Caption these lips!

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Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at

9 thoughts on “Caption these lips!

  1. O-M-Mutha”F”ing-G!!!!!!!!!!………….Ok, calming down now. The LIPS are my “drug of choice” and I choose to stay High……ALL-THE-TIME!!!

    Way to put a hurtin’ on a Sista………….(*speaking in tongues*)!!!! How am I supposed to work now???!!

  2. lips: “closer…closer…come on, you know you want to…”


    “don’t fight the lusciousness”,


    “baby, you had a hard day…i’ll cook dinner tonight.”

    sorry for the cheesiness…it’s past my bedtime, lol…

  3. You know that slow,
    hot approach to kissing?
    Aside from the full on attack
    where no thought is involved,
    I find myself wondering
    how we would approach each other…
    Would I take the top lip in mine; no,
    I think I would definitely go for the bottom,
    and suck on that for a brief moment just to get things started; however,
    if he happens to be in full-on aggressor mode,
    he can approach me however the hell he pleases!

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