The Purpose of This Blog

To all of my readers: I apologize if I haven’t made this clear from the get-go. I do tend to get carried away sometimes. But for those who are not completely clear on the purpose of this blog, it is (in no particular order)…

To love and support Bi
Why? Because I want to. Because he makes me want to. Because he’s the most amazing human being I’ve seen in a loooooooooooong time, if not ever. Because he’s severely underrated. Because he needs to know how much he is loved by black women and women of color.

To Ogle Hot Asian Men
Yes, that’s right, to stare at and drool over very attractive, easy-on-the-eyes Asian men. And as you can see by my many posts, there are TONS of them! Just because I like looking at hot Asian men does not mean that I think I have the chance to marry or date them, or even meet them. It doesn’t mean I’m desperate and actually believe that I will settle down with one of them. Get real! I’ve got my sights set on real men, in my surroundings, when it comes to looking for love.

To Discuss AM/BW Relations
Obviously since the name of this blog is “Black Women Love Bi: An Asian Men Appreciation Blog” there will be emphasis put on the interpersonal relationships between the two.

To Emphasize Black Women’s Beauty & Worth, and To Discuss & Examine Their Social Issues
It doesn’t matter if anyone ever concocted a list of 40 reasons why black women are beautiful. I know I am beautiful, as are my sisters, and do not need validation from anyone! HOWEVER, after all the fan-girling and ogling of Asian guys that has been done on this blog, isn’t it quite appropriate that Asian men voice their feelings on our beauty and worth? Once again, I’m not ashamed of that. This blog is about love and appreciation. Black women and Asian men both have to stop apologizing for showing that love to each other. That’s probably where the divide between AM/BW starts: fear of being called desperate or racist. We’ve got to stop it! We’ve got to stop being ashamed and embrace each other and don’t be afraid to admit it to others!

To Express Appreciation For Asian men in General
I refuse to be ashamed of this. I appreciate Asian men and I will let the whole world know. I know tons of Asian men and to me, they are special. No, they are not superior to other men, but I prefer them. I will not talk down or degrade men of other races on this blog. I love all men! But I prefer Asian men. That does not make me or anyone else here desperate.

To have fun!
We can’t take ourselves too seriously here. At the end of the day we all have our own lives, dreams and problems, and BWLB should be a place where we can all come and just laugh and have fun. Why should it be more complicated than that?

48 thoughts on “The Purpose of This Blog

  1. as always,
    you are on point,
    and i support you and your blog 100%.
    i enjoy reading the comments
    of like-minded individuals;
    and what may be contrary to popular belief ,
    those of opposing or differing views as well.
    i look forward, perhaps just as much as you do,
    to commentary from new visitors to the site,
    where diversity is welcomed and most appreciated.
    desperation aside, of which there is none,
    i wish to clarify a little something:
    that although none of us here are “trolling” for asian men,
    you never know where love will find you.
    one of the tenets of this blog is being open to possibility, yes?.
    so, should something blossom from an exchange or two,
    here, sometime in the future…
    well now, would that not be a truly magical and beautiful thing…
    you give me something to look forward to each and every day;
    and i for one am so very grateful,
    and i thank you!

    as always,
    a good choice of pictures to highlight your words;
    the couple is absolutely adorable,
    and look as though they could not be happier.
    now that’s what i’m talkin’ about!

  2. oh!
    the laughing and having fun aspect…
    now you know i am all over that,
    and am the first to admit
    i can so get carried away.
    but for the most part,
    we are all on the same page here,
    so i feel ridiculously comfortable doing so.
    when i am in the “laughing and having fun” zone…
    in no way am i taking myself too seriously,
    and i sure as hell cannot expect others to either.
    what you offer at times,
    is the freedom to be an absolute mess!
    it is an opportunity to take a break
    from the usual rigmarole,
    it brings a smile to my face,
    and helps to lighten the load of the
    usual stresses of everyday life.
    you make me laugh, you make me think,
    you make me do both at the same time;
    and that is why i risk my job everyday…
    to come here and see what the hell
    boab is offering up next —
    as food for thought
    and/or food for the soul.
    bring it – don’t stop!

  3. I love this Blog, and I honestly didnt know there was anyone else like me!!!!! If people dont like it, they dont have to read it!!! I look forward to reading this everyday, and if you dont get to make a post, I catch an attitude with people around me!!! LOL Dont ever stop!!!!

  4. I enjoy coming here everyday and love the posts you put upp all the the time. And i also love th idea of not just putting Asian men up, because there are equaly hot guys of different races. 😀

    • @whatthefrell@ANGEL@Kristine: thank you so much!! 🙂 I love posting on this blog because I can’t wait to hear your comments! They ALWAYS put a smile on my face….thank you thank you THANK you!! 🙂

  5. My word……..what it going on??? You can always tell when someone has their finger on “the pulse” of change (you BOAB81) and soon after here comes the wallflowers finally “hitting the dance floor” (making snide inferences) after standing all night long (reading our comments anonymously) “drinking their Haterade!”

    When I first came upon this blog, I thought WOW how cool is this!! A sista who is not ashamed to express her attraction/appreciation for Bi and others like him. I also “fell in love” with the fact that I could come here and express myself in “Sista speak” and be immediately understood without feeling like I had to overly explain myself with every comment. We “get” each other here. Also, even though this is not an attainable goal for myself personally, I think the AM/BW relationship is such a beautiful, beautiful thing and SO speaks to how mankind as a whole SHOULD be able to love………freely, openly and without extenuating complications. We (human beings) SHOULD be able to come together and love on each other simply because it’s what we feel within our own hearts is right for us to do, no matter what your ethnicity is.

    I get the feeling that someone/something has obviously witnessed the “love fest” we’ve got going on here for Asian men and now wishes to express their displeasure with the concept. What I don’t understand about people in general is that as far back as ANYONE can go you will ALWAYS find mixed relationships……..always. That’s not to say that they didn’t catch hell, but the fact remains they were indeed there and they EXISTED!! Interracial love has been around since the beginning of time and is not a new concept and it will be around until this earth no longer exists. FREELY EXPRESSING ones feelings of mutual attraction DOES NOT signify desperation….AT ALL! As a matter of fact, it shows the opposite, a kind of BRAVADO that is quite refreshing and is instrumental and necessary to bridging the gaps in how AM/BW have related one to the other. But Aaahhh………times THEY ARE a changing are they not?!!

    • @BiAlamode: the whole reason there was/is still a gap between AM and BW is because they are both afraid of the negative attention and remarks they will get from others. They are accused of being desperate and/or self-hating, and that’s what has been the biggest issue as to why they haven’t been getting together more! In conversations with others, I openly admit my attraction for and preference for Asian men. I used to be ashamed, but I’m not anymore. It’s my life and my own happiness, and it’s up to me to make my own decisions regardless of what others think.
      As ALWAYS, thanks for your comments! 🙂

    • My word……..what it going on??? You can always tell when someone has their finger on “the pulse” of change (you BOAB81) and soon after here comes the wallflowers finally “hitting the dance floor” (making snide inferences) after standing all night long (reading our comments anonymously) “drinking their Haterade!”

      BiAlamode I was thinking the same thing.

      Bitofabelly I appreciated your comment, but girl you do no thave to explain why you put this site up. Those of us that have been visiting here for a minute-know what is up (: I am so happy that this blog exists and get so excited to check it when I get on the computer.

      • @lei: you are absolutely right! But for some reason my feathers got ruffled by some of the insinuations and accusations, and I couldn’t keep quiet…

  6. Whoop!!! The queen has spoken!!! I mentioned in earlier post I love coming here, but not out of desperation or anguish I love the congeniality we share. It makes the day pass a little bit better. I do not see anything wrong with showing appreciation for a non-black man, particularly Asian. I came here because I absolutely adore Bi and would love to see him achieve the level of success such as Madonna, Michael Jackson etc.

    There are so many blogs that demean and dehumanized Asian men and women of color, it is nice to belong one that embraces both. As my grandmother says, “I don’t mean to throw salt on a wound,” but where was this love from certain men within our community when we were attack a few weeks back? I did not see any T.D. Jakes, Hill Harpers or Steve Harvey’s standing up for us, it was Asian men, women of color and other non-black people that stood together to fight that blatant racism. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against black men, I just have a soft spot for Asian men, that’s it, plain and simply. I can get carried away too, but I keep it pg-13 … mostly 🙂

    I understand the differences in opinion and I respect that. Also, this is the kind of communication we need to bring the gap and have open and honest discussions.

    • @ladyOrchid: exactly! Dialogue is a good thing! These things need to be discussed. I just never thought I would be so misunderstood, so perhaps it will make me a better writer and keep on the subject…I certainly have a problem doing that…esp with so many hot Asian men floating around this blog 😉

      • I didn’t mean that as an attack on you sis, I was referring to those that are harboring negative thoughts, misunderstands and passing judgment on us without just cause.

  7. OK who pissed you off! Girlfriend, you don’t have to explain anything to those haters. Why am I saying all this is because back in the day I set up a forum for Black women and Asian men. It was rolling along with alot of members. And then one of the main members started attacking me, my manfriend (because we’re too old to be girl and boy friend) and several other members on the forum. We were undone with her. No one could believe how she could stoop so low. I was hurt, why beacuse this member and her husband had come to our home on several occassions. We treated them like family and to have the woman turn on us was too much. And like you, I re-posted the forums mission statement. So my sister, I know how you feel. Keep doing what you love and if that’s your love for Asian men than that’s what it is. And one day, you just might get what you’ve been wishing for.

      • My site was like a monthly Asian magazine. If it was IR, it was in it. I had Asian recipes, etc. And there was a couple of artist that did some nice IR drawings, so I connected them and asked permission to use their work on the site. The artist were really nice about it and gave me the OK. So when this person (the wife) saw the pictures/drawings she was saying that I had stole the art work. Then she was saying that my boyfriend and I really didn’t go together. She must have forgotten that she and her husband went to a family cook out and then on another occassion came to my home! I mean grant it my friend and I are older than them and more settled. We were just trying to give them the support that we wished we would have had when we met back in the day. Not at anytime did we try to put them down. If you met me and my friend for the first time, you would never know that he’s a doctor and I’m a social worker. That’s just how laid back we are. We finally, cut ties with them, we’re too old for childish stuff. Besides, “Tricks are for kids” LOL

  8. Thank you BOAB! You have given me a place to go and share with like minded individuals. Some people just don’t get it and never will. Their own level of closed mindedness prevents them from exploring other horizons and makes them look petty and insecure.

    Don’t worry about the haters. My favorite quote is “Haters make me famous!” And since someone (I’m guessing) has decided to voice their disapproval about what WE write about, I can conclude that you are now FAMOUS and they’re probably butthurt. Keep up the good work and we’ll be here to support you always!

  9. When I found this blog I was happy to know that there are other women of color who are attracted to Asian men like me. Don’t let the haters get us down because we know who we are! Kat Williams said, let haters hate…it’s there job!

    This blog is excellent and I’m glad to be a part of it. Thank you!

  10. You took the words right out of my mouth, I am a muslimah but I always loved AM. Even b4 that thanks 4 the blog b/c all friends know what I like

  11. Oh man! I hope Bi gets to read this one day. I should send him a twitter and ask him to when he has time. LOL But I totally agree, this blog has made me happy to look over and simply enjoy everything on here. Its great to be around others who feel the same or share a simliar interest. This is a relaxer from everyday stresses. 😀 Thanks so much.

    • “i should send him a twitter…”
      to that i say, why not, ya never know…

      i was online one time
      doing something completely random
      and i remember, i wasn’t exactly searching for anything,
      and hadn’t even typed whatever it was in google,
      it was quite odd, but a pleasant surprise,
      when what popped up as number one
      on this unexpected search,
      i think it may have been linked to one of the more serious topics,
      but whatever the subject matter was,
      this site came up first.
      i bet a lot of people are
      coming upon this site in that fashion,
      and wouldn’t it be nice
      in whatever fashion,
      if bi were to happen upon it as well.

  12. I don’t see nothing wrong with what you’re doing.

    People do it all of ttime and have been doing it for a mighty long time. You’re just expressing how you feel about Bi,like most people do with their favorite idols or people that they admire. One thing that gets me when it comes to the critics is that they make Black women/Asian men seem inhuman and impossible to be loved. People can have blogs,clips or whatever about the people that they admire and it’s no big deal,but when it comes to blogs like this, people have to always question it and it’s not right.

    When it comes to Asian men, I find to be cute as I would with any other race of men and I will oogle over them like I would with other men. I’ve always felt that way because that was always me. Why do people feel that you have to be ” desperate ” to liker Asian men or Black women? It’s crazy! They are not creature that came from another planet. They are human beings just like everybody everybody else. If they are going to make people seem weird for admiring men/idols that are Asian, then it should say that about other men or people in general because there are some of these same crtics who are making blogs about the people they admire. Whether you express in blog form, YouTube, By paper or in person, you’re letting the person know that you admre them and their work. People should be able to express themselves as they please as long as it’s not causing any harm to anybody.

  13. LOVE your blog! I come here everyday just waiting to her your insight on new things….and as always, Bi. Your a great blogger and I love the pics you find.

  14. Hello ladies, I hope you all get to see this. I just wanna add this tibit to the appreciation of Bi. 😀 I think you’ll find it rather enjoyable.

  15. Dancing to Heavy D, that used to be my jam back inthe day!! I feel so old and perverted…… 🙂
    Happpy birthday Bi!!!!

    Oh no, i have conflicting emotions right now. This is the king of K-Pop Birthday and the King of Pop annivesary of his death. RIP Michael!!!!

  16. HI, Everyone. This is my 1st time posting on the site, but Ive been reading 4 about 2 weeks. Ive come to really enjoy this blog, so please continue on. I glad I came across some sistas with the same appreciation and luv I have for Bi/Rain, even though I just started getting to know about him due to Ninja Assassin. I think we all can agree on how easy it it to fall 4 him and hard to stop yourself from finding out more about him. Thanks to this blog I can tell my friends that there’s other ppl like me who find Asian men attractive and not scared to express themselves. Anyways, Happy Birthday Rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Did you notice how they actually look very similar to each other.
      They say that people are attracted to others who look very much like themselves.
      You know, for example, how couples often look like brother and sister.
      That speaks volumes, right…
      It is about so much more than the color of the skin.
      It boggles the mind how, on a grand scale,
      so few actually get it.

  17. *taps microphone* *in my best Marilyn Monroe voice* Happy Birrttthday Mr. Jung! Happpy Birrrthday tooooo you! Wow, he’s only 29, I feel so old “crushing” on a nice young man, like JiHoon! Oh, but I’ll get over it…haha….he’s not all that “young” he’s over legal drinking age! hahaha

  18. This is my first post. I’ve been lurking for a bit on this site, and I feel like I have come home!!! I’ve always loved Asian men, since wayyy back when it really was “just not done” in my Ohio town. But I did it then and I don’t plan to stop, lol! I LOVE Asian men, they are the most attractive men, in my opinion. I really love this blog, it’s so nice to find like minded black women. So many folks try to make me think I’m wrong or crazy for preferring Asian men. They can either get used to it or just be quiet, because this is how I am.

    I read the other BWE/IR blogs blogs too, but they focus so intensely on white men. I’ve dated white men in the past but frankly… my preference is for Asian men. So I don’t really see myself doing that again in the future, and I don’t CARE what other people think about that. People are just so eager to tell black women who we should want, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

    WHY is it that whenever people talk about AMBW, they always have to stick in some little snarky dig that nobody wants black women and nobody wants Asian men, so they may as well be together? WTF man? If nobody really wanted black women then I wouldn’t find fifty articles every year talking about who we are dating. And it’s obvious to me that society in generally is shaking in its collective boots over the threat of an empowered Asian man.

    So bring on the blasian lovin’!

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