1) I know that all Japanese men do not fall under this category.
2) No, I don’t want to marry a man just because he’s Japanese. I love all men, and would marry any guy whom I love and who treats me right and loves me. But I do have a soft spot for Japanese men 🙂

I’m probably going to get all kinds of hate mail about how racist and closed-minded I am against Japanese men (which is bollocks, really), but I think this particular subject needs to be discussed and hashed out.

That subject being: why would a grown, straight man even think about wanting to wear a bra??? And I’m not talking about a manly, linen or cotton short wifebeater that only comes in black, gray and white (which is still a tad disturbing to me). But rather, a colorful, padded feminine brassiere?!? You think you’ve seen it all, right?

Now, it may seem that I’m picking on Japanese men, but I’m not. Actually, it hurts me the most to see them showing up so negatively in the world’s news. Why?? Honestly, I would love to marry a Japanese man (of course, not any Japanese man). The only Asian men I really, truly know are Japanese and have taught me so much about the culture and their home country. So is it the media that I should be angry at?? Or is it Japanese men that I should be angry at for allowing the media to have something bizarre to report on them?? I don’t know. I’m confused.

So that brings up the question: what is really going on? Has Japanese society oppressed their men so much to the point that the gender roles have been reversed? Just like the grass-eating men, bra-wearing men have decided to embrace their feminine side, without actually embracing all that is a feminine: their women. Something’s wrong! There’s no politically correct way to say this. It’s just not right. Men don’t have boobs (i.e. real ones that can feed a child). Plain and simple.

My mission (and I’ve chosen to accept it) is to ask a few of my close Japanese guy friends about this very thing. I will report on my findings. Stay tuned!

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30 thoughts on “Disturbia

  1. Umm yeah. That’s not sexy. At all. And I don’t want to share mine or pick out your lingerie. I’ve come to realize during my Kpop journey that the media is SHIT! Jpop and or kpop…. they are shit. Alot of misconceptions and sterotypes can be laid directly at their door. The media ain’t shite.

  2. OMG!…………This Asian male appreciation journey I find myself on is…….Wow…..indescribable at times. I know people in every corner of the globe may have strange fetishes, but this is ridiculous. I don’t give a damn if you’re Japanese or not!

    It’s just like the fetish where these grown adults are turned on by wearing baby diapers! Some things are W-A-A-A-Y out of my realm! As you said BOAB81, What’s Really Going On!

      • @Lei: TRUST, I hear ya, I DO. But I think I’m referring more to a cultural phenomena…I mean, there’s something going on culturally that we Westerners are just not grasping…

    • I’m on An Asian Journey as well but this fetish is light compared to some of the other sick sh*t i’ve seen. I know people all around can do some crazy stuff but it seems that Japanese people can take the crazy stuff and twist it which takes it to another level, i think that’s why i love them!!! LOL 🙂

      • @ANGEL: hello and welcome 🙂 Yes you are correct! I have been studying Japanese culture for a long time now, and there is some stuff I found out that I will never be able to wrap my mind around, and (to me) its so disturbing that I will NEVER post about it, lol. I’m talking some TABOO itsh!!

  3. Personally, I hope and pray I WON’T see one of these bra-wearing men while I’m in Japan, because if I do, I might just lose it…
    This makes me sick and depressed. First grass-eaters, now THIS? Seriously, what has Japanese society/the media done to Japanese men?

  4. You gave the right title for such craziness.

    I’ve have heard of men cross-dressing and people can see enough of that on the Jerry
    Springer show. I’m just amazed of how some men have a fetish for this kind of stuff.There is a difference between men admiring womens’ undergarments for their girlfriends and those who are admiring them for themselves. Makes you wonder about their psychological status?

    • @ATLSis: I think these men are mentally and psychologically ‘oppressed’ and their ‘out’ is to express their physical freedom by wearing women’s underthings. I think by doing so they’ve proved that they are even more oppressed than they care to admit…

      • @bialamode

        i know right?

        “”They said wearing a bra just made them feel more calm, relaxed and revived,” Tsuchiya said. From a man’s perspective, it turned out, the sole and sufficient purpose of a bra was psychological.”

        my bra does not relax me…i can’t wait to get it off and sling shot (shoot?) it….

        maybe they need someone to talk to…or hugs?

  5. ROFL, It clear that it’s something going on with him. Not the race. Girl, If I felt like it’s the race, for every crazy picture that was sent to to me because I was going with a Chinese guy I would have dumped him years ago.

    • @Jani: hi there and welcome! I hear ya but I think this problem is cultural, not racial…don’t get me wrong, there’s sick and twisted itsh all over the world, no doubt. But this is unique to certain cultures…I think its a by-product of rigid Eastern society rules mixed with Western-influenced freedom and independence. A SICK, SAD by-product, that is!

  6. that first pic looks better than some of my unmentionables…

    there’s definitely some issues going on (whoever it is), but i’m not sure what to say about it…*confused*

    all i know is, i may look good in his shirt, but i don’t want to see him in my panties…we can match colors but not style and for sure not bows, ruffles or lace…

      • @Cloud8837: hello and welcome!! Yeah that’s what I’m talking about!! We can’t even get that array of color and style!! No fair! lol

    • @ladibug: like seriously, can you imagine?? So you’re chilling with your man and he decides to take a shower and when he takes his shirt off he’s sportin a lacy bra. Uhm……………………………………………………………………………………..I don’t know if I’d want to talk about it or just end it right then and there, lol….yeah, I’d end it RIGHT THEN AND THERE!

      • AWKWARD! I think I’d just walk out of the room lol (and I’m Kayla, I just changed my username, but thanks for the welcome! :D)

      • i would probably leave the room very quickly at first, maybe get a stiff drink…but after the initial shock, i think we should talk about it…depends on his issues whether or not we can work it out…i’d try before heading for the hills…

        but that is a sight i would never, ever forget lol…

      • Yeah I am with you. I would be OUT! I might try to get help for him as a friend, but that is something I am not prepared to deal with on a relationship level. More power to him, there might be girls out there that like that. Not this one though

  7. Yeah, it’s W-A-A-A-Y Deep!!……..Asian societies, collectively, really need to look at how they put such rigid standards on their citizens. You’ve got men feening for women’s lingerie and “eating grass”…..I mean really? A guy would rather sit at home at the computer/reading/watching tv than to “even begin” to try to date.

    It’s one thing to have high Standards in one’s culture, but to oppress people mentally to the point where development (emotional/social) is “stunted” is a “crime” against humanity. Somebody needs to answer for dudes like the one above in that bra!

    I thought the damn near 100 year old man I saw in a SPEEDO at the gym pool yesterday evening was SCARY! (SMILES)

  8. I just got the first pic! I am so slow. The picture of the guy in a bra disturbed me, but I just realized the first pic of was 6-pack male mannequins with a little extra room in the panties. I thought it was just a random picture of women’s underthings. I am soo soo slow. This article got way worse for me.

  9. Yeah, I don’t think is a Japanese thing. There are men all over the world addicted to wearing lingerie and I think it just falls under the catagory of kink or fetish and I’m not sure why it’s getting so much negative attention when it comes to Japanese men? I’ve actually know several straight men who love how they feel wearing lingerie. They like how the fabric feels on their skin and they say it makes them feel sexy. Some of them are ok with people knowing and some of them would die were anyone to find out.

    I think a lot of our fetishes and kinks go back to gender roles or things that are imposed on us when were small. We’re told what is ok and what’s taboo, but that only applies to our culture and society. What is ok for me may be totally outrageous, given some other location or context. We’re told that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Lace is just not masculine and barbies are not for boys. Boys are told to man up and take responsibility and girls are taught that men will take care of them and that lots of babies are the most important thing.

    I think world perception is changing, but we are all influnced every day by the people who raised us, by the media and by people we don’t even know. While I do think that men who wear lingerie MAY be showing some signs of psychological problems, I don’t think that these problems would be there, had people not been being shoved in boxes and told how they should and were going to be, since the start of time, but society is what is and there has to be some structure and set of guidelines for what is socially acceptable. I’m not advocating anarchy, just running off at the mouth. Some people will always be stronger willed and will take the initiative to grab control and other people will sit back and let them.

    What I find really strange is that the same people who express shock at men wearing lingerie(and no, I’m not talking about bitofabelly or anyone in this post, because I think we’re all just honestly curious about what makes people tick), seem to be ok with many of the other “feminine” traits that are held so dear in Asian fandom. Why is it ok and precious for Taemin to dress in drag or for Key to mince around and do a girl dance and all of them to blow aegyo out the wazoo, but if people were to find out that one of them actually LIKED wearing a bra or corset or panties, it would be outrageous? I mean, they’re called FLOWER boys. They dress them in ways that defy logic, press them into fan-service but if one of them is actually gay/bi or does something non-masculine when not on stage it seems like the world is going to implode. Aren’t they sending very mixed signals?

    Ok wait, if that were a picture of say, Joon in a lacy bra, would it suddenly become provacative and maybe kind of sexy in a naughty way? For me it would. Hot Asian men in eye-liner and lingerie would be like Christmas and my birthday all rolled up into one. I’m still drooling over all the Hedwig pics that are out. And I think Joon and Jaejoong are total attention whores and would wear something like that and pose in it, solely to gain attention, much like drunk, straight girls in a bar will kiss to get the attention of men. While the out of control cute and girly does not seem as prevailent in Japanese culture, it’s still there and they clearly place high value on beautiful, refined boys with features and hair that typically would be defined as feminine in any culture. It would not be much of a stetch for the value on masculine beauty to extend to clothing and underwear and I think it already had in the past.

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