Bi Discusses His Bodily Functions and Gets Ogled At

Haha ^_^ Made you look! Check out the video clip below, taken during Bi’s trip to NYC to attend the Time100 Gala. Bi answers fan questions and takes us around the city via self-camera. Well, actually, he did discuss his bodily functions! Gotta love this guy’s frankness and sense of humor! Oh yeah, and ol’ girl is all up in our boy’s grill @ 3:50. Can’t say I blame her, but if she wants a piece of that, she’s got to get in line like the rest of us! Enjoy 🙂

Thanks to Lei for passing this clip on, as well as RedCloud for translating to English so we all can not only enjoy, but understand!

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21 thoughts on “Bi Discusses His Bodily Functions and Gets Ogled At

  1. Bi’s SO SILLY and I love that side of him. He’s a typical man who thinks talking about taking a crap is SO funny!…………(SMILES)

    Yeah, ole girl may have been “all up on that”, but He Wasn’t checking for it……..(SMILES)

      • @BOAB81,

        You noticed that too?….(SMILE) He wanted to take a picture with the President as well, so he could hang on his wall at home. 3 of the most powerful African-Americans in the country. The fact that he recognizes the “Power of the People” (our people) is So cool! (SMILES)

  2. i can’t wait till this whole military thing has come and gone… i really am ready to see him in a another american film… he is truly a special being… bless him…

  3. loved the bodily function mention! That makes him seem more down to earth and one I could hang with. I can’t be with a guy that can’t occasionally talk about bodily functions, because I know I sure do. Dang it! I wish I was there that Monday. People were just passing him and the camera man by not even knowing who he was.

    • @ lei,

      I still have a hard time understanding how he can eat in a restaurant in times square and nobody recognizes him! i thought there was a ‘ninja assassin’ billboard somewhere near there when the movie was released…he’s been mentioned in some print media here too…and he had a cameraman…that should have piqued some interest (and memory)…i just don’t get it…

      me too, wish i was in the nyc area that day…there would have been a threesome for lunch…

  4. honestly, Bi is so for real you can’t help but love him. “bodily functions” cracked me up. i’m like…no he did not take it to the toilet, hahahaha then i realized oh yes, he did. his sense of humor makes you feel comfortable.

  5. How did I not pick up on him wanting to meet 2 strong black women. Wanting to hang the US president up on his S. Korean wall-deep. Well I hope when he gets out of the military he goes gangbusters on the US, but doesn’t loose any of his S.Korean values. I want him to be “known”, but not too well “known”. Does that make sense?

    I think about my other man Paul Walker and how he is known, but he still manages to stay under the celebrity radar. You hardly ever see any gossip about him. He doesn’t like the celebrity life per se. I hope Rain is the same way.

    • @Lei,

      Yes it makes perfect sense. I don’t want him to “drown” in the gossip mags, but every now and then I’d like to see his beautiful face in a U.S. weekly. Like you said much like Paul Walker. From what I understand, it’s not too impossible for some celebrities to “stay under the radar”, they just stay the hell away from the “paparazzi hang outs.” There are places where the paps “stake out” like all the time. Celebs who want to keep a low profile, don’t go on into those specific areas. Also unfortunately, some celebs the paps just love to “hunt” and if you are especially attractive, hot, gorgeous……Oh no, Bi might “in trouble.” But, he most assuredly has “weighed” this problem out. I would suspect he would be under the paps radar for a while, at least in the beginning. Hopefully!

    • i agree…i want him to be able to walk around and relax…but at the same time, not like he’s nobody…

      someone once told me that footballers (soccer) in some other countries usually don’t get harassed after games because the people give them respectful distance…they don’t get mauled like the paparazzi do some of the stars here…

      i don’t wanna see any bi maulings in the press…but i would like for some passersby be able to say, ‘hey, what’s up?’…

  6. Has anyone seen the pics of him at Dong Seoul National University. That man can rock a suit like no one else. It is fitting him perfectly.

    I was worried for awhile, his pants have been so tight. For the sake of his “boys” and his futur heirs, he needed to loosen up a bit. He is just too much man for the pants they give him to wear.

    • his pants should have their own FB page lol…

      on another post, wasn’t it reported that his stylist said it’s hardest to fit his pants? yup, containing that much lusciousness is a lot to ask of mere clothing, lol..

      • Yeah she basically said there was too much hip and booty action going on. Nothing wrong with that, just make the man comfortable.

  7. Bi really has his find by his seems that he got more cheers than his better known American stars. That should tell his critics of the influence over people, especially women like us.

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