JYJ – Be My Girl (Fanmade MV)

Check out this fanmade video of JYJ’s Junsu and American dancer Telisha, affectionately dubbed by finger-crossing fans as “Telisu”. I liked JYJ’s song “Be My Girl” on first listen. Love the groove, and it definitely becomes JYJ.

Thanks to AJ for putting this lovely video together and sharing it with all of us! Happy Friday everyone!

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38 thoughts on “JYJ – Be My Girl (Fanmade MV)

  1. What a cute video, I added it to my favorites. It saddens me that the person who posted the video had to disable comments and also have a lead in disclaimer for the video. That’s why blogs like this one are SO NECESSARY for people to come to and KNOW it’s OK to love who you want too.

    You know I want to ask those who drink “Haterade” laced with race hate out there at exactly what point do they think their ethnic bloodline became “pure”? Now, if someone can tell me this, then I would submit that THROUGHOUT the history of mankind……..as long as there has been a man, with “working genitalia,” within 2 feet of ANY FEMALE regardless of ethnicity…..bloodlines……ANY human bloodlines CEASED to be “pure” at that point. Which is…….pretty much since the beginning of the time. (*Just a thought*)

    Any race hate makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to me………NONE.

  2. It is a very sweet video.
    I thought since you put that picture up the first time,
    that they made a very cute couple.
    They complement each other,
    and they both seem quite taken with each other.

    I am with you again.
    That kind of ignorance drives me crazy.
    I was looking forward to reading
    the stupidity you were referring to,
    but the comments were turned off;
    which ultimately, and unfortunately,
    is probably for the best.

    Tiger JK is married to Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha)
    whose half Black and half Korean (born in Texas – right, raised in Korea),
    She is one of the baddest female rappers ever – amazing!
    I love them both, they are incredibly talented and gifted artists.
    Anyway, they brought their son out on stage one time,
    and people apparently left the ugliest, racist comments
    on his networking site about his son — a child — a baby.
    Tiger JK was pissed off rightly so,
    and started angrily responding to them.
    Thankfully, other Korean entertainers responded
    and said beautiful things about his son
    and made statements along the lines of,
    is this really how Koreans behave,
    are Koreans people who hate, etc.
    How do you hate on a baby — really?

    HInes Ward, this year’s Dancing w/ the Stars winner
    is half Black, half Korean.
    He said he hated his Korean half
    because they treated him and his mother so badly;
    him for being mixed, his mother for marrying a black man.
    But he wanted to know his Korean side,
    and eventually started an organization for
    orphaned mixed children.
    They said when he went to Korea to speak,
    he just fell out and cried.

    Every other aspect of the Korean people
    I’ve come to know through this journey
    leaves me thinking that they are a proud, yet humble,
    loving, compassionate, affectionate, carefree, beautiful people,
    with an awesome sense of humor, among other things.
    Aside from the crazy fan/idol relationship,
    this crazy race business just doesn’t make sense.
    I prefer to believe it is not representative of the majority,
    it’s just this hateful minority that makes the loudest noise.
    I started a comment about this as it related to that
    ridiculous Japanese man and his comments in
    Psychology Today it was so long I had to let it go…
    and here we go again.
    Every time you think we are moving forward as a people,
    as a HUMAN race, idiocy like this
    brings you, smack, right back down to earth!

    It is unfortunate how a post
    about two people connecting with one another
    in a really beautiful, positive way,
    somehow turns into hate.
    I wish them all the best!
    they’ve already got quite the little fan following.

    • Preach sister! I read about the stupidity of the netizens regarding Tiger JK and his son. Many people said he shouldn’t have responded, but im of the mind the ignorance needs to be called out!! That type of behavior will no change until acknowledged and challenged!

    • I really like Hines Ward, I have followed his story and watched his DWTS win. He’s another with a killer smile and a great personality. I have only heard about the young couple you speak of just recently. I’m still learning a lot about the K-pop/Hip-Hop world. I agree with Seli, any man worth his salt will most definitely defend his family and yes that kind of hate needs to be “called on the carpet.” Homogeneous culture or not, it just seems so JUVENILE and old-fashioned to have that kind of hate. It’s such an antiquated notion in a world that revels in being SO progressive. The world is becoming smaller and smaller since the internet and we (people) are as close as a mouse click away. I also believe wholeheartedly that people are more alike than we are different, so as cliche as it sounds, we should practice loving each other a bit more……it won’t hurt, as a matter of fact you’ll feel better.

  3. Oh my. There has been so much drama between Telisha and the fans. First they bashed her for this performance (I, personally, don’t see anything wrong):

    Then they got upset because of this picture and began to threaten her life via twitter (which is so immature):

    Now Telisha has released this song:

    In other words, fans are butthurt and racist.

    • I just had to unfollow someone on twitter because she turned into a raging ass because of Telisha. Seriuously this shite is ridiculous. Im not sure what fantasy world these people are living in, but they have no right to dictate who someone else likes, dates, or marries! And they need to check themselves.

      My Question of the day is…… are Kpop Idols in a abusive relationship? Yeah I think they are, And as soon as I get home I write a post on it.

      • @Seli: these chicks think they actually have a chance with these guys. Seriously???? So hating on Telisha is gonna get them closer to their favourite popstar? What are they smoking???

    • telisha!
      it’s a secret no more.
      cute, sweet, fun, and in-your-face song.
      i imagine for the netizens,
      in this type of situation
      it really wouldn’t matter who or what the girl was,
      they would still be pissed.
      but as a woman of color,
      we have to appreciate the extra-added sting.
      however, from what i gather,
      this “relationship’ seems to have blossomed,
      so naturally and according to her words,
      “how their boy romanced her.”
      i like how she stands strong and true,
      and has a realistic attitude about the potential outcome,
      but is lovin it’ and lovin’ him right now.
      i don’t know if i would have actually released a song about it
      under the circumstances,
      but circumstances obviously compelled her to do it.
      they’re young, attractive, and havin’ fun,
      and i say more power to ’em!

  4. This truly is ridiculous. smh. I liked her video though. If that wasn’t a big F-you to the face I don’t know what is. I’m glad she’s taking the haterade with stride because she doesn’t deserve that kind of mess. None of them do. I mean for crying out loud JYJ doesn’t belong to anyone. Especially not those fangirls. Ugh!

  5. Wow,
    These ‘fans’ are really something else. And not in a good way. Their comments are soooo nasty and just mean spirited.

  6. Some fans complain how acts like JYJ and other Korean/Asian groups haven’t made it big in the states. In the states,we can be harsh when it comes to this. If an international star like Donna Summer’s daughter,Amanda has barely got her foot on the door( and she has some nice songs),it will probably be even harder for a non-American acts to do it.

    Another thing I think that may be indirectly holding them back..those crazy racist fangirls. Some of the stuff I’ve read from them are sick, so much that it spoils my appetite.Not long ago, fangirls got angry at Sean Kingston( may he get well) and another singer for “copying”another K-pop singers song. With Sean, they were racist to him(That’s ok, the both of them made them look like idiots.) They also said bad things about Teddy Riley and no telling what they have said about others.

    I feel bad for some of those K-pop singers because of stuff like that. I admired what Tiger and Tasha stood up for his son. You cannot get any lower than to downgrade people’s kid’s . I admire that. I also wish that other K-pop singers would do the same. They don’t realize if they are trying to become international, you have to think about your fans, not just those in Korea, the Korean-American community and Asia..but all of the world. Just because they are not recognized by us, doesn’t mean that others don’t.They shouldn’t take that for granted.

    Maybe they are trying to be big before they want to do it … I don’t know,but not saying anything about will certainly make you seem that you’re condoning what they are doing. We’ve seen it with Mel Gibson,the crazy haired guy on “Seinfeld”( I forget his name) John Mayer and now Charlie Sheen losing their great names and/or careers for being that way. If they want to have a chance of international stardom, whether those girls listen to them or not,they have to speak about it. Otherwise, people will get the impression they may be as racist as they are and they will lose out.

    It’s also selfish how some of those fangirls are. I don’t know of one person who wouldn’t want their favorite singers be known to the world. A great deal of those k-pop singers want to or they wouldn’t be getting international acts for extra exposure.But those fangirls don’t .As long as they are in Korea and sing for them that is all that counts in their book. . Those Kpop stars shouldn’t have to be in that predicament. It’s just bad that those fangirls are like that. Maybe that may be part of the reason that Rain may want to come to the states.

    • @ATLSis,

      I think that is EXACTLY why Rain wants to come here. I think it’s mainly because he is highly driven and has ambitions that go beyond Korea, at this point. He’s done “all” he can do in Korea in entertainment, won so many awards, etc., so now he wants to challenge himself further. But these crazy fangirls act like “slave” owners. They act as if the artists “had better” do as THEY say, dance as they say dance, date who they say date, let me stalk you when I want to….OR ELSE! If a K-Pop/Hip-Hop artist doesn’t behave in the vein that these fangirls feel they should, then this deep seated hatred comes to fore. So are you Really a fan or a “slave master”? The artists don’t protest, because these “fans” do actually help make their careers, so they find themselves on a crazy rollercoaster ride with no way to get off. I agree with ATLSis, you would think they would want the world to know their favorite idol and share in that person’s talent as well.

      What REALLY pisses me off is that most of these K-Pop/Hip-Hop/R&B singers base their song styling and dance styling Straight from BLACK American R&B/Hip-Hop, yet they get Crucified for showing ANY liking for the REAL Thing IN THE FLESH!

      How can you (Fangirls/Netizens) LOVE the music and dance BORN FROM a people YOU DESPISE???!! (*SMDH*) Makes no damn sense……………..

    • @ATLSis: I agree with you. I want to hear these K-pop stars speak out against their fans’ intolerance of people of other races and nationalities. Not in a disrespectful way, but rather in a “can’t we all just get along?” way. If Bi were to stand up and make a comment about it, I believe everyone would listen. He’s earned the right to speak and be heard…

  7. everybody wanna be black,
    don’t no-body wanna be black.
    paul mooney

    “telisu” has got us all worked up!
    it’s that new moon/lunar eclipse business.

    it’s so far removed
    the states, here in the states
    that they may feel like they can be themselves.
    junsu posted pictures of himself at disney (land/world),
    that i thought were kind of interesting.
    jaejoong posted a picture of himself,
    i forget the set of circumstances;
    oh wait, there were none that’s right!
    i thought the picture was awesome,
    and i never thought him more attractive:
    simple, raw and real.
    so far removed –
    from the stylish, sharp dressed,
    beautiful, shiny, anime,
    otherworldly version i am use to seeing.
    a freedom
    perhaps impossible to experience
    in their home neck of the woods.
    what we see here
    is part of the transition process
    i applaud jyj for pushing the boundaries and taking a chance; and,
    their management for not shuttin’ it down.

    we are, again, feelin’ this one.
    we feel for them.
    maybe this is representative of that connection,
    the thread, the similarities,
    that connect us as a people
    we feel for the netizens too,
    we want them to open their eyes.
    we get it, we respect it, we celebrate it,
    we wish to share in it.

    we are reminded that this is a country that has endured much.
    where despite the obvious fracture,
    there exists a strong desire for reunification,
    where there exists a cohesiveness unknown to us,
    where throughout our history
    every effort has been made to work against that,
    separate and apart, divide and conquer
    we’re experiencing a transition ourselves;
    and, being reminded that sometimes
    it does seem that the more things change
    the more they stay the same.
    and we come here sometimes to remind ourselves,
    and each other, that it doesn’t have to be that way.

    boab, way to keep us goin’!
    the fan art post follow-up is a fresh and timely touch,
    like dowsing a flame for a potential forest fire,
    or putting the cover on after stoking the coals.
    shame on you,
    and i can’t thank you enough!
    a belated congratulations on your 200,
    and i look forward to hundreds more!

    those really are some beautifully detailed drawings.

    • @whatthefrell: at first I thought (just by the surface) that Jaejoong would be close-minded, but he seems very open. He’s made several comments about the beauty and talent of Beyonce, and not just passing comments. He very obviously admires her and I’m pretty sure would have dated/married her if the opportunity presents itself. He also seems to have a similar feeling for Avril Lavigne….but I like the fact that he’s just an open person. Basically, if you are a cool person who’s on his level, he’d consider you, no matter your race or nationality. I really dig that about him. He’s cool in my book!

      • he seems like he is a very thoughtful and serious person,
        which can come across as being very close-minded,
        but you can’t think that much and that deeply
        about so many things, and not be open to the possibilities.
        From Beyoncé to Avril Lavigne —
        yep, that’s pretty broad and open to anything.

        whatever may be going on,
        i hope they’re happy for Junsu
        and that it’s not interferring
        with his relationship with the other two.

        i wondered if maybe
        Junsu’s appearances being cancelled
        might have more to do with Telisu
        than SM Entertainment.
        Mickey seems to be hanging in there
        in that department; and bless his heart,
        and another reason why I like him,
        Jaejoong doesn’t really seem to care about all that,
        it’s as if he could take it or leave it.

  8. BiAlamode,

    That pisses me off as well..getting something for nothing. Man,it’s really amazing how much some of those K-pop fangirls are in soooo much denial of their idols. It’s laughable to see them try to make it seem that the other person was wronging their favorite idols. The evidence can be right in from of their faces and they are going say that their idol is innocent of the crimes.

    I remembered just looking and laughing at some of the comments they make about people. Not long ago, I was looking at some comments made about Usher and Rain singing together. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rain and I would love to see him make it in Hollywood,but he isn’t a widely known international star like Usher. I couldn’t get angry because some of those fangirls remarks were beyond funny. Ok..they don’t have to like Usher,but it is ridiculously amazing how they can claim that Usher “stole” Rain’s style. Usher been out since he was 12 years old. I’ve only knew about Rain by Ninja Assassin and this blog. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know who has the biggest international influence. Usher is 32 years old, Rain is almost 30. Usher has been in the entertainment field for 20 years,Rain’s career began in 2003.., years ago.OMFG!! how can anybody be that stupid?!

    It’s amazing how out of it some of them really are..some to the point that the can be dangerous. Their comments about outsiders,especially ,black ones, are very slanderous. They better hope that none of the of those international entertainers are looking at some of the K-pop blogs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to tale some action against them for libel/slander,if possible.

    • Exactly, it’s like are you kidding me??!! More than them saying Usher “stole” Rain’s style (which is WILDLY hilarious!) it’s the fact that the Very music AND dance styling that these Korean celebrities do is completely born from BLACK culture…….period. If I’m wrong somebody please correct me, but throughout Korea’s long history can ANY Korean claim to have started the “beat boxing”, “pop-locking”, “break dancing”, “moon walking”, “electric- sliding” and any number of other dances and traditions they so enthusiastically enjoy seeing their K-Pop idols do (well maybe not the electric slide……but you get what I mean). The song styling of the most soulful Black American artists quite obviously have had great influence on many of the K-Pop artists out there as well.

      I am not so selfish as to say that Asians, as well others around the world can not enjoy and partake of the music and style born from our culture, but PLEASE Asian youth open your eyes…..READ ABOUT, see, know AND acknowledge the culture your idol’s musical influences ACTUALLY come from.
      Just like I, an African American woman, read and learn about Asian culture, young Asians should take the time to do the same with regard to mine.

    • @ATLSis: are you serious????? They think Usher stole his style from Bi????? Haha!!! These people are in a dream world!! As much as I love Bi, I still know my history…yes, the history of my people and their amazing and many contributions to American society and culture, including music and arts. Heck, Bi would even laugh at that and set people who seriously think that the jacked Usher’s style straight. Wooooow, blows my mind!

  9. Wow,i guess some people have no shame. This is not the first time JYJ/TVXQ had issues with their obsessive fangirls and i think all this hate is not just coming from just the Korean and Asian fangirls but some American fans as well, because surprisingly i over heard two girls( one was white the other latina) sitting in the back seats of the bus from me, talking nasty about Telisha and how she should stay away from THEIR Junsu. I was shock disgusted over their behavior and thought that this Telisha and Junsu issue was just the Korean fans being butthurt, but i just i was wrong. 😦
    But whatever happens i wish Telsiha and Junsu all the best wishes in the world to show the world that they can’t be broken. ❤

  10. For they actually believe that Usher stole from Bi, that is the most stupid thing i ever heard. Like Bi in one of his oldest interviews admitted that Both MICHAEL JACKSON and USHER was and is a big influence on what motivate and drive him to be the greatest entertainer that he can be. I think a lot of this people need to check themselves because they are sounding really dump. *shake head in shame*

  11. Yep!,

    Guys ,I seen this on one Rain clip and read all of those clips about him and Usher in a concert, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  12. Loved the video. That’s what love all about. They do not care about haters, because if they did, the video would not have been made.

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