Bi – In My Bed

Good morning All! I do hope your week has started off well 🙂 I thought I’d begin this week with a Bi ditty post. YES, we’ve all seen/heard it before, but does it EVER hurt to see hot, sexy, dripping wet Bi more than twice??? I didn’t think so! 😉

In case anyone ever has a problem believing that this guy has no soul or feeling, all they would have to do is listen to this song. Thankfully there are English subs in case any of us were ever wondering what he was saying. All the more reason to love this song! Enjoy! 🙂

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Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at

15 thoughts on “Bi – In My Bed

    • he always talks about how horrible the training for ‘na’ was for him…

      lol the look on his face when the interviewer came rolling in before the interview and later when she was touching his chest lol!

      • that was so funny. He was like “please, please get up”. He looked so shocked that she was still touching him. She ain’t stupid do what you gotta do. She may never get that chance again.

      • @Lei: right?? I’d like to think I’d be like, “wassup shawty?” lol, SHAMELESSLY. Like you said, only one chance! But in reality I’d probably be all shy and acting coy like he’s not phasing me…yeaaaa, the Great Pretender I’d be!

      • Funny I say the same thing. If I was to run into him while he was in the States, would I be able to play the ignorant card and act like I don’t know who he is and just try to step to him like he was a regular JoeSchmoe?

      • @Lei: if he was a regular JoeSchmoe, I’d DEF notice him, just cuz I love Asian guys anyway, and always have radar for them, and have for a LONG time. So if he was Bi or just Jihoon, he’d turn my head and I couldn’t help but stare. Tall, thick, handsome, swagger…yeah for sure…..

    • @Lei: you’ve never seen this with Eng Subs??? Wow! For once I’m not the last to know!! ^^I saw this a long time ago, but then again, they may have taken it down, and someone recently just put it up! By the way, I get *thoughts* when he talked about how strong his waist is…..*sighs*…

      • Girl as soon as he started saying I want to get married and then segued into having a strong waist. I had to pause it so as to prepare myself as to what he was going to say. I had seen part 1-3 and then the last part, but 4-7 was missing for awhile and it seems they finally put them back on. What I really really want is the English subbed version of the cast of The Fugitive on this talk show. That is when Rain was tan and glistening.

      • @Lei: this was probably one of the videos I watched where I really started to fall for him…and I tried to resist, but girl it was futile. This man doesn’t even know the pull he has on the females…he just doesn’t even know…talkin’ bout how he’s lonely. That in itself has driven females W-I-L-D!!

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