Big Bang – Love Song

While we’re on the Big Bang tip, check out their latest single’s music video: Love Song. I liked this on first listen. Of course, I’m lovin’ freak boy T.O.P.’s intro…very nice 😉 Enjoy all and welcome to the weekend! *_*

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Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at

20 thoughts on “Big Bang – Love Song

  1. Omg I love bigbang and I loved your post on top and your definitly right about him. He is freaky I think all his fans get that vibe from him. I think your going to like most of their songs and solo songs. Lol sorry for writing so much 🙂

  2. @BOAB81,

    I didn’t know where to put this, so I decided to put it here. I asked my Cloud sister in Brazil (Lane) to do a video for me featuring Bi with Miss Jill Scott’s song “He Loves Me” (she’s one of my very favorite female singers). Lane was kind enough to honor my special request a couple weeks ago and I don’t know why I didn’t think to share it with you ladies until now. I thought Bi (the visuals) along with Jill Scott’s sensual, sexy vocals……..a match made in video heaven! I hope you ladies enjoy it…….(SMILES)

      • @BOAB81,

        I don’t know if she wrote it especially for (*wink, wink*) but she certainly knows how to create the mood for it………Good Lawdy!!!!

    • @BiAlamode–

      oooo girl, that was hot!!! *fanning self*… i love jill and that was really a great combination…i don’t know if i should let my imagination go there…spontaneous combustion might result lol!

      • @ladibug: BiAlamode wants us to go stark raving mad….too late, we’re already there!!! Its really hard to watch Bi and your imagination not “go there”…lol!!!

      • @BOAB81,

        I’m married and MY imagination “goes there” with Bi……..NO ONE is immune………there is no cure!!


  3. @BiAlamode,

    That was prefect! ” You love me… you tease me….” for each time that was said, it’s like the mood in the pictures was there without him singing or saying anything.I love many of Jill Scott’s songs,but “He Loves Me” will always be my favorite.

    • @ATLSis,

      I thought that particular song coupled with Bi’s natural sensuality would just be, as you said, perfect together. You can just “feel the mood” with No Doubt in your mind how the evening will play out. As far as Jill goes……love her music. She really knows how to tell a story with her songs. Up to this point in her career, this song is by far my favorite from her as well. I’m looking forward to her upcoming album. Glad you liked the video………(SMILES)

  4. I ❤ this song! I came across it by accident. Which happens often in my case. Anyway, I wish I knew what they were saying! Korean language is sooo beautiful to me 🙂

  5. omgoodness…i’ve been doing some kpop watching/listening on youtube…and now i am a bigbang fave member is young bae, aka, taeyang…oooooo boy….i’m not sure how many times i’ve watched this video in the last 2 days, ‘where u at’:

  6. G dragon bias here..he wrote dis song n its al love n melody n black n white beauty….>_^l love n melody n black n white beauty….>_^

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