Why Korean Fans/Women Are Not Threatened By Foreign Fans/Women

Simple. We don’t speak our object of affections’ language. Pure and simple. To learn their language is to level the playing field. It has nothing to do with color, with height or weight, nationality or ethnicity. While It is true that love, attraction, culture and location are contributing factors to a successful relationship with a foreign person, if you can speak the same language as someone, I believe it is the most important step in getting to know them. The real them, not the surface them. And that is why the Korean fans are not worried when their boys venture out of South Korea to other countries, such as the States or Europe. Case in point in the video clip below (starting @ 10:08):

Sad, isn’t it? It’s obvious why these women were picked: they are foreign, but most importantly: they can’t speak a lick of Korean. NOW, I am aware that most “reality” tv shows are in fact, not reality, and scripted to the last T. In the comments, someone pointed out that in order for these women to even have been accepted into Seoul University, they must have a command of the Korean language. It is required of all foreigners. So, I do believe these girls really do speak Korean, but for the show, and so as not to upset or incite jealousy in the Korean fans, the girls were probably asked to speak English to add to the awkward vibe of their date with Seung Ho and G.O. For what reason? For entertainment purposes only. It may be a bit funny to watch, but just imagine, if ever one of us met Seung Ho, G.O., or even Bi, for that matter, the conversations (or, lack thereof) would probably be very similar.

When I was visiting Japan, some of my Japanese friends felt comfortable enough to relay a joke to me that a person who speaks two languages is bilingual, while a person who speaks one language is American. I think they shared that joke with me because I speak several languages. I am not the typical American. Anyway, we can’t be a laughing stock, ladies! We need to buckle down and exercise our brains with foreign language studies. Heck, even if it isn’t to meet a foreign guy, its just good for you! It helps to broaden your mind to the bigger picture and respect people who have taken on English as a second language (as it is NOT easy!).

I understand that Bi’s English is improving, and most K-pop idols are required to take English lessons. So there is some hope. But to really get to the heart of these men, (and mind you, I’m not just speaking of famous Korean men. I mean, everyday Korean men) a woman must take the time and initiative to learn his foreign language. Just think, you will have to meet his family and friends, but if you can’t speak comfortably with them (unless they all speak fluent English, which is doubtful), the relationship may be doomed to fail. But take heart! There are exceptions:

A very rare exception, however. I’d even suggest learning the language of your foreign object of desire even if he lives in the States and speaks fluent English himself. Just sayin’. I’ve read many comments and questions of women who are interested in Korean or foreign men, and wonder if the men are attracted to them despite their color or weight or something superficial. Ladies: Korean/Asian/Foreign men LOVE WOMEN. 🙂 Its true! It doesn’t matter what you look like! Its all about the language, baby. To learn their language is to level the playing field.

19 thoughts on “Why Korean Fans/Women Are Not Threatened By Foreign Fans/Women

  1. I agree with you on the concept that if you take the time to learn someone else’s language that it really does mean something. For example, when I went to Seoul I met this Korean guy in the family mart, he was working as a cashier. I didn’t know he could speak any English and kinda shocked me when he said “just kidding” to one of my friends. We kinda hit it off after that and we talked to for awhile, after mentioning to him that I was coming to Korea for school he was actually really happy to hear that a foreigner would take the time out to immerse themselves in their culture. I think just on these grounds is a good way to get into an Asian boys heart. It was the same when I lived in Japan. 🙂

    • @Kurogawa7: thanks for relaying your experience! Learning the language seriously takes the relationship to the next level…when new co-worker guys from Japan find out that I speak Japanese, they are so impressed and they seek me out whenever they have questions or concerns. If I could only meet one that I have a mutual attraction for 😉

  2. Your reasoning is very practical. Language can create barriers between individuals; especially so would be the case if neither could speak the other’s language.

    Some languages are more difficult to learn than others; hence, the importance of teaching different languages to children from a tender age.

    As for reality shows, they’re reality, not actuality 🙂

    • i agreee that learning there language is a great way to break that barrier betweem each other. But i dont think the reason of learing a languange at a young age is because there are languages more difficult than others.

    • @Sis: Yep you’re right…if I ever have kids they will have to learn a foreign language from a young age…I really do think a foreign language broadens your mind and helps you to see the bigger picture…

  3. While I feel that no woman should be jealous of others, they cannot underestimate the power of language.

    I remembered seeing that clip in the past.If I’m not mistaken those girls were there to help MBLAQ speak better English by speaking English to their “dates”. I kind of laugh about this because some of those fans really believe that those guys as well as many other Korean pop singers will never speak English or any other language.Respectfully, that is ignorant thinking. There are clips of The Star Golden Bell Show.Sometimes, they’ll play games where the guests have to say English phrases. Even with other reality shows,you’ll see them speak mostly Korean,but will slip in an English phrase once in while.That is how the process of speaking languages begins. Do those women really believe that those guys aren’t interested in the language? With those clips ,that should tell those women something. If I’m not mistaken, Thunder( Cheondung) seems fairly good with the English language. He said that he learned his English, as well as the Filipino language( Tagalog), I forget how to spell it) in the Philipines.G.O. actually said he preferred for them to speak English instead of Korean to them for “fun”.That prankster!

    I’ve never been outside of the US( Though I’m working on it). I studied French, Spanish and very little German. I even sampled a little Japanese. I can write and read Spanish/French,but I’m not 100 percent fluent with them. I can speak some of both,but again my French is a little better. I can also understand some of both. From what my language teachers said, if people want to get a better grasp of languages they should/could 1) Hang around people/person who speak it. I did this with a Senegalese friend who spoke Spanish, French and Wolof.2) Go stay in a country for a while to become more fluent in it or 3) be taught it my a foreign language teacher.

    So far, this is what people like MBLAQ and other K-pop stars are doing. Do those women realize that those guys don’t have to leave Korea to learn another language?Thunder didn’t. I don’t know how proficient he is with English,but what’s to say that he isn’t teaching his bandmates or some other people this? Far as those women?I agree, I think that they know some Korean,but will not let them know about it. I didn’t think that they were being cruel to MBLAQ .Crazy as it seems, those girls were doing it the right way. They have to makes those boys fish the language in order for them to gradually learn English.

    I agree. I’m pro-foreign language because we live in a diverse country. I cannot tell you how many people that I’ve met who wasn’t from my state or from the US. I enjoy this, especially the language part. Much as I love the US, it seems that people don’t treat their native languages as important as they treat our English. I still think about an incident when I was 14. It took place with a Latino brother/sister at my neighbor’s beauty shop. The man ,in Spanish, said that he need a haircut. Thankfully, his sister was there to help us out. My neighbor was scared because 1) He was a White Latino( Cuban) man. She didn’t know how to do non-Black hair 2) She didn’t speak a lick of Spanish.Just imagine what would have happened if the sister wasn’t in the shop.

    • i was at a chinese restaurant when i saw a similar situation…a guy who spoke spanish was trying to order lunch from a menu, and said he wanted ‘spaghettis’…the asian waiter was like ‘we don’t have spaghetti here’…before i could offer my assistance, the waiter figured out the guy wanted lo mein…

  4. it would be great if schools here would consider it important enough for american kids to learn foreign languages in early grade school on up…it’s much easier to learn french or chinese at 7-8 yrs old vs. 16 yrs old…

    i remember being little and wanting to learn other languages and having no access to them until i was much older…in high school i took french and did pretty well…i started spanish on my own and can read and understand a little of it…when i told my friends i was going to learn korean, they were very surprised…

    i agree, to become fluent it is best to be immersed in the language and culture where the language is spoken…where i live, the only koreans i come into contact with on a regular basis work at the beauty supply stores…there’s one near my job i frequent often…well, i wore something with a hangul word on it, hoping someone would notice to start a conversation (i’m a bit shy lol)…it worked! so now hopefully they will be willing to help me out a little…i’ve also visited the hmart grocery store close to me…besides great bubble tea and jjajangmyun, there’s lots of opportunities there to practice speaking hangul…

  5. Dude

    that’s why i’m learning korean. I knew right off the bat, i probably wouldn’t have a chance til I could talk to them and they to me. (in the back of my mind haha…i wanted to make sure I could talk to Rain.) lol!!!

    So i started learning korean on my own, learned how to read and write and extremely basic grammar. Used talktomeinkorean.com mostly…but when I started learning with Rosetta Stone…the learning sky rocketed lol. Then in tandem with the talktomeinkorean.com site it was crazy how fast I was learning. I’m wowing korean people with my speaking. I love how people say it’s so hard, I love telling them that it’s not that hard. The biggest thing you have to get over is…your own traditional thinking. Yes it’s tough to do, but once you do it…things get exponentially easier.

    and yea sharedtalk is awesome i learned about that through rosetta too.

    • I am going to check out the talktomeinkorean website. I am doing the pimsleur, but need something else. Can’t afford Rosetta Stone, but good for you. Luvb, how long did it take for you to be able to carry on a decent conversation?

  6. I bought Rosetta Stone about a month ago and just started using it 2 1/2 weeks ago just so I could watch all the Korean dramas and Variety Shows. (I have become addicted to them) And I think watching those vids on youtube without the subtitles helps alot, because then you’re actually listening and you begin to pick up on the phonic differences in words and phrases. I am just a beginner but I will hopefully be fluent by next year (with enough hard work) when i take my trip to Seoul. Can’t wait.

  7. This is why I am trying to hunker down and learn this language. Watch the shows, listen to the music and have my phrase book with me. Little my little I will get there. I wouldn’t hurt to meet a guy and whilst we are dating he can help me improve on it.

  8. Wow that date was just so awkward. Hope I am not sounding mean here, but were those women really considered foreign with exotic features-because I didn’t see that at all. If that is the case, what are truly exotic women considered?

  9. I have a cousin who met, fell in love and married, many years ago, a woman who did not speak English at all at the time. She spoke only Spanish and he spoke only English when they married, but somehow they fell in love. We were all amazed by that. How do you even ask for the first date? So you are right, on rare occasions love can happen despite a deep language barrier. My in-law speaks English now however, but their love came through in spite of it all.

    I do feel that it helps greatly for both parties to share at least one language, but I don’t think it’s impossible to connect, after all speaking the same language or not we are all human. The human condition is pretty much the same across the board, not matter the country, culture, ethnicity. We all share the same needs. The need for food, clothing, shelter and most importantly love. These needs will always “peer through” any surface barrier and will somehow be communicated. There was a movie that came out back in the 80’s, I believe, starring Rae Dawn Chong. This movie was called “Quest For Fire”. The setting was during the time of the caveman, but the uniqueness of the movie is not a single word was spoken throughout this whole movie. Even though there was no language uttered really at all through the movie, as a viewer, you totally understood the intentions and emotions of every character in that movie. Every little physical nuance was a form of communication.

    Far fetched example, maybe, but it helps to illustrate my point. My point being, while learning the language of another culture may aid in leveling the “playing field” in procuring romance with someone of that culture, I don’t feel it has to necessarily be a true hindrance either.

    Besides Bi speaks English now………….doesn’t he…….(SMILES)

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