Dennis OhMG

There really just isn’t much to say except “OMG”. This guy is drop-dead gorgeous. Would you agree? I always knew it, but I needed a reminder. 29-year-old Korean-American Dennis Joseph O’Neil is a model and actor born in Texas to a Korean mother and American G.I. father. He’s best known in South Korea and goes by the name Dennis Oh. You can read more about him here, but you’d probably just like to check out the hot images of him below instead. I’d love to see him in more American film and television.

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12 thoughts on “Dennis OhMG

  1. Oh Yes Dennis Oh! One of my first Asain loves! I have some eye candy of Dennis Oh…wanna see? wanna drool?

    credit: jie1jie @yt

  2. I’d like to see a post about Daniel Henney. He was in the drama Runaway Plan B with our Jung Ji Hoon. That man (both of them) are so sexy 🙂

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