Bollywood’s Sexiest Export

Just my opinion, really. Because, according to my dear Indian girl friend, India’s full of dreamies. 38-year-old actor and model Arjan Rampal is a tall, tasty, cinnamon-hued godsend. Enjoy!

By the way, would you like to see more posts on Indian (and other Asian nationalities) guys on this blog?

12 thoughts on “Bollywood’s Sexiest Export

  1. Oh my my! I love Indian guys, my ex-bf from jr. college was Indian and he was too cute! Arjun has a very nice Euro look about him, and his hair is lover-ly, and I’m sure his wife or significant other is happy to have him, at 38 yrs old I hope he’s married! LOL! But if not I’ll take him, of course! LOL!

  2. Monica,

    I know what you mean. I live and work@ least 2 miles from what I call ” Lil India”. I mean, whenever I go through the area you would think that you’re literally in India( or a Persian country as some them also live in that area)I’m really surprised that I get my work done. All those good looking guys that I see–OMFG!….all of that sexiness! I feel ” blessed” to be working around all of that sexiness.


    Aww man ! I remember Arjan from “Moksha “. Loved the movie and definitely love him being in it. Great actor as well.

  3. SURE……..when they look like that!!! (SMILES) I love Bollywood movies. I like international movies in general. Subtitles, bring’em on!

    Sometimes I forget East Indians are Asian as well. (SMILES)

  4. Oh he’s REALLY cute! I can’t believe he’s 38 years old! I really didn’t consider Indian guys, until recently, when some Indian actors have popped up in different TV series here. One of my girlfriends is Indian, and she actually does not consider herself to be an East Asian nationality.

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