been basically harrassing a family member and interfering with his activities. I’m sure he had his reasons, but I don’t get it. Good on Junsu for continuing to support him.

      It’s true, I’m a fangirl and I don’t have a life and I sit front of the computer all day, but in theory I’m not hurting anyone but myself. Some of those fans are just insane. Yunho was actually poisened by an anti-fan once and ended up in the hospital. It sounds like none of these guys can even get into a car without fans following them around in taxis and endangering themselves and everyone else on the road. I think that anyone close to any of these guys is in danger, just by virtue of being close to them. I think more of them aren’t open with their realtionships because they know how petty their fans can be. On variety shows ahjummas and noonas give them compliments and fawn over them and then joke about not wanting anti-fans coming after them, but there is truth in it.

      • WHAT???!!! A celebrity was able to be poisoned by a fan!!! That’s CRAZY!! OK I hate to say it, but Korea needs a nationwide INTERVENTION for its citizens, I mean Truly! Therapists need to be sent there in DROVES!

        There is some WAY DEEP…..way, way deep seeded psychosis going on. As much as we may be fans of Bi and some of the other K-Pop singers……..Ultimately they’re only that….entertainers. That’s not to say that we don’t have our fan “crazies” over here too, but their behavior is frowned upon to say the least. You will find yourself locked up in a cell over here and it may be a padded one, but you’ll be locked up nonetheless. This type of Over The Top Intrusiveness shouldn’t be allowed to persist in Korean culture the way it does. I think this WAY DEEP energy these girls have would be better served toward their own individual families. You know……that “something REAL.” Love on them with the same enthusiam, not psycho enthusiam, but loving enthusiam. Goodness!

  8. I actually enjoyed her interview, especially the part when she starts talking about their personality and what kind of women would suit them. haha. It really showed her personality through it all and I love that about her. She’s such a kind person and her setting the record straight about Junsu should hopefully calm the craziness down. Although, I’m still curious about her and Junsu. I digress. 🙂 I was laughing about the part when she was talking about T.O.P. haha. Well anyway, thanks bitofabelly81 😀 as always you always come through.

  9. It’s not the racist comments that shocked me, there are racists everywhere, it’s the AMOUNT of negative comments and the depth of their viracious hostiliy, especially coming from a YOUNG GENERATION (you’d think they’d be more open minded) who listens to a group INFLUENCED BY RnB and HipHop. What was “Hey Girl”? And any DBSK fan knows they’ve always had black music influences. JYJ worked with BLACK PEOPLE in America, it’s BLACK PEOPLE who work to help korean artists such as JYJ, Boa, Weesung, Se7en, and so on get exposure in America. Will.I.Am is helping 2NE1. Kpop is full of black music influenced artists (Bi, Big Bang, MBLAQ, 2NE1, f(x), etc) so I find those racist “fans” very hypocritical to hate on a black girl, when her community is bigging up their community in America’s music business. I had HOPES that my and younger generations would be more progressive than that (cause there is progress, but there’s still major work to do apparently) as I read comments such as “‘Bi should date a black girl” by asians on YouTube when NINJA ASSASSIN came out. This incident is a slap in the face.

    I’m not a “fanatic fan”, to me being a simpe “fan” means respecting their work ethic, loving their music, what they stand for, and of course if they got the looks I’m not gonna complain about it. But I wanna see them happy, I don’t care who they date, as long as they’re happy, and that’s what real love is. These fangirls can’t stand the idea of those men dating anyone LET ALONE someone who doesn’t look like them. I’ve never believed those hysterical fangirls, who give our gender a freaking bad name, loved the artists they claim to love. They just selfishly LOVE the idea of possessing and controlling the life of an EyeCandy, it feeds their EGO, “loving someone as long as they do as I say” is not love, that’s selfishness and a form of control. They have dictatorish tendencies.

    I have many Korean friends, so I know for a fact that many are open-minded. Blacks and asians working together in business and entertainment, dating and marrying, etc, all that stuff is nothing new. It’s been happening for centuries. Blasian relationships ain’t going nowhere whether those bigots like it or not. Haters gonna hate, and interracial lovers gonna love. We must keep in mind, that in spite of this incident that I do not minimize at all because I sympathize with Telisha and there’s NO EXCUSE for those racist fans’ ignorance, that there still are progressive people in that country, and more and more AMBW couples getting married. If you guys know charlycheer’s channel on Youtube, she’s a black woman teaching in Korea, her Korean friend and Korean parents tried to get her married to Korean men. There’s still love.

    • OMG, I love charlycheer! Charly (along with Shinee of course) started my journey into Korean Culture to the point that I plan on becoming a English teacher there.

      Korean fangirls are worse than JB fans on crack! The amount of crap they are allowed to get away with are disgusting.

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