Is Telisha After Junsu?

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"Telisu" : Junsu & Telisha

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26 thoughts on “Is Telisha After Junsu?

  1. If it is true,i would be happy for them!!We all should have some Asian Lovin’ LOL
    And for all the haters on twitter,they just have to get over it!!

  2. PLEASE let this be true. Go on, sista.

    Fans who act like they have the right to say who an idol talks to, befriends, dates, or even takes a picture with (“Who is sheeee? Arggggh! So jealous!!” *hours on the Internet sabatoging some chick*) crack me up. Like they own somebody’s d!2$ or something. Really?? Here’s a News Flash, darlings — IT ain’t yours, and he can put it any place he wants to, so long as that place is legal. And he SHOULD put it somewhere. Keeps him happier and healthier for the rest of us.

    That is an awesome picture. Let me scroll back up and look at that again…

    • @DynasticQueen,

      I agree 100%! Asian celebs/men would probably “venture off the farm” more often than not, if it weren’t for the Craaazy fan backlash they get. I SO hope they are “getting together” and if they are doing “thangs” then they can smile inside with the knowledge of their “little secret” and netizens can just suck rocks! And she’s “no mistaking” chocolate too!………(SMILES)

  3. i hope this is true it”ll be good to se JYJ to have one of their singers in an interracial relationship. I think the fans should backk off ofcourse thier is going to be fans disliking this, but what can you do. lol she is pretty and seems sweet.

  4. Like Priscilla, if the rumors are true, I will be more than happy for them.

    Gee, I thought that those K-pop singers have parents?They can’t tell Junsu what to do. Even if that was the case, he is a fully grown man who can take care of himself. If he wants a Black woman, Korean woman or’s the man’s business. I thought that people was kidding in describing some of those neurotic K-pop fans. I seen a with a clip of a young African American woman,who calls herself ” “rainonmebi” talking about going to one of their concerts an described the idiocy of some of those girls.

    We were once teens/young adult like some of those K-pop fans. Like many of them, we had singers that we fantasized about but that was it! Like the young woman said, it’s very rare that they will marry them. Much as some of those fools think their favorite K-idols are innocent? I think not! C’mon now, they have tons on female fans out there who will be willing to give it up for them.Even if they did date their fans , do some of those fans believe that they would want to marry a woman who acts as she insane?I wouldn’t ,would you?

    I feel bad for some of those guys. They seem to sacrifice their own happiness for their fans. That is sad and it’s definitely isn’t right. I would hate for them to be come world renowned. Though I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, the same happened to him when he started to date Selena Gomez,but he seems to not give two cents to fans oppose to his relationship. I wish that some of those K-pop singers will do the same.

  5. I really suspect that Junsu may like her too. In two (not one) interviews, he said he was interested in an interracial marriage. In one video interview, Micky gave this sly grin and passed the question (would you date someone of another race) directly to Junsu.
    Who knows, but I hope it’s totally true.
    Links to the interviews:

    P.S: Isn’t Jaejoong flawless in the MTVK interview?

  6. I think they make a cute couple, he’s very handsome and she is a beautiful woman. Why not. I’m not mad at her at all. Hell I would love to date Jaejoong myself.

  7. Man,I really wish this were true.Hopefully it develops into more than friendship, & then more Kpop stars can finally reveal their desire for women who are not only korean.
    As far as the crazy fans go,they need to chill out!

  8. ‘just because you’re a fan, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.’

    that’s right, keep hope alive!!

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  10. They are both gorgeous and very photogenic; I think they’d make a gorgeous couple and I would love nothing more than for them to be in a relationship or the early stages of exploring something that could grow to more than friendship.

    Right now JYJ is struggling to break new ground in the Korean(and this seems to apply to all Asian countries even if Korea’s training and management seems more aggresive) music industry and pushing to get more artistic and personal freedom, while still being traditional idols. Had they not started out with SM, as idols, this wouldn’t be such an uphill battle, but unfortunately for most young guys with decent faces, bodies and voices (but little to no money or family support for becoming an artist of any type), joining a large idol mill, as a trainee, seems to be the fastest, easiest way to get your foot in the door of the Korean entertainment industry. If you can make it as an idol you have instant access to singing, dancing, modeling, acting in dramas, movies, musicals AND perhaps having your own TV and/or radio program. In return for this gold mine of opportunity, you apparently have to give total control of your life to your management company for five, seven or even, in DBSK’s case, 13 YEARS. Or, you know, unless they decide they hate you and decide to replace you with someone else(see U-Kiss Kibum and Alexander.) What? No, you only thought you had a secure job for five to seven years. This contract means nothing.

    Being able to date publically would seem like a huge part of the freedom they are reaching for, along with more artistic freedom. These poor guys seems to have no life. I KNOW Jaejoong is a drama queen and he loves attention and he acts out to get it in his twitter/selcas, but a lot of that has to stem from him truely being lonely and attention starved. I don’t have a problem with him doing it, because he IS so honest about it. He upfront admits that he craves love and attention and will whore himself to get it. However, from what I can see and from what I’ve read, Jaejoong is not typical. He’s considered outspoken, too honest, and a downright oddball/kook. I don’t think that most of these idols guys will so honestly admit that they feel isolated and lonely and I think that most of them dislike asking for help even if they need it. Being a celebrity has to be a lonely life, regardless of location, but being an Asian celebrity seems so much worse.

    Of the five of them, Junsu seems to be the most traditional and conventional to me. If he does decide to date outside his race, I don’t think it’s going to be an easy road to walk. I’m from the southern US, although I’ve lived in the Chicago area for 10 years. Being in the south, you get very used to news stories and people talking about racial problems and racial this and racial that, but people, even though we still have a TON of problems in the US, as far as cultural diverstiy and acceptance goes, we have it SO good in the US. I’m not saying we’re perfect. There are plenty of bigoted assholes here, but we’re exposed to so many cultures all the time. Korea seems like a cultural bubble. If Junsu is dating Telisha, I can only hope that his family will love and accept her, because most of the rest of Korea is not going to. As a 40 year old white woman and one of the underdogs in the date a hot/young/cute/funny Korean boy world, I am cheering her on. Go on girl and get you some of that, if you can. If you get hold of him, don’t let go.

    I wrote a book and it makes no sense and I don’t even know why I care so much? I obviously fail at life and have too much time on my hands. I’m going to go mow my lawn all crooked while I have crack fantasies about a half naked, sweat slick Korean lawn boy.

      • If only. I am still sitting here in air conditioned bliss and my lawn is still growing, as I type, or maybe it’s miraculously dying in the heat and humidity out there. It’s more likely that I will get out of lawn care if my lawn is dead than by having some hot, young Asian male doing it for me.

      • @Plinkin: I have this silly fantasy of taking a Dungie or Choi Min ho and just chaining him to my apartment lol. Having him do all the house chores and run all the errands while I pay for his living, keeping him looking fresh, his hair cut, meals cooked, etc….*sigh* just like “Kimi Wa Petto”…

    • @Plinkin: hi there and welcome to BWLB!! Thanks for your comments! I’m sorry its taken me so long to respond, but I have been working like crazy and haven’t had much time lately! I really appreciate the background info you gave on the kpop industry…gives us another perspective on these folks: afterall, they are out there just trying to make a living. No one handed anything to them. They are all very talented and hard-working. By the way, did you find your half-nekkid, sweat-slick K boy yet? hehehe

    • “…..As a 40 year old white woman and one of the underdogs in the date a hot/young/cute/funny Korean boy world, I am cheering her on.” I enjoyed reading your post. I am sending up a prayer…that you will meet, and get to know/love…a really hot, sexy, gorgeous Korean boy, who will love you to no end, and mow the lawn while shirtless, just to please you, on hot Chicago summer days. I think that life is really weird, and sometimes things happen that you would not expect to happen. Who say’s a woman over 40 can’t be sexy?

      • Aw, that may be one of the nicest things anyone has ever wished for me. I appreciate the well wishes during the holiday season and send them right back to you. I’ve been so busy at work and would truely appreciate someone waiting at home to snuggle with me and pet me and cut my steak for me. Wait, I’m lying. That whole thing where they cut the meat of girls they like just kind of weirds me out. I’m a grown woman and can cut my own steak and if I’m feeling generous I’ll let him have a few bites 🙂

  11. What is her twitter so i can be one of her followers?? & Heck yea she is super pretty if they are dating or like each other Junsu is the lucky one! XP

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  13. I would love to know the status of Junsu and Telisha’s relationship lol. I wonder if JYJ will be doing another N. American tour this year. It would be interesting to see if JYJ hires Telisha again as one of the dancers 🙂

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