Hide chan: I Love Your Style

Afterall, its what 34-year-old retired Japanese soccer star Hidetoshi Nakata is well-known for. Sometimes moonlighting as a model for famous names like Calvin Klein, he’s become a fashion icon in his native Japan and jets all around the world to attend the most prestigious designers fashion shows. There isn’t much known about Hide chan personally, but one thing is for sure: its very obvious that he puts much thought into his outward appearance. And for that Hide chan: we thank you!

6 thoughts on “Hide chan: I Love Your Style

  1. i would love to bump into hide at a cafe, runway show, or neighborhood soccer field somewhere…and i love him for his charity work to get kids active and bring the world together through soccer…seems to just be a cool guy..

  2. I saw this ad pic in the men’s underwear section of Macy’s last year shopping with my hubbie and between Hidetoshi on one wall and David Beckham (yeah, I think he’s hot…..especially in undies) on the other, I was in underwear “heaven”.

    • I love David Beckham when he is in his B-boy phase. His underwear ads have totally knocked the MarkyMark ads from the 90’s out the box.

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