Yunho Don’t Play!

This video is as old as the hills, as it’s obviously from the days when DBSK still had 5 members. However, its an oldie but goodie. I have a love/hate relationship with celebrity hidden camera prank shows. Let me explain. If I really like the celebrity, but I see a very ugly side of them on a hidden camera prank show, it distorts my view of that person. Silly as it may sound. I don’t know the person personally, but its still just a disappointment to see them acting unbecoming of their public image. On the other hand, if the person’s strong, positive, ethical character shines through, my appreciation for that person is reaffirmed and strengthened.

I don’t know much about Yunho, except that he was the oldest member of DBSK, and the most “manly” (as I’ve heard him described by the other members). When I watched the below clip, I then understood why he’s been named that. I really liked what I saw. In 3 words: Yunho don’t play!

Side note: what’s up with Micky’s hair??? Yes, I know its water under the bridge…but still…

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13 thoughts on “Yunho Don’t Play!

  1. I feel the same way. I kind of like these shows because you see the “true” person. It is what made me dislike Ashanti so much. Hmm where is she now? The more stuff I watch on DBSK, I am really feeling Yunho.

  2. Haha. Homie don’t play dat, You Know. 😛

    The DBSK split was a real heart-breaker, and even stranger still was the fact that my two favorites (Max and Yunho) ended up still together professionally.

    I’m not too keen on pranks myself (I remember one long ago when TaeWoo and some other g.o.d. members tried their damndest to get Rain to say something nasty/slutty about Go SoYoung on the air by phone, and thank god he didn’t rise to the occasion, ugh!) but then there are times when you can appreciate them, like this one. You just want to give Yunho a big ol’ bear hug. Thanks for posting it! 🙂

  3. That was awesome! He stood up IMMEDIATELY!!! And the Ajumma’s were pissing him off when they wouldn’t apologize for THEIR mistake. I’m glad someone else stepped in because it looked like it was about to be on and poppin there for a minute.

  4. yunho, you go boy! very nice to know chivalry isn’t totally dead…he sounded like eun chan trying to get an apology out of han gyul on ‘coffee prince’, lol…his groupmates got their wish to see a different side of him…i know they had to respect him a bit more after that…

    i also usually don’t like these shows (zach braff showed his butt on ‘punk’d’)…but some folks keep their composure and show compassion even under pressure…kudos to yunho!

    his hair? i’ve seen worse…i love the blaqies, but i was not feeling seungho’s hair on ‘stay’…actually, i like his hair the least of all the blaqies period…not sure why i think most of his styles don’t flatter his face…

  5. This is really late to the game but I felt the need to share some Yunho love. He’s continued to grow up very nicely and has always been a gentleman in the face of all that DBSK/JYJ is going through. I think he’s handled it all a little more gracefully than Changmin, as a leader should. He took a while to grow on me, but somehow I ended up appreciating all five of them after a while, each in their own way. Anyway, a little recent manly Yunho for you, in case you hadn’t seen this shot.

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