What Is the One Meal You’d Cook For Bi If You Had the Chance?

You know you’d want to! This guy loves to eat, and although he’s a far cry from his walking-along-a-buffet-line-wide-eyed-with-JinYoung-hyung-and-asking-“I can really eat this??”-days, he’s still very much the food enthusiast! He’s made it quite clear to his fans that eating and trying different foods is one of his “joys” in life. The fans never miss a beat, providing home-cooked meals and sweets for him wherever he goes. He’s so well-taken care of 🙂 The discerning Bi fan doesn’t have to be told that presenting a food offering to his Hot Hungryness, if she (or he) should ever meet him, is ALWAYS in order and ever befitting.

Although it is true that a way to man’s heart is through his stomach, I doubt that being able to cook Bi a good down-home meal is enough to win it. However, one can put herself to an advantage by getting an edge on the competition (as he has hordes of women of all colors of the rainbow vying for his attention) by standing apart with her cooking talents.

SO, that brings us to the question: what is the one dish you would cook for Bi if you had the chance? By my own admission, I am NOT the greatest cook, and am not really interested in culinary endeavors. However, getting the chance to cook for Bi would be all the motivation I’d need to ‘be all that I can be’ in the kitchen! Ok, ok, so I’ll go first…I’d definitely give him a soul food sampler. Although it wouldn’t include every soul food dish known, it would factor in my Southern and Bahamian roots…

Black beans (flavoured with bell peppers and onions) and steamed fluffy white rice
Sweet cornbread rounds/patties
Southern-style potato salad (made from scratch)
Roasted pork butt
Mustard or collard greens
Dessert: (REAL) Key Lime Pie

Now, you ladies out there are probably ALL a lot better than I ever could be at the craft, so I invite you to tell us your best meal/dish all for the purpose of nourishing our sweet, hungry Jihoon. Let’s hear it!

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20 thoughts on “What Is the One Meal You’d Cook For Bi If You Had the Chance?

  1. Fried Chicken
    Collard Greens
    Mac N Cheese
    Potato Salad
    Pulled Pork
    Sweet Potatoes Cass

    Banana Pudding/Hummingbird Cake

    I’d do it up! Not sure if he tastsed all of these culinary delights, but Ima try to impress anyway.

  2. I sympathize with you . I’m not exactly the Neely’s myself.Hmmm…let me see here. This is a hard one. I like Soul food, Italian food and seafood. This what my family would cook. I guess I would have to cook all three,he-he.

  3. Well you’ve got the corn bread and greens covered. I’d add some smothered pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy. Throw in the some buttered cabbage (the only way I like to eat them).

    Now I don’t cook it, but since I’m in Texas and Louisiana is the next state over. We’d have to get some cajun food……”Fo Sho!” (I have definitely had my share) Some blackened catfish, some boudain balls, shrimp creole and shrimp etoufee with andouille sausage finish off with some creme brulee………..GOOD LAWD I’m making myself hungry!!


  4. Fried Chicken
    Collard Greens
    Mac -N- Cheese
    Potatoe Salad
    Pull Pork
    Sweet Potatoe Cass
    Banana Pudding/Hummingbird Cake

    I’d do it up!! Im not not sure if he’s tasted all of these culinary delights, but Ima try to impress!

  5. Wow,
    this is a good one!

    I may have made mention of this dream I had a couple of months back.
    Rain was visiting me and my family,
    and throughout the dream, he was always cooking!
    He got along famously with my family.
    We all hung out in this really bright, white, pristine,
    yet really cozy and comfortable kitchen,
    while he cooked us all kinds of things… so good!
    If I wasn’t dreaming about the future, maybe
    I was dreaming about heaven…

    people say I am good at whipping up stuff,
    and creating something really good out of almost nothing.

    I could imagine, after a lovely and rigorous evening together,
    I would get up early and whip up something deliciously light and healthy;
    fruit may or may not be involved,
    but women are always singing about strawberries in the morning.
    It might be neglectful of me not to include some.
    something to prepare us both for the day ahead,
    whether staying in or venturing out into the new day.


    Though I am told I am a good cook, in this particular instance,
    I’m not so sure I would trust myself with this one.
    I might just set the place on fire!
    I am sure he would be a gentleman about it.
    We would laugh out loud and either
    he would cook me something delicious,
    or we would dine out – his treat of course; or, maybe,
    we would just pick something up from Frenchy’s Chicken,
    bring it back home and go to town!
    (BiAlamode, do you know what I’m talkin’ about?)


    If he had some time,
    I would ask him to join me for dinner at the home of my closest friends.
    They can grill somethin’ fierce!
    Be it steak or seafood, or pork loin,
    or what-have-you (hot dogs?), or all of the above;
    perhaps some grilled asparagus or sautéed spinach,
    or a delicious salad of mixed greens with a light but flavorful vinaigrette;
    or these delicious little baby potatoes
    that are cooked and then deep-fried for just a few seconds
    w/ this fantastic sauce which I forget what it’s called, but it is very tasty.
    It would be a laid-back evening of good food, good wine, good music,
    and good company;
    and afterwards, quite possibly,
    some very “Good Luv.”

    What were those lyrics that got censored from “Love Song?”
    Whatever, somethin’ like that!

    • @whatthefrell,

      Yes M’am…..I do indeed know what you are talking about! The original Frenchy’s restaurant is on a “stone’s throw” away from the university I work at. Wow!……..(SMILES)

      • Tis a very small world indeed.
        I too work at a university.
        Mine is a few more stone throws away.
        I live a couple of stone throws away.
        I either drive by your university on my way home; or
        through the campus of you historical black university; or,
        once there, if I look to the east,
        I’m facing the southern edge of your university’s campus,
        where right down the street is a Popeye’s with the worst customer service IN THE WORLD!
        There are quite a few universities
        in this particular part of town, eh.
        … small, small world indeed.

      • @whatthefrell,

        OMG! I work at the HBCU that shall remain nameless. I know of the Popeye’s of which you speak, although I haven’t been in a long, long time. If I ever see you one day, don’t hold my comments against me! (SMILES)

      • i have been to that frenchy’s too and can testify…some of the best fried chicken i’ve ever had…i’m sure bi would be a happy camper after some of that…

      • @luvb,

        I caught that as well…..with him I bet it will be Very rigorous indeed! (SMILE)

      • Laughing out loud,
        also referred to as LOL!
        Can you just imagine.
        I have to keep from imagining it right now,
        because I actually do get kind of excited,
        and then I get kinda worn out just thinkin’ about it.
        I best pull myself together,
        as my boss and his delegation from Malaysia
        are due back in 5!

  6. lol this blog is so fun

    I would make dessert. My mom’s peach cobbler.

    haha I was just thinking of a little silly part in my fanfiction concerning him and food.

  7. I do love to cook and I do like to cook Southern food.

    For Bi, I would love to fix:

    Fried Chicken
    Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy
    Collard Greens
    Southern Biscuits
    Jalepeno Cornbread
    Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

  8. BiAlamode,
    BoaB has provided us
    with a safe zone;
    or a kind of no-fly zone,
    where almost anything flies,

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