[M/V] Mblaq – Y

Mblaq wants to know y, and we gon’ let ’em know! Whenever I hear “Y”, I just want to get up and dance. Tight beat, tight tune. Two thumbs up from me. Happy Friday and enjoy!

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Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at bitofabelly81@gmail.com

23 thoughts on “[M/V] Mblaq – Y

  1. I recently started putting MBLAQ music on my Ipod (Kpop is hard to find to find ITunes) those kids can actually sing compared to others. I enjoy them!

    • @Seli: Mblaq is the only boyband that I can tolerate. I haven’t liked a boyband since the BSB and NSync days. Although I’m not a “fangirl” of Mblaq, I really appreciate them, and I’ve got several of their songs on my iPod. They get my vote! Also, I just don’t think there’s alot of good K-pop. Rain and Mblaq are a rarity…just my opinion…

  2. You know how much I love these guys!
    Give me a reason, and I can’t shut up about them!
    This is a favorite; and yes, they can sing.
    Sometimes when they’re live, they seem to be a little timid.
    But, they can step it up when they want to,
    and when they do it’s great.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,
    I think they are the most underrated
    and under-appreciated groups in k-pop; and
    probably one of the most special when you
    take into consideration who they each are,
    where they came from and how they got together.
    I find it really interesting that Rain put these 5 particular guys together.
    But knowing Rain, it actually makes perfect sense; and,
    when you take into consideration
    how little time these guys had to get it together,
    compared to other groups, they’re amazing.
    I actually bought Blaq Style 3D, and
    it is really good, it’s fun, it’s beautiful, it’s hot, and even sexy;
    it actually flows really well from beginning to end — turn it up and enjoy!
    There are several songs that great videos and performances
    could have come together from.
    But if the reason they didn’t go any further with it was because of Mir,
    I can definitely appreciate that.
    He’s too young to be having back issues like that,
    and I’m glad to see they’re giving it the proper time to heal.
    During “Again” promotions, you could tell they weren’t really
    comfortable without him, and unfortunately,
    it didn’t quite come together for them until the end;
    their last 2 or 3 performances were probably some of the best.
    Thunder really stepped up to the plate.
    They are so entertaining on so many levels.
    I worry that they’re over-exposed in a way that leaves them vulnerable.
    But they are so much fun to watch, and it’s so obvious
    how much they care about each other and love what they do.
    If you’re ever having a bad day, or are just feeling blue in general,
    look up an MBLAQ clip and before long, they’ll have you cracking up.
    They deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded,
    and I hope they are before the end of the year is out.
    Like I said, if you can’t tell already,
    I love these guys!

    You can’t help but smile:

    and with Rain:

    and lastly:

    Sorry I got carried away with the links.

    Thanks BoaB,
    this has put a smile back on my face!

      • If they don’t win an award for this song,
        I am going to abandon kpop forever…
        Okay, not really,
        but I will be very disappointed.
        There are very few videos
        that get you to feel what they’re trying to get across.
        They succeeded with Cry,
        and it stays with you for a really, really long time,
        maybe forever.

      • @whatthefrell: it seems that they are overlooked often. I think that their connection to Bi has something to do with it. Not alot of other K-pop groups can claim Jihoon as their mentor, and I think there’s some hatin’ going on there. Anyway, if they just keep going and releasing records they will get where they want to with hard work and perseverance.

    • @whatthefrell: I am LOVING the way Joon looks in here. I prefer his hair this very color and he’s handsome in glasses. All the guys look good…but Joon really took the cake this time ^^

      • I know!
        He’s a cutie…
        He cleans up real nice like.
        A friend calls him the fashionista of the bunch.
        Although it had its moments,
        the blond hair has really got to go.
        In the video when they go to Japan,
        and he has this introduction
        about when he was there last,
        and what they hope to accomplish.
        He is so on, and in a good way;
        stylin’ and profilin’,
        a real heartbreaker.

        Somebody tried to say he can’t sing.
        Whatever way he presents himself in a song,
        he, of all of them, is consistently on key,
        every single time, it never fails,
        he nails it.

        Thank you so much
        for the opportunity to go
        absolutely bonkers over these guys!

  3. Awww man! My boy G.O. is doing his thing sampling Maroon 5. He got the looks and definitely the voice to go with it. He also has a kind of semi-cold demeanor that fits his persona. I seen a few of a clips of him and the rest of MBLAQ. I just trip out when he’s taking swipes at Jung Juri. He just tell her what he thinks of her in a cool collected way without being obnoxious to her.

    Speaking of MBLAQ, they have me to think about Bi. I was reading an article where Ne-Yo went to Korea to do a concert andwas asked what K-pop stars he would like to work with if given a chance. He said that one of the several people he named was Rain. It would be nice if he could do it. Not only is he a good singer,he created a great singing team. Far as G.O., I do believe that he has the potential to go solo( Not that I would want him to,but in case it happened). He reminds me of a Korean Robin Thicke. Maybe if Ne-Yo and Rain were to work together, somehow MBLAQ will be brought into this and he could work with them.

    • GO is probably the one out of the five
      that they could really turn into
      your typical idol pretty boy,
      but they don’t, and I think that’s great.
      Even when he works with others
      he doesn’t do too much more to himself.
      That approach seems to work really well for all of them.
      GO’s deadpan humor is hilarious,
      and it does come across as cold and sometimes cruel.
      For example, when Mir was freaking out as he blood was being taken,
      and GO sticks his head in and says something like, ‘you are going to die’.
      But he’s funny, looks out for everyone,
      and can be really sweet.
      But we’ve got his number,
      the one we need to look out for is Thunder.

      • @whatthefrell: def look out for Thunder! He’s got a “dual-personality”. Part of him is as sweet as sugar and the other part can be downright mischievous…

    • @ATLSis: what I love most about G.O. is his deadpan expression. He’s got an awesome sense of humor and can keep a straight face. He’s also very handsome and quite the ladies man. He definitely has the potential and chops to go solo…

      • Did you see their Kkeal/ Sesame Player episode,
        when Thunder totally, and ever so innocently, busts GO?
        GO didn’t know what to do with himself.
        I can’t wait until he gets to ask the questions,
        but they’ve only translated Episode 1.
        Regardless, they’re always fun to watch.
        GO and Mir’s
        “I Can’t Come Back” on Blaq Style 3D is really good;
        Thunder’s “You” is scary good…
        3rd and 4th tracks respectively.
        I love these guys!

  4. i watched this group from the moment Rain introduced them and i have got to say i think they are the best kept secret in Kpop. their classy and different from what i see on kpop-tv music channels. the other thing is each of them processes their own talent that makes one outstanding team on stage. i did a search of GO (what i found left me speechless) for those interested check out when he sangs Steven Wonder’s “Lately” or Brian McKnight’s “One Last Cry”, or Luthur VanDross’s song. this is my first time seeing this particular performance, but i just had to send a thank you to Rain via JTune Camp’s you tube channel for presenting this group. i just hope Korea will give them their just due in the near future.

    • “each of them processes their own talent that makes
      one outstanding team on stage”

      Though the same could be said of other groups,
      MBLAQ is indeed different.
      I would think, surely they’re just like the others,
      and I just think they’re the best because I have this
      silly crush on them, right?
      But I have yet to come across another group like them.
      They are definitely unique all the way around;
      as individuals, as a group; their sound is just — different.
      They said in the beginning that they were just going to
      be themselves and not have one personality as a group,
      and another in private,
      though it seems they seldom get any privacy.
      But, so far it’s worked for them,
      though sometimes so much so you worry about them.

      They’re real, they’re adorable, they’re hilarious, they’re serious,
      they’re charming, they’re hot, they’re sympathetic,
      they’re talented, they’re sweet, they’re freaks,
      they’re a stand up bunch of guys,
      they’re multi-dimensional,
      they’re impossible, they’re a mess.
      They’re just so damn appealing,
      and they’re addictive as hell!

      It’s almost as though
      their sound is too mature for the average Korean fan;
      not enough “pop,” and they’re just not quite getting it.
      My hope is that they remain on this course,
      and don’t change to please the masses,
      but instead continue to grow and mature.
      They’ve got a great thing going.

      Could the same be said for TVXQ?
      Maybe, but their music is somewhat predictable,
      in a way that MBLAQ’s is not.

      Okay, I swear I’m done…

  5. lastly, has anyone noticed in the “Y’ video you will hear Rain as part of the background chorus. yeap, that was revealed via a Korean announcement before the song can out. listen carefully and you’ll hear him. his way of helping the boys become successful.

  6. Guys,

    That is why I love myself some G.O!He is something else.

    I watched that same very clip you guys are talking about. G.O. ought to be ashamed of himself scaring/discouraging poor Mir like that during his check-up( hee-hee). I know that Mir was pissed at G.O. for doing that( hee-hee).I really didn’t know that he was sincerely afraid of needles. I thought that the show was an act.

    I also believe that there are some really jealous people who don’t want to recognize them.It’s sad to see people like that. They can’t help their talents. Far as Mhunder? He was always cute,but I looked at his eyes and man..he has some of the prettiest eyes. I agree, he is a chameleon. One minute, he seems like this innocent young man who you would trust and the next, he is stern and sneaky. I looked at another Idol army’s clip of there’s,the one where they thought they were going to be greeted by beautiful women only to discover it was Jung and her cohort.( I still laugh the daylights of that when I look at it)

  7. Thank you for posting the videos! I really don’t have a favorite member of MBLAQ! I just love them equally. I do agree with everyone on here that they are totally underrated.

  8. okay I am going to have to learn who each member is. I am reading everyone’s comments and only know who Joon is because he is normally singled out. You need to watch him on Running Man. I think they could very well cross over here w/ Ne-Yo, they may have to tone down the outfits a bit. I think people will focus too much on their appearance as opposed to their talents.

    I have been listening to a lot of K-Pop while at work and find myself liking the boy bands way more than the girl groups. Shinee, TVXQ, BigBang, TOP/GD (of BigBang)2PM and 4Men are my faves right now. Although I do love my girls 2NE1, they remind me of TLC

    • If I may,
      you probably know most of this anyway,
      but give me a reason.
      As brief as possible:
      In the live “Cry” performance above from left to right:
      Thunder is on the far left, the second youngest cutie/hottie,
      whose sister is Sandara in 2NE1;
      second from the left is Seungho (the Leader),
      in my opinion he doesn’t get enough play,
      he is multi-talented, but always gets teased about
      the dark circles under his eyes,
      I don’t think the make-up artists do him justice,
      which he says he’s had from birth,
      they also for some reason pick on him about his stomach,
      which I can’t quite figure out why
      because he looks in great shape to me,
      not everyone can have a ridiculous six-pack like Joonie;
      then there’s GO, the lead vocalist with the voice
      everyone keeps talking about,
      the more hirsute member of the group;
      next is Joon… need I say more,
      except that he said he had been rejected at every other tryout,
      but thought he would give it one last try, kudos to Rain;
      and farthest right is Mir (sigh) fellow rapper w/ Thunder,
      the maknae of the bunch, whose been out for a while
      due to back surgery, he definitely acts the part of the youngest,
      but more and more you see he has a very deep and serious side … phew.
      Thunder and Mir’s “rap” are complementary,
      they’re both sexy, Thunder’s is a little more on the cute side,
      Mir’s on the hot side, but Thunder’s can be equally as hot,
      and Mir’s make’s you imagine him doing things to you
      that we can’t really mention here,
      and that I feel really guilty about because he’s so young.
      If you go to BoaB’s MBLAQ link, My Favorite MBLAQ Member
      she has posted one of my favorite pictures of them.

      Mir and Thunder being ridiculously cute:

      That’s Mir who hijacks the baby.

      thank you for being so patient with me!

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