TVXQ – Before U Go

I’m impressed. Seriously. I expect this kind of soul and passion from Bi, because, well, he’s Bi, he was born with and he’s the best. But I have to admit, on first listen to “Before U Go”, TVXQ took me by surprise. I didn’t know they had it in ’em. Seoul brothas, for real…

Click here to watch the full video clip of “Before U Go” Happy Friday and enjoy!

P.S. Thanks to whatthefrell and Lei for tipping me off! Goodness knows I don’t keep up with TVXQ. Thanks Ladies! 🙂

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32 thoughts on “TVXQ – Before U Go

  1. “Seoul Brothers”.

    Yep! those are great word to describe this group. Not every good group/duo/trio will be famous,but I’m always amazed that some of these guys haven’t been tapped into by the U.S. music market.

  2. Yea!
    I thought they had some great
    crossover potential as all five,
    but more and more
    it seems like that ship has sailed.
    I love me some “Wrong Number.”
    I’m just glad they finally
    figured out what to do with Yunho’s hair!
    You can actually see his face again,
    and it’s more fun to watch him do his thing.

      • I think I got them confused. It is the taller, Changmin, one who’s hair I like. Everytime I think I have them figured out I get confused. It shouldn’t be so hard being there are only 2 of them *hangs head in shame*

  3. No need to hang your head in shame girl.
    There are way too many names
    associated with these guys.
    Yunho, U-Know; Max, Changmin;
    TVXQ, DBSK, Tohoshinki, Dong Bang Shin Ki,
    and I think there’s even a couple more.
    (Maybe JYJ got off easy…)
    Why don’t we just refer to them
    as “the one on the left”
    and “the one on the right.”
    Or better yet,
    “he who whose stamina is sometimes low
    and cannot dance and sing at the same time”
    and “he who can!”

    I think Max’s hair cut,
    with the side-swept bangs
    would be quite flattering on you.
    I think I’ve seen a picture of you on your blog.
    Would that not be quite a departure
    from what you’ve got going on now?

    I like Yunho’s hair.
    If I could maintain the bangs
    like they are in this picture,
    (that’s a big if in the humid south),
    I might actually consider some like that.
    He was so cute during their
    “Keep Your Head Down”
    and “Maximum” promotions.

    • Whatthefrell, no blog for me. Must be someone else. Right now I am rocking a ching length bob. I have had a hairstyle similiar to his, but it has been awhile. I think this summer though it is going to happen.

      • You need to check them out on Happy Together and the Taxi show. The link I emailed you has both shows on their. He can come across too serious but there is something about him that makes him very likeable.

  4. I just thought this was sweet
    and somwhat related:

    Q: Who has made a great influence to you?

    Lee Joon:
    U-Know Yunho Hyung. He would give us praises and frank advices such as “how to show your expression in a performance in the right way” and “You can do it better”. Yunho Hyung has shown great concern to us since the dance performance for “oh yeah” and has been guiding us since then. He would also say words such as “We shall work hard together to become a better singer!” and would tell us on how he works hard for his performance as well. I am really thankful to him.

  5. Just a side note, their former counterparts JYJ are coming to the States for a few days on their tour. They will be in Jersey for one day and in Cali for 2. I just went to check out how much seats would be in Jersey, near me, and they were $200 for the 14th row. Looks like I might have to open a new savings account just for K-Pop tour funds. I want to treat my sister to BigBang when and if they come here and I see it will cost me a pretty penny.

    • I tried to buy JYJ tickets earlier today for their Newark NJ show. Not going to happen!!! 3 tickets left at $455 EACH!!! I have never been to a concert, never had the desire too, but for some reason I wanted to them. Now I’m sad inside.

      • See, that’s what I said about Bi. I want to be close enough to the stage to feel sweat droplets when he whips his around! I will figure out a way to pay for that!!! Ahhhh… the goals we set 😛

      • Oh yeah I would figure a way to pay for his concert. Well think about it we have at least 2 years to put money away for when he comes here and I am sure he will. So hopefully all of us Black Women Who Love Bi will take up the entire front row. How will he not notice us then! 🙂
        I am happy that JYJ are selling seats even at that “sell your momma” price, because now managers will look at the US as a profitable market for K-Pop. They will know we are willing to drop a dime to see them over here. Then hopefully the prices will become more reasonable.

    • On the show Knee Drop Guru, the guys asked how they can attain more male fans. They want to be acknowledged for their singing and thought “cool” by guys as well. I wanted to shout out stop wearing them crazy behind outfits and it might just work. These guys have so much potential. The thing is when they are on talk shows/variety shows they dress really nice. Then when they perform they can sometimes look like drag queens. Image, Image is the key.

      • To be fair most of the boy groups dress like that. I sometimes cringe thinking about that feathered jacket G.O. had to wear for the longest time, which BTW he hated. It is a little off putting to see such clothing on males, but I guess that’s what their market likes. I once wrote a blog on KDramas and my Gaydar. I realalize its a cultural thing, but it took me a minute to accept it as that, instead of me looking at a male like Lee Min Oh (Ho) and saying “What a waste. Too cute to be gay”. Now I pretty much accept it. Altho, there are times I really have to question Jang Geun Suk. He can be really questionable.

        Sorry BOAB for the off topic rant.

  6. Seli, I agree. I have come to accept there look for over there, but just don’t want them to get heckled over here. I will take it personally. 🙂

  7. Oh I love DBSK! After shinwa, they are my favees, eben if they did split, theyre still dbsk in my eyes. I loved this album too, Yunho<3 and Changmin together are a beast. My top song is still mirotic, but honeyfunnybunny, she, and a few others are at the top for me now.

  8. Just had this song on repeat half the night along with “Million Men”. So R&B it’s crazy -and those voices…. They’re fantastic.

    • this comment is going to get soooo lost, but I just needed to add, that as much as I loved this song to death, it became an obsession when played in my car. I didn’t really get “it” until it was played full blast in my car with the bass pumping. This song is so much more hot then I thought. I am going to have to get their full album. I was able to get a cd with 36 songs on it that included dance songs and ballads at a Korean store in Jersey

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