Bi Attends the Time Gala in NYC

For full coverage check out CloudUSA. Wow I’m so proud of this guy. Seeing his tweets from last night really just made my day. I seriously could not think of anyone else who deserves this more, and still, with the honor he has received, doesn’t it seem that’s he under-rated and under-appreciated?? The saddest thing is that NYC (the entertainment hub of the WORLD) had him in its very grasp for the past three days, but it failed to take complete advantage of this amazing talent and persona. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Well, it doesn’t really matter because all of that neglect doesn’t affect the steady support and love that he receives from his adoring fans. Anyway, it seems that he enjoyed himself (even playing the fan in a self-taken photo with Sting), as seen below. Apparently, he is/will be heading back to South Korea today. No doubt, when he makes it home, he will hit the ground running with more work-related activities, as he’s so well-known to do. This makes me think of the inevitable day later this year when he will enter into the military to serve a 2-year duty. 😦 But…he’ll cross that bridge when he gets there…

So glad he got a window seat! A little privacy never hurt anyone...even a world star!

With Sting: Bi can be a fan too!^^

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14 thoughts on “Bi Attends the Time Gala in NYC

  1. I don’t understand it myself. Bi should be U.S.worthy by now. He has proven that he can act( Even in Hollywood,you have some very well known entertainers who is nowhere near as talented as he is). He’s a great singer and it’s very well known that he attracts the world..especially us women. Even more intriguing is that this guy have won this category two or three times. Even big name people are beginning to embrace him. According to the TIME, the only person that was able to get it them many times was George Clooney. That should tell them something right there.What’s the hold up?

    I bet that there will be many women crying when he goes into the military. As a recent fan of his, I’m going hate it myself. I was hoping that he’ll get this title again and beat George( Nothing against George, I love his acting,but I just prefer Bi). I just love Bi because he’s defying all odds of everything.I like people who like stepping away from the societal norm. Bi is his own person and there are some Asian men who feel that he have open the doors to their careers.

    Hollywood can only hide him( as well as other Asian entertainers) for so long. No matter how much they try to keep him under wraps, he still come out as the winner.

  2. I have the pic of him on the plane as my phone screensaver. He looks so yummy there. His lips are just poppin’! I would have to bribe the flight attendant to let me sit next to him for that long flight. I couldn’t get anyone to cover my workshift last night or else I would’ve been there. I just hope he had a really nice time while there. It seems every American article I read in regards to him being picked, including TIME, was very condescending. Maybe it is just me though. I also feel they dropped the ball when it came to taking advantage of a very good thing.

  3. @ATLSis,

    I feel the same way you do, but unfortunately Hollywood will not recognize him until he has a definitive movie Blockbuster on his hands, starring him. I know WE loved Ninja Assassin and the box office was nothing to “sneeze at”, but in Hollywood’s eyes it wasn’t a “runaway hit”, neither was Speed Racer. He’s not known in the mainstream musically either, only industry “insiders” know him and OF COURSE us!

    I agree after two DECISIVE wins in the online poll by Popular Vote, he SHOULD HAVE had many more Hollywood insiders knocking on his door, but Alas…..not yet. He has however, stated that he has been getting some Hollywood scripts, but has had to turn them down, because he will be going into the military……so…..we can only wait and keep supporting him, just like now. THE WORLD WILL KNOW YOU IN EARNEST BABY LOVE REAL SOON!!! I can’t wait…………..


  4. I was thinking of any Asian artists that are used in movies for things other than action. John Cho came to mind, although I would prefer that Rain not go down the American Pie, Harold & Kumar route. I am hoping that Rain, while in Service is able to better his English so when he does come over here he will be ready for more than just action flicks. And even though FlashForward was shortlived, John Cho was shown to be in a BW/AM relationship so hopefully 2 years from now, the same can be said for Rain.

    • There was an Asian actor that played opposite one of the main characters (Amber Tamblyn) in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Part 2.” I don’t know his name, but I believe he was in the first one as well.

      • That’s right I remember that. See they need more roles like that, instead of automatically putting them in a martial arts role

    • “I wish he had more American tours. ”

      I agree…the metro atlanta area has one of the largest korean communities in the country and is a major music hub…i wish there had been a concert near here…if i’d known about them at the time, i would have tried to attend either the nyc or vegas concert…

  5. @BiAlamode.

    That’ s unfortunate that Bi couldn’t take them. It would have been great to see the outcome of those flicks. I hope that he will be able to come to the U.S. to achieve his goals.


    You’re also an ATLalien ? The people behind the Cloud USA blog are based in Austell,Georgia. This goes to show how I underestimated the amount of rain fans in ATL.

    You’re right about the size of the Korean community here, especially in Gwinnett County. It is pretty large. I took my youngest nephew with me to Duluth and some portions of Doraville to shop. He was so enthralled with what he seen with all of the Asian( and some Latin) themed shops/restaurants in the “Asian Sqaure”( as I call it) to the point that he thought that he was in Asia.

    A good friend of my sister’s plan on moving back to Georgia from Connecticut. She said that she wants to move where that have lots of diversity in it,especially if it has a lot of Latinos in it( Her hubby is a Latino of Puerto Rican descent). We often tell her about other diverse counties,but Gwinnett( and part ofDoraville/Chamblee is seriously diverse with Latinos and Asians.

    I think that most people don’t think of ATL when it comes to making movies because they are so young being at this type of business. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bi did do a movie shoot here. ..or at least some parts of it. I was surprised that some parts of “Prison Break” was made here as well.

    • ATLSis, do they sell the music and movies there? My family lives down there and my mom and little sis plan on visiting there next month. My sister is a huge BigBang and Taeyang fan and has been trying to find their music w/out paying $100 for shipping.

    • yup, peace up, a-town down (they don’t say that anymore do they,lol?)…i wondered if the cloudusa ladies were based here too…good to know! i wish i could make it to the meet and greet on saturday, but alas, i can’t…

      the only thing i don’t like about where i am now is there is very little diversity…i really longed for the multi-ethnic surroundings in my childhood…but here, it’s funny how you can be in one area and see only one thing, go a few miles across town and think you’re in a whole ‘nother country…

      a couple of years ago, i knew there was a large latino/hispanic community in gwinnett, but that’s it…when i started watching kdramas, listening to kpop and trying to learn the language, the next time i went to duluth, i was floored…signs in hangul everywhere! restaurants, banks, lawyer’s offices, etc… and low and behold, i realized the interesting coincidence that i drive a hyundai, lol! the workers at the bakery in the doraville h-mart know me because i’ve got to get bubble tea every time i’m there…shaved ice is next on the list..

      you’re right, atlanta is relatively new in the movie making business…there’s been a handful of movies filmed here (my neighbors were extras in the audiences of ‘drumline’ and ‘remember the titans’, lol)…i was unaware that ‘prison break’ filmed here…you mean mr. miller was that close and i didn’t know?? i digress…but now that tp’s studio is here, more people are interested in coming here to film…this could be bi’s one-stop shop for music and movies…

  6. Sorry that I came back on this topic so late

    Hmmm…I not sure about the music stores. Even for me, I was trying to find something about J/K pop. So far, it has been a pain. Maybe I’m overlooking it,but I just haven’t seen the stores. The only thing that I seen being sold is Kung Fu CD’s at a couple of local malls) an one Asian store that only sold older Koeran drama CD’s, but there are so many Asian owned businesses around and with all of those business, there have to be one somewhere. A guy that was working in a booth for our schools International festival was telling me about a website called He told me that they cater to K-pop music. He said that if he know about a Korean or Japanese music store in ATL ,he’ll bring it to my attention.


    I can relate. I live in a mixed area,but the majority here is more White than anybody else. There are some Asians here,but they’re very. I love going that International Farmers Market out there( Doraville) especially if it’s to some of those churros..he he. I just love the deep diversity that is there and especially in Gwinnett county. While I like Norcross and heart seem to be very attracted to Lawrenceville. I like the semi-country feel about it. I thought about moving out there,but that traffic is atrocious!

    I cannot wait until September,for Japanfest.I don’t know about anyone else,but I loved going there. I planned on going there last year but my plans was dashed. I wasn’t sure if they were going to go on with the 2011 festival because of what took place in Japan,but the website say that there will be one. I’m going to see if I can get my cousin and/or a couple of friends to take me to Duluth( Nobody in my family want to dare tread the traffic of Gwinnett County)

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