Bi Gets Cocktail Happy In Germany

Check out the latest pics and tweets from our guy. I believe he and his entourage are all in Singapore now (according to Bi’s friend Gori they checked into the Tower 2 Marina Bay Sands Hotel last night). But, as usual, in these pics, Bi’s looking animal sexy in a leopard print button down and nice-fitting jeans 😉 It seems on this trip he is in a really good mood. I hope it keeps up!

P.S. – Thanks to (Cloud_ph & rainbird) for the translations and captions!

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30 thoughts on “Bi Gets Cocktail Happy In Germany

  1. Cute pics and I’m glad he was having a good time. One thing tho’….. That animal print is killing me >:l Sorry, but it’s one of my pet peeves. He seems to favor another one of my other peeves too, but I’m willing to overlook it due to his gorgeousness and seemingly great personality. 😛

    • concerning the animal print shirt I think he’s plugging MCM…same with that leopard print backpack he wore to NYC a few weeks ago…I don’t think that’s his normal style…but he’s got a contract to keep with MCM…just a thought

      • I figured as much 😛 I remember Purplezest’s pics from the London signing. The black jacket with the leopard collar, that’s one of theirs too.

  2. As one of my Cloud sisters called him……”The Honey Dip” was looking Extra Fly in Germany. I have to agree with Nicole……I love the shirt, probably more so for myself, but ONLY and “Oh So Fly Guy” can get away with animal print of ANY KIND. However, I actually like the shirt on him, but regular “peeps”/guys…….BACK AWAY FROM THE ANIMAL PRINT! (SMILES)

  3. dramaaddicted is it the rolled up jeans? I don’t like any of his outfit, but on him I will accept it, especially with his honey coated complexion. Now if I was to see a guy walking down the street with that same exact outfit, Manly Man is not what I would think.

    • I just have problem with animal prints period. Oh well. Oh and males wearing flip flops. Drives me bonkers!! Don’t ask me why. I don’t even let my sons wear them. But I still love me some Bi!!

      • Hate hate flip flops. It is my issue with feet period! I don’t really want to see a man’s feet just out in the open unless he is swimming, etc.

      • bitofabelly, which ones are those? I am sure I don’t like those either. I just can’t take the Wham 80’s look rolled up jeans. Those scare me

      • OMG!!!!
        I have the exact same problem!!!
        I can’t explain it,
        It just turns me so off.
        Like nails on a blackboard
        (to most all people, because that doesn’t really bother me,
        but you know what I mean)!
        I feel almost the same way about sandals… crazy!
        I find this really troublesome
        in that sandals/ flip-flops are
        pretty much standard footwear in many cultures.
        I think maybe part of what attracted me to the whole
        “Kpop” phenomena was all the bad-ass footwear!
        I know feet gotta breath sometimes,
        but I really don’t need to see em,
        especially the guys.
        There are exceptions.
        One of the first things I check out is the footwear.
        I don’t know why.
        But I happened to be looking down when
        I saw these sandals on this man once,
        and could not believe how flattering they were on him,
        and as I looked up at the rest of him,
        I could only hope he didn’t hear me suck my breath in.
        The man was hot and he wore those sandals well.
        He was a very rare exception indeed.

      • Honestly, I don’t have a problem with flip-flops or sandals…..having said that, it SO depends on how the man’s feet look and his overall “Swagga”. There are some men who have beautiful feet and showing them off, not a problem. Now if a man’s feet look like you could get a whole bowl of popcorn just by sticking them in the microwave, then PLEASE by ALL means…….Keep’em covered!!!

        What I really can’t stand is the socks in sandals thing, now THAT makes my hair stand Straight Up!!

      • @BiAlamode: P.S. —- why oh WHY couldn’t you just call them Fritos??? You see I have uncle with crusty feet and we’ve been calling him Fritos behind his back forever. Corn chips is fair game, but not MAH POPCORN!!!

      • @BOAB81,

        I’m sorry I didn’t mean to mess up your popcorn groove, it’s just what comes to mind. (SMILES) I’ll think Fritos next time…..promise. (SMILES)

    • Oh my goodness girl! I was just going to say that! When he is sitting in the chair with his legs stretched out, his thighs look so stinkin’ juicy!! I just want to sit on his lap so bad

      • LOL! That was one of the first things I noticed about him. His thighs… Joo La La! And then came the booty and I was like DAYYYYYUMN! His great personality is the icing on the cake!!

      • @Seli: some REALLY FORTUNATE woman is gonna get all dat to herself!!! And you KNOW she gon’ be all greedy and stingy (not that I can blame her!) Wah!!!

      • That’s why he needs a Sista. Only a Sista would appreciate the BOOTAY and thighs like they SHOULD BE appreciated. The man has girls the size of linguine telling him to his face that he’s fat (at his concert). Over here Umm, Umm, Umm…….LAWD we could/would appreciate ALL that lusciousness RIGHT…….I know you ladies feel me!!

    • Man I wonder what he think if he knew all these women was sweatin’ his booty and thighs like this. I would love to see his face if someone told him he had a nice thick booty. I know he knows we like it because in numerous performances he seems to bring attention to iy

      • 😦 I want to see that booty in person *whines*

        I wish we get a concert or something, but then there’s no garuntee we’d get to see it. Im having JYJ flashbacks of Seriously expensive tickets.

      • @Lei: see, the problem about him being in Korea is that they don’t give ENOUGH attention to dat booty. It was unbelievable that after he filmed Ninja Assassin and went through his “eating” phase he was getting called fat right and left! Huh??? Fat??? Uhm!!! No disrespect for the deceased, but Chris Farley and John Candy were fat!!! But BI?? Fat??? Nu-uh…. thick, juicy, stacked??? YES!

        Anyway, the Korean media and fans just say he has a nice bod, but it’s LARGELY because of his (as DynasticQueen put it) delectable behind. Sistas love a thick guy…bird chests and rail-thin frames NEED NOT APPLY. If I saw him walking along in the mall (not knowing who he was); I’d have to stare at that booty. And I wouldn’t care if he saw. He needs to know the affect he’s having on us womenfolk…

      • I would love to give that Booty a SQUEEZE…..Goodness!!! Just fill my hands up with some Korean “Cheeks”……..MERCY!

      • You are right about that! That is not Fat at all. I am a thin sista’ so I need to have a manly man and I love that meat on him, because it is in all the right places. He doesn’t have a gut and his butt and thighs aren’t womanly either. I will take all of it. Umphh!! I love all of that meat on him. I hope he never loses it.

        @Seli you and me both. I want my camera to zoom in on all of that. I too think about the price of the ticket. That is why I need to get these bills gone, so I can treat myself to a front row seat. I also plan on visiting S. Korea, so I need money for that. I just wonder if he wants to do a show here before he leaves or after?

  4. Wow…
    How can one man capture both the essence
    of adorableness and hotness
    in the same instance.
    The one after he drinks from the ridiculous glass.
    Such an expression of satisfaction,
    although I think that smile says other things too,
    I’ll stop there.

    (not the drink, the man!)
    He does look like he’s in really good spirits,
    and that is really great to see.
    Thanks for sharing BoaB!

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