An Ignorant Man

Speaking of unattractiveness (see image below), evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa served me a dose of reality in Psychology Today’s article posted yesterday entitled “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” (the original article has since been removed from the website). Well, a dose of reality can be a good thing…it can be a wake up call!

True, I have been doused in the notion that all Asian men should love Black women and vice versa, but as you can see by the ignorance and straight up racism of this article, it is just not always true. But, seriously?? I get the feeling that the next article Kanazawa posts will be entitled “Why Do Black Women Have Tails and Women of Other Races Do Not?” I mean, this is some really throwin-it-back-to-the-days-of-jim-crow itsh. You know those days! When good law-abiding ‘Christian’ folks tried to prove by use of the Holy Bible that blacks were lower than animals because they were descended from Ham. It was really hard for me to believe that this article was recently written, and even more shocking, published! Well, actually, the most disappointing aspect of this article is that an Asian man wrote it. He should know better than anyone what it is like to be stereotyped and blacklisted. I also find it interesting that this article was printed at a time like this, when the AM/BW movement is strong, growing and moving ever ahead.

Forget Kanazawa san…but rather, what is Psychology Today really trying to tell us?

25 thoughts on “An Ignorant Man

  1. I read that BS!!! This is just more negativity geared toward the Black Woman!!// This is the 6th negative article that I have read this year geared toward Black Women!! I hope people dont buy into this nonsense!!

  2. Umm…clearly Satoshi Kanazawa is a Banana (Yellow on the outside, White on the inside) who cannot relate to the struggles of his OWN people, so he sees himself as doing something perfectly acceptable. Psychology Today? Girl…maybe they’re dying for more readers, and they think putting this ish out will boost their ratings. It’s just a guess though…

  3. Sometimes I think Asian men wanna be white men because they think are the dominant successful stories everywhere…so they adapt their ignorance and beliefs. But as with anyone with ridiculous thoughts such as this, he will never truly be happy with himself…sad excuse for a man.

  4. I guess his practice isn’t doing all that well, so he had to come up with something to get him noticed. If Black women have flaws, somebody please tell me, why are all these so called “Beautiful” women trying to look like us! Yes, I said it and went there with it.

    • I was thinking the same thing Jani. And I am not even going mention all of the plastic surgeons making top dollar for certain procedures. Lol!!!

  5. What the hell is this “anti Black Woman” movement going on? I guess it’s because ALL OF MANKIND, even his ignorant ass, was born of a Black Woman, ultimately. It all started with us. It’s kind of hard for anybody else to “compete” with being there at the beginning of all mankind. You DAMN STRAIGHT we have high self-esteem and rightly so and I dare you to try and take it from us! It’s straight up racism. Do we pick apart the physicality of Asian men…no, we celebrate them as they are. Yet one of their own would dare degrade us by dressing his racist views up in his pysho-babble. There are Too Many examples of our beauty and brilliance. When drivel like this article come out, I see it as another lame attempt at trying downplay that beauty and brilliance. It can not be denied…….so sorry Kanazawa!

  6. When I see articles like this, I just shake my head. Let’s be honest… a lot of black women have brought into the whole stereotype thing. If they would stop falling for the bull****, and say enough is enough, then it would be a different story. I have a ten year old and she is a darker brown color, and she is among one of the prettiest girls in her school (I’m not saying that because I am mom) We have to look at things like this, and say, “Oh, well!” I have seen it in many cases where another race is attracted to a black women, but feel it’s a taboo. They are not fooling anyone. Black women are beautiful, with their thickness and all. Plus his findings are based off of opinion!!!

    • Girl, let me tell you. I have had Asian men tell me that I was too light for them! (I’m a teasing tan). They wanted someone much darker because they like the skin texture, smooth. I had to laugh and smile because they were honest. Some are not caught up in the “light Skin” thing. Some of them even liked the fact that a “sister” had some meat on them!

  7. No, I refuse to read any articles that demean and/or degrade any woman, but especially black women! So I’ll have to take everyone’s word for how bad the article is. That’s all I’m saying.

  8. Good news. According to Angry Black Woman, this foolishness was removed. Though the damage has already been done, at least Psych Today got the heat from it. Seems like we’ve been heard. This man is a disgrace.

    • Collective voices………Amen!!!!
      Pretty soon if this nonsense does not end, we are going to have to a New Black Pantheress(Yes I looked the word up)Movement. Speaking of being a Pantheress, any news on Bi? I need mid-week pick me up:)

  9. I take this as more evidence that as Black women, WE ARE COMING UP!

    This is just some hyper negativity to switch the poles.

    Watch out and see…it is OUR TIME.

    We Black women are the Alpha, the first, and just as surely, we will be the Omega, the last. I can see the scales tipping…

  10. For a man who want to declare Black women as being ugly, he should know how it feels.

    Anyways..Why did this fool waste his tuition money like that? All of those 8 or more years of college and the best that this man can do is to make up rhetoric like this?that’s a crying shame! Man, if this is who Psychology Today have for write for their publications, then it just shows you a lot about them.Any third grader could have written commentaries about Black women.I just find it quite ironic that his junk came out during ta period when AM/BW are further coming out with their relationships.In some ways, the rascal don’t even realize he got played. Maybe I’m reading to much into things,but I don’t no more believe that this was an accident. Instead of one of their staff coming out of with this article, they let Satoshi write his article , trying to cover themselves,thinking that people would overlook his racist connotations in it because he’s of Japanese descent–NOT!

    I’m not going to let this Psychologist wannabee bring my spirits down. We know the truth and we definitely know it isn’t him.He may have a Ph.D,but his mindset suggests that wasn’t born with the sense given to him. I would rather deal with men with no degree an a lot of it, than to deal with men like Satoshi who have one ,but doesn’t have a drop of it.

  11. LOL he’s nothing but a tool with a PH.D.
    To bad he wasted his time when he’s never been around black women. I resent the looking masculine part,i like the fact that i resemble my father ppl tend to think he’s my older brother,and that my mom is my older sister. Lol

  12. I pray that no one buys into this crap. Its bad enough the “anti-black women” movement is alive, we don’t need this sh*t too. smh. Ugh! To me it just seems like the “lets hate black woman” month or year or something LOL. This is ridiculous. It also doesn’t help that black men are on the web making negative vids about us either. LOL anyway, love the blog, please post more pictures of hott guys. 😀

  13. White chick sticking her nose in:)

    I have now idea where he did his search….maybe overseas? But, at least here in the states I personal feel people don’t think that way about black women….Color of skin has nothing to do with a person being pretty or not…..It all has to do with what is on the inside!

    • @Anna: hi there and welcome! You are more than welcome to stick your nose in and participate! We love to hear all perspectives!
      And yes you are right…it is what inside that counts. But Mr. Kanazawa probably didn’t get hugged very much as a child….because the concept you pointed out was much too much for him to understand!

  14. Okay, I just want to know who is the audience to make up the statistics? Did he get a group of people to prove his theory or did he come up with this all on his own? I saw the charts and it didn’t really show a balance of what the lines and bars mean or the years or populations among what people of the population would say and I consider this to be scientifically embarrassing! Not to mention, where are all the other races and why subject on one? And why are people paying people to make such inane articles like this! I hope my taxes aren’t going into this…

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