Oh Ji Ho Sings On “Come To Play”

In an effort to focus more on the 30-something hotties, I’ve decided to start off said initiative with 35-year-old South Korean actor Oh Ji Ho, and his rendition of…well, I don’t really know what he’s singing. Anyway, let’s assess what he’s workin’ with….

Sexiness (dimples and all!!)? Check.
Acting talent? Check.
Singing talent? Uhm….not so much.

Oh well, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad! Enjoy!

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17 thoughts on “Oh Ji Ho Sings On “Come To Play”

  1. oh forget it I am not even going to watch it and mess up my opinion of him. From a lot of youtube videos it seems he sings alot. I think he was going to debut as a singer. Thanks goodness he didn’t.

  2. If you like Oh Ji-ho, there is a 2011 article on him.
    Google “Oh Ji-ho and La Belle by Fung Lan Yong”

      • Dear Bitofabelly:

        If you access YouTube and key in “Oh Ji-ho La Belle” you can see him in his birthday suit most of the time. The movie is listed as an art film by the New York Film Festival in 2001.

        I will be presenting a researh study in Seoul this July and if I meet Ji-ho at Heavenly Star Entertainment, I will mention your name and get a photo for you.


        Fung Lan

      • @Fung Lan: haha I checked out the youtube video of la belle. wOw! lol I had no idea! I’m jealous that you will be going to Seoul and meeting Ji-ho! And a pic and hello would be awesome!! Thanks! BOAB81

  3. i just read a translation of a fan meeting he did a few years ago on soompi…when asked what he’d be doing if not acting, zio said he’d probably have moved abroad… he also said that in korea, roles for older actors get limited…he would like to be the ‘johnny depp of korea’…

    and he said that his childhood dream was to be a teacher of korean language..
    *squee!!* …at first i thought with zio being my teacher, i’d be fluent in a two months flat…but on second thought, i’d probably be one of his more difficult students..

    z–‘ladibug, have you memorized the sino-korean numbers 20-40?’
    l–‘um, no.’
    z–‘this is the 5th week we’ve gone over this…and it took two months for you to learn complex vowels…what is the problem?’
    l–‘ummm, i don’t know.’
    z–‘well, we can’t continue this way…obviously you need some motivation…’, takes a ruler out of his desk drawer…

    wow, that went south (or north) pretty quickly lol…darn my great imagination!!

  4. Dear Bitofabelly:

    Minor grammatical error in my previous post: The movie “was” listed as an art film by the New York Film Festival and Busan (Pusan) Film Festival in 2001.

    Actors earn less than teachers and other professionals in Korea, so Ji-ho has to sell kimchi and pizza besides serving as a spokesperson for Calvin Klein, Prada, Hugo Boss, Rado, and Phat. Some of my Korean students do not watch his movies, maintaining that there are other better looking actors in their country.

    Please access YouTube and key in “Couple or Trouble Ep. 1” and you will see Ji-ho stripping for the sake of US $8.00


    Fung Lan

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