Now We Know That JYJ’s Open To Interracial Marriage

From yesterday’s post (simply scroll down to see it), a video clip of JYJ’s recent interview on MTVK was pasted into comments (thank you, thank you, thank you majolie87!!), and I believe it needs serious review. I found Junsu’s thoughts on interracial marriage to be very telling.
Concerning the question that JYJ was asked: “Have you ever thought of dating someone of a different race?“, I thought this was a very forward-thinking, progressive question. It only goes to show that with the exposure and travel of K-pop artists to more and more foreign countries, the chances of interracial dating/relationships/marriage are increased. And now, even the Korean media is acknowledging it! Now, although the question is aimed at all the members, Micky (with a curious grin) felt the need to default the question to Junsu. Hmmm….I wonder why? Ok so we all know why!
The most telling of Junsu’s comments is when he said (in so many words) that, for him, not knowing fluent English has become a barrier to carrying on a meaningful, interracial relationship. I thought it was interesting that he mentioned English….like that is the only language of someone of another race. Of course not, but he probably had a special someone on his mind (who speaks English) and so made a ‘slip’. I was happy to hear that he considered it an option, and spoke with authority when saying that the other two members, JaeJoong and Micky, were just as open.

I will note that in another link that majolie87 posted, Junsu spoke of an instance of when he was in France. He witnessed a little blonde girl calling out ‘papa’, which made him dream of interracial marriage. So, it seems that Junsu is just an open person who doesn’t consider color or race a factor. Sure, he may have a preference, but when it comes down to it, he’s looking for a good person. I would actually prefer a man like this. What do you guys think?

43 thoughts on “Now We Know That JYJ’s Open To Interracial Marriage

  1. I was cracking up at Micky’s smile when he passed the question over. I would have likeed for Micky (my bias, love him) to answer the question and as I said in my other comment, that smile infers that they’ve had this conversation before. Or…. one/all of them was in a interracial relationship.

  2. First of all, I think it’s great that they all seem to be open to interracial relationships and you were right in an earlier post that language can be a barrier. Even though I think it doesn’t have to be the deciding factor in whether or not two people from another culture can fall in love and have a relationship (as was the case for one of my relatives).

    The fact that these K-Pop and R&B/Hip-Hop artists of Asia travel to other countries, they are able to Actually See others who don’t look like them and become curious, which would/could lead to further interaction. THEN these Asian artists will see……Hey, we’re all human, just trying to live life the best we can for as long as we can, just like them……no difference in that regard. So quite possibly this realization might make them think well it’s just silly to let things like skin tone and hair texture keep people apart. Cultural differences (i.e., ways of interacting with elders, traditional clothing, religion) can be expounded upon and learned.

    As far as the language barrier goes, if I’m “Feeling You”………..then TEACH ME, BABY!! I’ll learn your language with a quickness! Although, I think there’s a “language” we all understand Completely, no need for words……….(SMILES)

  3. One more thing………..when Junsu said saw the little blonde girl say “Papa” and it made him dream of interracial marriage. I may be over-reaching in my thoughts, but I seemed to detect a hint of sadness in this comment. Could it be that when these artists travel they see just how closed off they are to others/other cultures by virtue of living in a homogenous country? We see diversity everyday in the U.S., even though we do have our prejudices, we still see other cultures daily. These artists don’t, to any significant degree unless they travel outside their country. Many of their countrymen do not leave the country, so whatever information they get about others is minimal at best. They may come to feel……Damn, look at all our people miss out on. There’s so much more to do and see.

    • @BiAlamode: I agree completely. I am sure that they are proud of their country and culture, but they crave individuality and freedom, somethng that the U.S. has plenty of. THe majority of Japanese guys I work with dread going back to Japan because they have truly enjoyed the freedom they’ve experienced living here.

  4. Wow! I agree with everything everyone has said. I am all for being taught by somoene who wants to be with me and vice versa. I am sooo down for that, I think it would force me to learn quicker.

    When I was watching “IRIS” yesterday it hit me, with only one more episode to go, that everyone in every scene no matter where they were was Korean or Asian. Only in the next to the last episode did they have some black, white, etc characters and they were gangsters who were taken down in about 45min into the episode. They must be just in awe when traveling to other countries and in every 2sq ft running into someone of a differant ethnicity.

    When I was in Japan I was always running into differant ones with strange hair colors and clothes. I thought it was cool. I guess when you live in a country where mostly everyone is born with black hair and similiar skin tones you want to stand out.

    Big Bang was interviewed and asked what there ideal girl was. Taeyang said he likes western woman. He has always found them to be fascinating and the others started describing Asian celebrities who matched their ideal. TOP didn’t say anything. I feel he is on the same wave as Taeyag but didn’t want to offend the audience.

  5. They already knew he had someone in mind, that was so funny and even during the end one said he didn’t know what he would do if Junsu got married as if something deep was in the works. Are there any K-pop or celebrities married to someone other than Korean? I remember when Daniel Henney was on Family Outing he and LeeHyori were talking and he said he never dated a Korean woman and she said she only dated Korean men. When they asked would they consider differantly? Daniel said he would, she was hesitant. She said it had nothing to do with language but everything to do with culture.

    • I don’t remember that conversation from episode of FO. I do think its a little sad tho. I guess because as Americans for the most part we inter-act and mix with different cultures every day and that makes most of us more open. I honestly wish some of the Korean celeberties/idols could read this blog. I think it would be benefical to all. Open dialogue and all that.

      • Hopefully this works. It is Episode 33 from Season One of Family Outing. This is from the 2nd part when Lee Hyori and Daniel are cooking breakfast. You can FF to the 5min mark to get right to the marriage/dating conversation.

      • Oh goodness, I had really better pull back my comments. I get so carried away sometimes I forget that not everybody comments but the World can read what we say.

        Chillin’ now…………………..

      • I agree. She said she wanted to marry that year and it has been I think more than 2 years since that episode. She needs to branch out.

    • @lei

      i’ve never seen that show before…omg that was funny…i’m surprised danny spoke so much english to her…hyori didn’t always know exactly what he was saying…but she played it off well…

  6. I totally agree with everyone. But i think that Mickey’s smile was not only that they had discuss the topic on interracial relationship before, but more “I know something that you don’t know, but I’m sure as hell ain’t telling.”
    and I also notice that they, but most Junsu was very careful on how they answer some of those questions.

    • The horrible thing is, they have to be VERY careful about this type of stuff. The Netizens are crazy and are not afraid to voice their dislike of “their” idols dating. They will ruin their lives big time! If an idol picks up enough antis…. they’re done. They just can’t come out and say I want/am dating so and so. Death threats, hate mail and telling people to kill themselves. It’s ridiculous. I think the only reason Se7en got away with it was because they’d been in a relationship so long. Idols getting away with known girlfriends is few and far between.
      That’s one of the things that annoy me the most about Kpop. The fans/netizens. They won’t let them be in their personal lives.

      • @Seli,

        You’re SO right they are NUTS! Honestly, I think this is Really the primary reason why Bi wants to relocate to the U.S. after his military duty is over. If I can presume to speak for him, he wants to get far, far away from the stalker fangirls. During some very, very recent interviews, Bi has stated he really wants to be married like right now, but he is not currently dating anyone (so he said…….Smile). I’d be willing to bet real money that he wants to start really dating in earnest, but knows in Korea it IS close to, if not, impossible for him. He IS the biggest Korean celeb to come out of that country. He’s Korean ambassador this, World Star that. Korea probably feels like they “own” him. So Bi trying to date in Korea………PLUULEASE! At least in the U.S., he is still a relative unknown (as far as the mainstream goes), so he could date in peace. No one bothered him on the street when he was in New York recently, so I think he needs to come here. I saw a very stupid poll once where netizens stated they wanted Bi to stay single forever. I thought, well that’s dumb. However, I was just learning about Bi and K-Pop and didn’t Really get just how “insane” the world of “netizen fandom” was.

        He wants a wife and family. Here in the U.S. he would At Least have a fighting chance of finding what he wants. I, for one, hope he does. I think EVERYBODY deserves to find Their special someone and especially on Their terms. These crazy netizens need to “get a grip!” At the end of the day, a celebrity is just that……….a celebrity……..not GOD from Heaven on High! When Bi starts performing miracles like parting the Red Sea, THEN we can put him on “lock.”

        Seli, I’m with you. In the U.S., these “stalker fans” would find themselves standing behind some vertical bars wondering…………”WHA” HAPPENED??? (*scratching their heads*)

      • I know right!!! Cute little G-Dragon. So what he dry humped a chick on stage 😛

      • How I wish there was a “like” button for this response.

        When I heard that the “netizens” and fans signed a suicide petition for Jay Park it just stunned me and really made me wonder what the heck was wrong with people over there. 😦 Why would anyone want to see the youth of their country perish over something as absolutely stupid as that so-called “scandal”?

        For a while, I admit that I resisted getting into anything Korean because my best friend warned me about the massive amounts of suicides there, particularly with drama stars and idols. She was afraid I’d get attached to someone and get my heart broken. Sadly (But not really :P), it’s too late. I already like a lot of K-pop idols and really hope I never have to read their obits out here because of some overzealous nutbags.

        I can’t understand why they won’t let them live. They entertain us, but we don’t own them. It’s crazy and completely unfair to them. Their entire system (in that regard) is just backward.

    • @Elli Mac: hello and welcome! Micky sorta threw his boy under the bus lol. BUT to think of it, that was during the time they were traveling/working with Telisha, and she hadn’t given her interview yet, so the fans didn’t know anything yet to be jealous.

  7. Also for them to know not to worry so much about not being able to speak fluent English. I think some think it is just easier to date/marry someone who speaks their language instead of stepping out of their comfort zone. They might be suprised to know there are plenty of people out here who would be more than okay with it and willing to cross learn/teach.
    When I was in Japan so many people I met apologized for their English not being good. I am in their country and they are apologizing to me. The fact that they can even speak, write and read English is huge on so many levels. I know most of them said it is easier to read and write than to speak it.

  8. ” Have you thought about dating someone of a different race?” Wow! that is a straight up question,but at least it is honest.

    The good thing about these guys and some other K-pop male singers is that they are getting to see the real world, the good, the bad and the ugly(or the reverse)..the realities of the world,but it should be meant to better learn and to understand people,places or things and to make them better people…and to better see people and maybe women as just people.

    Not long ago,there was a post about Korean K-pop fans not worrying about non-Korean women approaching their idols. Some of those same singers may not speak good English,but as expressed by JYJ, no one can stop them from liking what they like, English or not. I could be wrong,but those guys seem sincere in being in one. Since they speak very little to no English…the possibility of them getting in a mixed relationship will be impossible…NOT! Some Western women knows how to speak Korean. If they hook up, they still can have a fluid relationship. Odd as it may seem to some, there are people in relationships who may not speak 100 percent of that persons language,but still is able to date each other. One of my friend who I have mentioned on here is Senegalese. His wife is a Black American. They have been married for nearly 12 years,but there were times where I had to help him with bits and pieces of English. So far he is at least 90 percent fluent with the language.

    Far as wanting to be in an IR relationships, it’s good that JYJ wanting to be in an IR union,but they should be in it for the right reasons. If these guys fall in love with a woman who just happens not to be a non-Korean Asian that is good,but color/nationality shouldn’t be the sole reason why they want to be with her.I wish them well.

  9. @Lei,

    Given that Daniel is of mixed parentage and being exposed the diversities of the world, I guess he probably would be more inept to be more open to it.

    There is also one other thought I had( and forgot to write) when it comes to them and this subject,I wonder are some of them are really open minded to people of all different races? Yes, some of them will say , I’m open to Western women,but which ones?They can be of any race but they may not want that. I mean , what if an African American woman like myself was seeking Asian men like JYJ. In my mind I’m thinking these guys may be into Black women because they said IR, yet they say “Actually..uh..I meant non-Black woman.” Though race shouldn’t be a factor in loving people, unfortunately, even with some mixed relationships, it can sometimes be the case.

    • @ATLSis,

      I’ll have to view the video again, because I missed where they said “non-Black woman.” But even so, I think I get what you mean. Honestly, I think when they say “Western” woman, they are probably thinking in terms of Caucasian women (foremost). I say that because, I have read where traditional Asian families see Caucasian as the “better” choice if their children just have to marry outside of their culture.

      Now, that’s what they will tell Mama and Daddy, but what they may actually want is a little “taste of chocolate” on the real. As it has been stated before, I hope if a Black woman is what they want, then it is what they want for an honest to goodness, real-life relationship….not just to fulfill some “Black Girl” fantasy. I do think that they are still very cautious when admitting Publicly that they think of Black women because of the repercussions. But do they wants us “deep down”……..I have NO DOUBT some do…….no doubt at all.

      Just like that Congressman that got “busted” recently and just up and quit his position, because he knew there was no way in hell he could even begin to explain to his wife or constituents why he was “trolling” around on Craigslist looking for a Black woman to be with and he SO paid for it. I still crack up on that! Yes, HE was just looking for some “hot chocolate” on the side, but the fact is More Often Than Not men from ALL ethnicity’s want to “sample our wares” on some level or another. My HOPE will always be that if they want to be with a Black woman, it’s for the RIGHT reasons.

  10. I totally understand what you guys mean. Generally when these idols talk about “Western” women, they typically mean Caucasian women. I don’t think we have to worry about that in JYJ’s case.
    I can’t find the link to the interview, but in an American magazine, Jaejoong admitted he was sad that Beyonce was married because he liked her.
    And Yoochun (Micky)?
    Just look at that picture. He clearly likes what he sees.
    Anyways, do any of you guys visit the Blasian Narrative?

    • @majolie87,

      Yes, I have been to the Blasian Narrative blog a couple of times. I just watched the video from the link. Fangirls, I’m so sorry for you. These K-Pop/R&B Hip-Hop artists are trying to break into the American (Western) market and guess what fangirls? Your favorite artists will interact with…………Black People…..*GASP*

      You know, simply by virtue of the fact that these Korean artists are performing music born of Black culture would/should make them want to seek out the very community from which the music THEY perform comes from. It’s certainly not a stretch to believe these artists would find the women of that community attractive. Why not fangirls??? Their song styling comes from Black music, their dance style comes from Black culture, their dancers are Black. Heck, they are surrounded/immersed in things born of Black people…………literally and fangirls think these artists Couldn’t Possibly find BLACK women attractive. Well, all I can say is these “little fangirls” just might get their feelings hurt if a JYJ hotel room experience Ever gets caught on tape………..(*Just Saying*)

      • That was the first time I’ve seen that video.. NICE! Yoochun is soooooooooo…….

    • Okay was about to check out the blog and it gave me a content warning. Is it something I can pull up at work?

    • @seli,

      I cannot stop watching this video…i love this performance! i wish the recorded version of the song sounded like this..

  11. Oh and BTW… the comments on that page were a little much. Now I must get back to watching the finale of The Thorn Birds 😀

  12. @Bitofibelly,
    Thanks a bunch.


    Likewise. Hee-Hee ! so much for family values!

    I also still trip out on Strom Thurmond. He was supposed to be this “avowed” racist/segregationist ..and whatdaya know.. he tells the world that he has a biracial daughter. I just wish that guy like them were more honest about who they are than hiding the truth. It’s going to come out one way or the other.

    In their interview ,JYJ didn’t mention about a specific race of Western women desire,but I was wondering when they mentioned Western women, does it includes Black women, Western women may not necessarily mean they desire Black women.
    It could be a Western woman of Non-Korean Asian, Latino or White persuasion that they may have in mind(,but since Majolie mentioned about it through the link, we now know. I appreciate that)


    I view the from time to time.

  13. I’m way too excited. You would think that Junsu himself came to my front door and told me he wanted to date me. lol. But there is something that I noticed during the interview, Junsu said that he wouldn’t have the “confidence to take it further”. WHY JUNSU, WHY????? I guess that just goes to show no matter how successful, handsome, or wealthy Junsu is, internally he is just a normal guy. I just love JYJ formerly of DBSK.

  14. First off, I am so glad I found this blog. It’s such a relief to find fans more like me who understand their place as fans and can admire celebrities without being all crazy.

    When I heard that they’re open to interracial marriage, and that they like Western women, I thought the same thing; that by “Western” they probably meant “white.” I’m Hispanic, and from my experience and observation, to people from (light-skinned) cultures where interracial relationships are uncommon, anyone who isn’t white is black, and unacceptable. It doesn’t matter where you’re from: India, the Middle East, South America, the islands…It doesn’t matter how light a shade of brown you are.

    Even so, I’m going to imagine that if I ran into them on the street, they might smile at me and say, “Ayyy girl!”

  15. Hmmmm….I wonder if black women are included in this? Just because they they are open to interracial marriage doesn’t mean black women are included, because most Asian people think of white people when it come to western women. I hope black women are included because I love Jaejoong <3~

  16. I find them attractive, especially the one on the right. I like asian guys and I don’t know why they aren’t not as appreciated in the States. I found them attractive long before all the hype and they are tremendous fathers and husbands. Tremendous.

  17. I don’t know why I like Asian guys. All my life I’ve liked Black and White guys but recently that’s changed. I will admit I started watching K-pop an K dramas and that’s how it began. Then it just started flourishing on it’s own. At first I was embarrassed to tell my friends but when I did they were all lot more open minded then I thought. I love JYJ- especially Junsu. He’s is so honest and sincere during interviews. I enjoy hearing hearing what he has to say.

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