Which Blaqie Would Make You Stay?

This is one of the most adorable clips I’ve ever seen. What would each of the Mblaq members (besides our dear country boy Cheolyong aka Mir) do or say to make you stay as his girlfriend? Their styles are so different and unique to their own personalities. And if you can’t fathom such a thing, this is just a good watch. Enjoy! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Which Blaqie Would Make You Stay?

  1. Thunder..oh a definite yes with him.
    I still love me some G.O,but Thunder was the guy that would I would stay with. He talked like a sexy lead male actor out of a K-drama. Joonie, seemed impatient, Seungho wasn’t bad with his deep voice. Poor G.O. My man, much as I love him would make me want to leave him. He sounded like very nonchalant. Too bad Mir wasn’t around for that,but as you said, underneath that hyperactivity is a man who is very sensitive.

  2. G.O…….”I have a present for you…..My punch?” (HA!) Wow, homie…..never cheat on him! (*Kekekekeke*)

  3. i know,
    another priceless clip.
    she’s awesome with them.
    we cannot claim to truly know them,
    but damn,
    each response seems to capture each individually in a nutshell,
    true to form, they are nothing if not consistent.
    i love all their responses and how they react to each other.
    every thing about this clip is so incredibly unique to them as a whole
    at once hilarious and incredibly charming and adorable.
    i miss mir, i have no doubt he would have been awesome,
    and his plea probably would have resulted in a classic mir freakout.
    seungho, with the classic “i hope you can live well” line,
    is that the korean version of “it’s not you, it’s me,”
    as in g.na’s “i’ll back off so you can live better.”
    and go’s clean-shaven sweet, sweet face
    and notorious deadpan humor is just awesome, and so attractive.
    doongie… he has some serious go in him,
    but in this clip he gives it away, he’s got a soft heart,
    and i fear it may one day get seriously broken.
    he wrote a song about it on blaqstyle – hot!
    they’re all so crazy (joonie even says without hesitation, “I am crazy”),
    i can’t get enough,
    it’s ridiculous!

    forgive me,
    but i have to put this here again
    if it hasn’t been seen i feel it must be.
    as i posted previously,
    the junior hotness of mblaq,
    love the audience reaction,
    they seem almost surprised at one point,
    and breathless immediately afterwards,
    the male idol who almost loses it,
    ohhhhh, they are so awesome!

    thank you!

    • I’ve noticed Joon, Mir, and Thunder was puttin in work. LOL Seung Ho seemed a little stiff and G.O. could’ve put in more work but meh…I’m sure he saves it for…when he really needs it. 🙂

      • You should see a clip
        of his solo performance
        at their Men in MBLAQ concert…
        The only clips I’ve been able to see are really short,
        but the potential for supreme hotness
        was rather frightening.

  4. oh yeah,
    which one would make me stay.
    i don’t know,
    i think i gotta give this one to go…
    that’s a kiss and hot make-up sex line
    if there ever was one.

    • @whatthefrell: haha!! Right?? I’d be like, “what did you say?? huh?? You gon punch me??? Try it! Try it!!” and then he’d just attack me with a hot kiss, and then it’d go into full on makeout there…haha

  5. only because nothing
    he’s said previously indicates he would actually do it;
    quite the opposite;
    and laughter is the best medicine!
    i’m gonna get in so much trouble at work.
    i fear what you’ll post next boab.
    do i need to take vacation time to focus on your blog?

  6. I would go for G.O.~ He’s just so…gentlemanly and mature; I found Joonie to be quite funny, though. He just had to get the last word, didn’t he? xD

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