More Black and Asian Lovin’!

More declarations of Asian men who love Black women! This is what I’m talking about! Yes, these guys REALLY DO EXIST!! Yes, there are Asian men out there who really do love and prefer Black women!! I received an email from a young Black woman who was curious to know if I was embarrassed that my whole blog was dedicated to men who don’t find Black women attractive. I hope she is still reading my blog, and I hope that she sees this post. It’s simple: the more and more we express our appreciation for Asian men, the more Asian men will reciprocate, because they do and have always felt the same way! Don’t believe the media and don’t believe the hype that Black women are destined to be alone and that everyone finds them ugly and unattractive. It’s just not true! Check out the video clip below. There’s your proof!

17 thoughts on “More Black and Asian Lovin’!

  1. Wow….this is awesome news! You said it BOAB81, the more Black women speak out and let it be known that we find Asian men attractive, the more Asian men will feel the freedom to let their feelings be known too. Hey, Asian moms and dads and grandparents may just have to get used to this “new” world of the Blasian. (SMILES). I think it’s so cool Asian guys are finally speaking out. What would really be awesome is if an older Asian guy would speak out and maybe “profess” how he’s been attracted to Black women all along, but had to keep it quiet. I would love to know just how many Asian guys REALLY HAVE BEEN attracted to us all along. I think more than one would believe (IMHO). (SMILES)

    • I agree BiAlamode, I think there are a lot more Asian guys out there who have been (and still are) attracted to Black women then they want others to know, which is sad because they and black women are “missing out” on so much. My male Laotian friend has told me that Asian men do find black women attractive, but ultimately (re: sadly) he has to marry an Asian woman. Aww.

  2. Oh and one more thing…….I agree with the gentleman in the video Asian/Black is an extremely HOT combination, not to mention the gorgeous little Blasians that come from this HOT combo! (SMILES)

  3. かわいいね!!!すごい!!That video was too cute! It’s funny how many Asian men have come out and expressed their love for us, yet haters still deny it. They’re just mad they won’t be having adorable Blasian babies later on!!!

  4. “Don’t believe the media and don’t believe the hype that Black women are destined to be alone and that everyone finds them ugly and unattractive. It’s just not true! ” That also goes for Asian Men, they need to understand that beautiful women out there find them attractive as well. He is adorable! What I want to know is he a tad high at this moment. hahaha

  5. he’s awesome.
    his comments seem genuine
    and i love his enthusiasm.
    i also love how he seems to take
    his family’s comments in stride,
    that can sometimes be very difficult if not impossible to do.
    i want to hear the other story about approaching the black women!
    nothing about his personality as expressed here,
    strikes me as having any difficulty approaching anyone!
    an ode to blasian love… you gotta love it!
    also, way to give a shout-out to to tupac and kevjumba!

  6. I hope that the reader doesn’t believe the hype media put out on TV about them.

    Just because it may not be as widespread doesn’t mean that they we are not interested in each other. As I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions,I’ve been approached by a couple of Asian men. This was before the AMBW “revolution” became more widespread and god knows, I do not believe in initiating dates or flirting with any man. They we’re the first to approach me.

    Asian men/Black women unions haven’t just started. It has been doing it for centuries and it wasn’t just about dating, Many of them married these women in the US, the West Indies and in Africa and they still continue to do so today. I get irritated when people make it seem that nobody wants the us, that we’re only doing it out of desperation for admiration or that we’re settling for each other. No, there are Asian men that actually like Black women and Black women who likes them. They aren’t doing because of a lack of self-esteem as some people would like to believe.The truth is coming out and now more and more of them are beginning to feel comfortable knowing this fact.

    Why should you feel embarrassed by having this blog? Yes, you have some of those women( like on YT) who may make you want to hide, but you blog is about so much more than the woman want to see. Even if that was the case, I’ve seen a couple of YT clips, one where a White man has a blog for his love of Black women and a couple of others non-Black men that have done the same with us.Yes, you do have some Asian men who are into their own women and/or who may not be interested in Black women at all,but there is the other third that likes Black woman. The critics may as well except that fact.

    • ATLSis,

      I agree. People aren’t stupid even though some may act that way, even the most “intense” netizens. They see, big as day, the TRUTH, but their inner selves CAN NOT BARE the thought. That’s when all this crazy foolishness spews from them. Enlightened people don’t have a problem with AM/BW, now there are places like this blog where these feelings can be expressed openly by us both. That person who sent the email about being embarrassed is exactly one of the people I’m referring to. That individual sees what’s happening in society a sort of “shifting”. Yeah, you see don’t you girl…….Asian men are starting to feel more comfortable in expressing the desire to befriend/date Black women and this person wanted to be insulting to this blog cause “inside” she could not bare the thought or maybe just “can not see” how AM/BW would want each other. I say why the hell not?

      “WELP” either way………ya can’t change it girly…..the AM/BW “spark” has been lit Baby and “ain’t” no putting it out!

  7. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I truly believe this, like many others, are a refreshing, beautiful and honest reflection of Blasian unity. ATLsis I agree, this is not a NEW unprecedented pairing between Asian men and Black women as the media would have us to believe. My great-grand father married my great-Grand mother whose African- American, had 14 children and were together for 67 years before he passed away. So this is not something new, but something genuine. We all should be blessed to have someone to share our life with. I applaud those who step out and seek happiness despite obstacles and naysayers.

    all those children…………….must have been good:)

  8. @ladyorchid
    “all those children…………….must have been good:)” LOL!

    I ❤ this…he's cute and sweet to say that…

    back in school, there was always a blasian kid in my class. that was nothing new or unusual to us. and yet, i admit to being kind of amazed at the growing numbers of people who are now proudly shouting it out to the world.

  9. Lady Orchid,
    57 years of marriage?That is great. That should tell people something right there that they are out there and they last for as long as the couple want it to. My late grandfather was also a product of a Blasian marriage( Indian dad/Black mom). Unfortunely, his dad died when he was a year old , so he never got a chance to meet him. I guess that my great-grandmother or grandmother must have had some contact with them because we got to meet some of them while on a family reunion trip to D.C and Maryland in 1984.

    My grandfather said that there were some family that he wanted us to meet. I admit, the meeting was sort of a Guess- whose -coming- to -dinner moment. I was expecting to meet another Black family,not because I was against them being my family,…or anything of the sort. Nobody let us in on this and whenever some tell me that you’re mixed with this/that( In this case,Asian),most times it’s about our ancestry. I didn’t expect to see that…my grandfathers South Asian family. he was so pro-black that I didn’t think he would be interested in knowing anything but being a Black man. Anyways.. we met them and enjoyed their company. They have even invited us to visit India. haven’t got there yet,but hoping that one day I’ll make it there.

    Agreed, let the critics keep thinking otherwise.

    If he really wanted to marry a Black woman,he could have. I’m not saying that he should disobey his folks,that is not what he should do,but when it comes to being with the woman he loves that is a different story. If it’s meant to be, he would make this sacrifice to be with her. To me, for a man of any race to use that is nothing but an excuse. Far as I’m concerned, if I’m not that important for him to do that, than he never loved me from the get go.

  10. I like what he had to say. Please to see that more Asian men are coming forward about their feels towards Black women. Big change from back in my day.

  11. Yup more asian men/black women pairings 🙂
    well I’m one of those asian men who been loving black women
    since I was young and still love Black women to this day.
    there’s more of us http://WWW.BWAMU2.NING.COM
    It’s a site for all the black women/asian men who wants to be
    befriending or dating etc 🙂

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