I’ve Totally Dumped Seung Ho For Cheondung

*Disclaimer: This is only in the event that Bi isn’t available 😉 Sorry Seung Ho! But I’m sure I’ll holla back!

Well, can it really be said that I’m a cheater? Cheondungie was my favourite to begin with, and..er, uhm…well, he is again now! Its not that there’s any love lost with my boy Seung Ho, its just that Dungie’s doing it for me lately. Sheesh this is kinda disgusting. He’s, like, 21??? And I’ll be 30 in less than a month. But hey, can’t I be a black version of Kim Min Hee?? Afterall, he is a guy, and he is of (barely) legal age. But he is.

For some reason, he is just the member of Mblaq that I adore the most. He’s a good-looking kid, the tallest member, and seems to be the brightest (just my observation!) and I love his slightly awkward, lanky frame. I also find his voice to be the most unique in the group. I know there has to be tons of perks to dating a younger guy such as Cheondung, right? Although, I’d probably do most of the paying as I’m pretty sure that even at this point I make more than Cheondung. Anyway, I’d keep him on a leash, buy him tons of shortsets, and make sure he’s well-groomed, well-fed, healthy and up on his shots. Just imagine: he’d make the perfect accessory! So yeah, I’d be the doting noona for a hot minute.

I can’t say I’d wanna hit that…because I’m not sexually attracted per se to Cheondung. Maybe its because he’s so young and I can’t wrap my mind around gettin’ it on with suchlike ones.

I don’t think it’s gonna be all peaches and cream, though, especially for the fact that Cheondung’s got an older sister that probably wouldn’t appreciate some older foreign chick utilizing her little brother as a boy toy. Yeeeeah, don’t think that’d go over to well with big sis. Ok ok, so that’s enough to keep me off of this youngin for a while. But I’ll be checking up on him after a few years.

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18 thoughts on “I’ve Totally Dumped Seung Ho For Cheondung

  1. Yeah he’s a little cutie. But I think Ima stick with Seung Ho and his dark circles. I like his seriousness and thickness. Boy Toy Deluxe!

  2. Ooh…that’s cold( hee-hee) Poor Seungho is getting the boot.

    I still like myself some G.O.,but if there was another member of MBLAQ that I find appealing , it would be Thunder(Cheondung).

    I find him to be the oddest member of the group,but I say that in a good way. He seems like an innocent, quiet kind of guy( then again, it’s always the quiet ones that you have to keep your eyes on). I didn’t realize how cute he really is. Thunder,to me, has some of the cutest eyes and a cute impish smile. I also think that he has the oddest laugh.Not to say that none of the members aren’t smart,but he does seem to be the smartest of them all. If I were around his age, I would want to get with him.

    • @ATLSis: to be honest, Cheondung would just be an accessory, but if I were to ‘get with’ any of the members in Mblaq, it’d be G.O. I get the “experienced” impression from him 😉 so I feel ya on that!

  3. Yep.

    He’s also maturing right in front of our eyes.
    If you compare the earlier days to now,
    you can see he’s filling out,
    in essence he’s becoming a man.
    I think he’s pretty bright too.
    He may be innocent,
    but he knows what’s up,
    and I think he sometimes uses
    that perceived naiveté to his advantage.
    The way he interacts with the guys,
    it’s almost like he’s one step ahead of them.

    For those who may not have seen it,
    in the first episode of Kkaeal Player,
    during the bathroom/stink bomb question/answer scene,
    (which I will refrain from putting up a link)
    Thunder totally busts GO…
    GO asks Thunder if he is pure and Thunder replies “Yes.”
    Then GO asks who is the least pure and Thunder replies “GO.”
    GO treading down a path he is soon to regret asks why.
    Thunder mentions a 30GB file on the computer…
    GO, not knowing when to quit asks what the name of the file is.
    Thunder without hesitation says “Pigeon.”
    Meanwhile, GO is straight-up busted, and Thunder says,
    “I was searching [for] something,
    and at the moment I discovered them,
    I lost my purity…”

    GO is mortified, and moves quickly on to the next question.

    He asks Thunder, if all the members of MBLAQ and his sister Dara
    where the only people left on earth,
    which one would you want to date your sister?
    Thunder tells GO to just go ahead and throw 10 stink bombs in the room!
    GO says, “but mankind would become extinct!”
    Thunder replies “[then] let it be…”

    I love how some of his answers to questions,
    start off one way, and end another;
    and I think he’s tied with GO in the deadpan department,
    but he’s so charming,
    and w/ that impish smile you were talking about,
    he gets away with it more.
    He’s sneaky, but without malice.

    I wanna know what’s going on in his head
    when he has a kind of blank expression,
    and yet a seriousness about him when he performs.
    During one of the last three performances of “Again,”
    when he really stepped it up and resigned himself to
    taking ownership of Mir’s part in his absence,
    he steps out, steps up, looks right into the camera,
    waves his finger, smiles, and winks.
    I happened to be watching it on a larger screen,
    so it was very in my face.
    It caught me off guard, I couldn’t help but smile,
    I felt kinda funny, and thought immediately
    that something must be wrong with me…
    “Was he lookin’ at me?”

    He’s cute as hell, but more and more
    He is becoming a very handsome young man,
    with a great sense of humor.
    He has some serious neck-action goin’ on —
    I would totally do him.

    When he smiles and does that very polite hand clap action…

  4. BoaB…
    You so spoil me
    and I’m afraid I take full advantage.
    When I think about Rain,
    the odds of me actually having a relationship with him
    are in reality, pretty slim;
    not necessarily impossible,
    but the competition is fierce.
    It is akin to the “Running of the Brides.”
    As undignified as it sounds,
    were it indeed a free-for-all,
    you would have no choice but to step it up.
    The question being,
    I think you want him pretty bad…
    In light of this,
    I have resigned myself to the back of line,
    and must remain open to all possibilities,
    even if they are
    but a “few” years younger than me.

  5. lol guess i’m the only one that love’s Lee Joon the most

    haha he’s the most retarted. hahaha he has so many stupid moments…but at the same time is so sweet and adorable at times. So goofy. not to mention his rock hard body haha.

    Cheondung is my second fav…he became so after watching him in a recent reality show with MBLAQ….he kept outsmarting them all haha. so funny.

    • Now hold on there…
      I think Joonie’s a given.
      But Thunder and Joon are two different animals.
      That’s what is so crazy about MBLAQ.
      They’re all so different
      which is why I think
      they’re so damn entertaining.
      There’s this old movie
      called the “Fish that Saved Pittsburgh”
      with Whoopi Goldberg,
      about a pro basketball team
      where all the members are Pisces…
      wait for it…
      In this instance,
      Rain is Whoopi,
      and MBLAQ is the basketball team.

  6. to be honest with ya… i, glad ya dumping seung ho… because he is mine, mine, all mine… lol… but thunder is getting cuter every time i see him… but then again all of mblaq are super cute…

  7. I’m joining the conversation late LOL but for me Cheondung is such a cutie. teehee but if I had to go in rank it would be G.O. because he seems experienced. 😉 then Cheondung because not only is he sooo cute, but I feel like I want to corrupt him as well. Not to much but just a little. >:D uh….yea…haha.

  8. I’m reading your entire blog today in one sitting. I’m being spammy. Sorry 😦 I like your blog, if you can’t tell already.

    I think you’re totally right; Cheondung has an intelligent sharpness and directness(much like Ninomiya and Changmin) that is very attractive and that I didn’t really notice until I starting watching their reality show. He is very obviously intelligent and crafty and handles questions and sticky situations with the grace of someone much older. The older guys seem kind of stymied and confused when they can’t manage to rile him or fluster him and Joon even seems to become more flustered and out of control himself when he has to face off against him. They should just make Joon the honorary baby and be done with it.

    To combine two replies and cut down on my spammage, I think that, over all, my favorite wavers. I have problems picking a favorite because they are all amazing, in their own ways. If I was forced, I would most likely pick Joon because I admire his ability to just go for it. That and he has mad charisma and so much personality. He is tireless and shameless in throwing himself under the bus for our entertainment, and totally boots his sexy, bad-boy image out the window, at every opportunity. Granted, he has to know how good he looks and that no matter what he does, women are going to swarm him, but you have to love a man who is willing to look silly. I have always had a soft spot for men who seem childishly enthusiastic and innocent(I don’t mean wide-eyed innocence, but more the no verbal filter because everything that comes out is not meant to intentionally harm, but out of genuine curiosity) but are, in reality, sensitive and normal people who have deep thoughts, just like the rest of us.

    Who I’m attracted to and who I would actually be able to deal with in a relationship are usually totally different. I’m kind of out of it and a day-dreamer myself. I’m good at the big picture, but not so much at the getting the daily grind taken care of. I need someone who pushes me to do more and be better and actually makes me want to do those things for myself and not just because he told me to. For that, I think GO or Seungho would fit the bill. Me and Joon? That just seems like one big train-wreck of a play-date gone out of control on bad ideas and happy now, sad later. At times, even responsible and trust-worthy is not enough. Cheundong’s sharpness, sarcasm and willingness to say things that need to be said might make him even more ideal, and really, most women have a soft spot for the snarky ones. I really have to dig for footage of poor Mir when he actually gets a word in against motor-mouth Joon or where he speaks unless he’s directly asked a question. Being one of the babies must really be rough. You’re just expected to be the cute one who everyone alternately fawns over or picks on, at random. You’d never know what you were going to get. Are they going to throw me down and torture me or are they going to feed me meat and coo over me? Urgh. Or maybe coo over me and feed me meat and THEN throw me down and torture me until I feel like hurling, just to see what will happen and so that they can tell me to man up about it. Fun.

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