I Get the Impression That T.O.P. Is a Big Freak

The good kind, hehe 😉

So I’m online searching videos on K-pop (I’m such a fangirl) boy group Big Bang and I come across quite a few. As usual, all of the members are aesthetically pleasing, but I keep getting an overwhelming vibe that Choi Seung Hyun, aka T.O.P (1 of 2 of Big Bang’s rappers) is a freak-a-leek. Seriously. Is it the look in his eyes or is it his sexy, deep voice? Not sure, but his image just screams “experimental”…like you might not want to drop the soap with him standing behind you. Don’t get me wrong, girls. He’s alright in my book, but it seems that if you ever become his lady, you ain’t gettin’ no mercy. Like by the time T.O.P’s done with you, you probably wouldn’t recognize yourself. Real talk, lol.

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26 thoughts on “I Get the Impression That T.O.P. Is a Big Freak

  1. You are late girl, I have been feelin’ that vibe from him since the beginning. I look at Rain as the settle down type, but T.O.P as THE guy who would make me act a straight fool. His voice along with them glares are dangerous! I also love his grinch-like smile with those dimples. He is also very silly, which helps to calm down the fire he consistently brings. I can also def see him stepping to a sistah.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxf4DNNCkqs One of their best performances. Even GD looked cool w/ the women’s suit jacket and comb-over.

    • @Lei: girl, you know me…always finding stuff out last, lol! I def see T.O.P. steppin’ to a sista. He just look like he don’t care! The bad boy swagger is very appealing. However, Bi’s got me TIED DOWN, lol. And just judging by the hip movements in his performances, I will NEVER want for another guy….even if its a hot youngblood!

      • You and me both. T.O.P is like candy and you know too much of that is never good for you. I want the dinner, dessert and candy-which Rain provides.

    • Was that song in Iris? I don’t remember hearing it. I likes tho. Compared to the rest of the gang TOP is actually a pretty bad dancer, Check out his Family Outing episode. I think it was #35.

  2. @Lei and BOAB81,

    I see what you ladies are saying. It’s that “homeboy swag” coming out Korean style. He probably does have the “huevos” to step to a Sista, no doubt. However Lei, hearing you say that 29/30 year old Bi is the “settle down type”, I think I get what you mean but I have to speak up for those of us who would be placed in that “settled” category.

    Those of us who are “settled” can still bring the “Wasabi WITH some Tobasco” to the bedroom……….(*Just Saying*) The “Settled Set” ain’t what it Used To Be! (SMILES)

    You never know, Bi just might make ya head spontaneously combust!…….He would be sneaky like that. You might see “Young Jae” at the front door, but “Bokgu” would show up in the master suite…(Smiles) But I get what you’re saying about T.O.P.


    • Hahahaha!!! BiAlamode-trust, if this girl was to settle down with Bi, there would be no “settling”. I see Rain for someone to be with for the long haul, but still keeping his freaky side. “You might see “Young Jae” at the front door, but “Bokgu” would show up in the master suite…(Smiles)” That is exactly what I want.

      I have seen TOP in many of a interviews and he seems like such a nice, sweet guy-who I think would be the the perfect settling down type, but…that just isn’t the way I look at him. Rain has already filled that slot. TOP-for me, is like one of those guys you might want to have a little fling with, but not necessarily settle down with.

    • @BiAlamode: that’s what’s up!!! Bokgu could GIT IT!! lol Can I just say that if I was his gf, and he wasn’t givin’ it up (like he was in the drama), I would have to GITS MINE!! Lol! Bokgu would straight be getting raped tryna deny a sista her needs!!

  3. how ’bout the two of them together,
    like at the same time
    as in a three-way perhaps…
    GD is welcome to watch of course.
    GO can upload the video to his “Pidgeon” file,
    on Joonie’s behalf… of course.
    Thunder would then accidentally stumble across it
    and swear that his innocence has been destroyed,
    only after watching it repeatedly,
    whilst making mental notes.
    Fun would be had by all,
    and a game of deny, deny, deny
    would be played all the way to the bank!
    JYP would be incensed,
    and claim it a conspiracy by YG Entertainment
    to bring JYP Entertainment to its knees
    as punishment for the unfair treatment of
    Park Jaebeom!

    some things never change…

  4. Let’s just say that it’s definitely not a bad thing! An adventurous and “experimental” guy will keep things from getting boring.

    As for T.O.P’s stare, his eyes do seem to have this “suggestive intensity”. For some reason, when I first saw this picture, his stare reminded me of Johnny Depp’s.

    @BiAlamode, I like the “Wasabi WITH some tobasco” comment 🙂

  5. He does look as if he doesn’t take any crap off nobody,but looks can be deceiving.

    I there was anything that always turned me on to Asian men it had to be the way they talk and their quirky sense of humor( at least some of them that I came across).Some of those guys have the sexiest voices! They can be the cute or average looking, if they talked, it just gave them that kind of this glow that made them look very good. There was a Japanese-American Chemistry professor from my alma matter who was like this. He was tall, just an average looking guy. Yet, you could hear him from next door. It wasn’t that he was trying to be loud or anything. With the halls be somewhat quiet, you could hear what he was saying. My former Geology professor thought he was being too loud. Maybe, but he sound good not only me,but several other of my female classmates.

    I also like some guys who look seriou look. Again, another case at my former alma matter involving another Japanese guy. There was this one guy who participated in our school’s international day festivities.Mind you that there were many Asian countries that participated in the schools costume contest and some of the men there were cute,but there was something about this particular guy whose looks stood out from the rest of them. He was rugged ..he reminded me of a stereotypical pirate with his imprint of a goatee. His black kimono just brought his olive complexion and the best out of him. I mean, the man was really good looking. Yes, there were several nice looking Asian men there,but this man was TOO HOT! some of the other female students there also thought that he was gorgeous. Aww man! why couldn’t I have been 22?( that how old he was). Should have heard how many oohs and ahhs came from their mouth on that day

    • I am up to Episode 13 w/ “Iris” right now and his character though sexy, you wouldn’t catch me going to his place by myself. He hardly ever talks and gives off the assasin vibe. He is perfect for that role though. I will be watching episode 14 on my lunch today.

      I have to say even though his looks give off that “freak” vibe, in all of his interviews I don’t get that. No doubt I am sure he isn’t an innocent and has some tricks up his sleeve, but I don’t get the S&M vibe from him.

  6. TOP is my BayBay. There was this one interview where Top was hooked up to a lie detector test and the lady was asking him questions like have you ever done more than kissing on the first date, hooked up, etc. He failed and the way the other band members were looking at him, you knew it was an already established fact TOP be getting it in. You all know hes a Scorpio, so he definitely will have you hanging on to the fan with some freaky stuff, Not that’ll I’ll be complaining, in fact I’d make sure I’ll have a bar of soap to drop anywhere anytime…TOP can definitely be the settle down type he’s so loyal to his family I’m sure that would translate into a relationship

  7. I was going through the old posts and came across this one. I LOVE TOP. He and Kim Hyun Joong were my first (two) loves when I started watching Kdramas. I used to say I would marry KHJ and TOP would be the one I’d have multiple flings with. Weekly. (some fantasy right?) There is this video with GD and TOP “Baby Good Night” that shows just how an evening would go with those two. Needless to say I almost bit my fingertips off when I first watched it 🙂

    Hope you enjoy it and if I posted it somewhere else already my apologies.

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