What I Love About Bi, XII: His Cuteness

So Effin' Cute

Sorry for the small image, but I couldn’t find it anywhere any larger. But come on, how cute can one get?? Now, let’s talk about Bi’s cuteness. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never come across someone who’s smoldering hot and sexy on one hand, and just as cute as a button on the other. Like, I didn’t even know it existed before I discovered Bi! Is it his small face and pouty lips and baby smile that gives us all a warmfuzzy?

My 59-year-old mom voiced her confusion to me on this very subject when she stated that she didn’t quite know where to place him: in the hot younger guy category or in the son category (she’d just finished watching one of his many “Nan” performances).

Needless to say, his cute, innocent appearance (as seen in the pics below) is very appealing to women. And he utilizes it well! Enjoy! 🙂

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About bitofabelly81

Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at bitofabelly81@gmail.com

23 thoughts on “What I Love About Bi, XII: His Cuteness

  1. Yeah, I get what you’re feeling. On the one hand, you feel like you could take that “donkey” on a ride and on the other hand you just want to pinch his little cheeks. It’s a rare combination. He’s a grown a__s man one minute and a “little boy” that you want to cuddle the next. Go figure! ……….(SMILES)

  2. That ok( about the image). Bi still looks good in it.

    Bi is a man that can go in either category. He can have that boy next door one minute, then can be just downright seductive the next. The first time I learned about him, I was dumbfounded. Initially, I thought that he was somebody’s teenage son. He just didn’t look his age.When I seen him rap/sing on his videos, I almost fell through the floor. Behind his boyish charm lies his deep voice.No doubt,Bi has tons of sex appeal.

  3. Yep,

    I think it is a quality all of us like in a man.
    We want him to be strong, yet in touch with his emotions;
    we want a man that can clean up real nice,
    but isn’t afraid to get dirt under his fingernails;
    we want someone who is serious and intense,
    but with a great sense of humour,
    who sometimes is as silly as he can be;
    and, at appropriate times of course,
    isn’t afraid to act a fool.

    The first I heard of him was when
    Stephen Colbert had a bone to pick with him,
    because he came in second to Rain’s number one
    ranking as Time Magazine’s 2008 “Most Influential People in the World.”
    I must admit, I was not really familiar with him at the time,
    and it was my male, Caucasian friend who schooled me on Rain.
    I remember being kinda pissed that I had been out-schooled that night.
    If you haven’t seen that clip, find it, it is hilarious.

    I think for me, it was when I saw him in Speed Racer.
    It was his face that caught me completely off guard.
    He was the only reason I really watched the movie,
    he was so… captivating.
    Otherwise, watching that movie
    was like asking for an epilectic seizure.
    But something about him is just electric.
    His face alone demands further study.
    I can think of no other person
    with such an expressive visage.
    I find it amazing.
    But when he smiles he just lights up.
    Who couldn’t fall in love with that.
    If you got into a fight with him,
    even though you were really frustrated and angry.
    All he’d have to do is bust out that smile.
    You might still be angry with him,
    but in that moment…
    Ultimately, he’d win every time!
    You would then have no other choice
    but to sleep with the man.
    Because sometimes,
    smiles like that can be so hot,
    I’m gettin’ all bothered
    just thinkin’ about it.

    If I may,
    in commenting on this topic,
    I am reminded of one of my favorite videos of his,
    Love Story, the song’s not to bad either…
    just kidding.

    • “He was the only reason I really watched the movie,
      he was so… captivating.
      Otherwise, watching that movie
      was like asking for an epilectic seizure.”

      I have to say I am kind of glad I knew who he was before I tried to sit thru that mess of a movie. I just skipped around till I got to his parts. I will admit, if I had seen the movie first before I knew who he was, it would not have made me intrigued to find out more. His smile was amazing of course, but the stuff they had him saying made me naseous.

      • @Lei: really? Wow! The first time I saw him wasn’t in Ninja Assassin, but if it was, I would be like, “WHO IS THAT MAN?????” lol I’ve had a thing for Asian men for a while so he would’ve caught my attention regardless. I admit his script dialogue was stale, but I kept in mind that because this was a Hollywood production, there was only so prolific it was really going to be.

      • It was definitely a lot to go through
        for a few moments of pure joy,
        that were unfortunately
        scattered throughout the entire film.
        Seriously though, I really love color,
        and I can appreciate where they were coming from,
        but that movie nearly blinded me.

      • Not Ninja Assasin, Speed Racer. I wasn’t feeling him in Speed Racer, well except for the above the bed shot when they *spolier alert* poisoned him

  4. agree 100%

    is it just me or is Bi’s man jewelry game on point.
    I love a dude that rock jewelry(braceletts, rings, necklaces and such), and not just a watch.
    I noticed that in the brothers and me vid too….the necklace and bracelets on his wrist, it looked fly.

      • Most especially with the picture at the top,
        I think, the only thing missing there
        is a tattoo sleeve on at least one arm,
        maybe his right.
        While I respect those who prefer
        to not mark their bodies,
        I saw a picture of him
        with a sleeve of tattoos,
        a motorcycle may have been involved,
        but he was leaning back on something,
        but that’s neither here nor there.
        Temporary or whatever,
        the man looked so fine,
        so fine.
        With or without tattoos or piercings,
        with or without the “man jewelry”
        which he wears quite well indeed,
        I’ll take him any which way I can.
        If that’s alright with you Ms. B of course…

      • I wouldn’t mind him with a tattoo, but quite honestly, I think he’s perfect the way he is. Oooooh and with piercings???? OMG. *Breathe BOAB81, Breathe* lol!! Piercings would be off the chain, but that’s not his style, so I can dig him just the way he is 😉

  5. i was discussing this very thing a few days ago…when i first saw rain in a picture, i could not reconcile his young, cute face with his rock-hard, sexy body and deep voice…i was honestly baffled…there’s one pic where his face is just so adorable that it looked like his head was cut and pasted on a body with a honey six-pack peeking out of an open shirt…but somehow to me, in the last year, his face caught up with the rest of him…a light bulb went off and all the pieces came together…and then my thoughts of him being like a little brother i could dote on changed to something, um…less brotherly, lol…

    • “thoughts of him being like a little brother i could dote on changed to something, um…less brotherly, lol…”

      hahahaha. I never looked at him as a little brother. I was afraid to find out his age, for fear I would be a cradle robber. I am still not happy about the almost 5 year differance, but I have learned to except it. 🙂

      bitofabelly- “I don’t know about you, but I’ve never come across someone who’s smoldering hot and sexy on one hand, and just as cute as a button on the other.” I know I know. I have never come across this as well. You are either hot or you are cute. I understand about his cute face being pasted on his body. I love the manlier looking Rain, but I will still take the adorable JiWoo(Fugitive:Plan B) anyday.

      • I’ve got a year and a month on him, but he might as well be my “oppa” lol. I have NO problem “dealing” with him. Age is definitely NOT a factor when it comes to Bi. Besides, he’s always gone after older women. I think that comes from his need to be mothered since he lost his mom over 10 years ago. Whatever the reasons, I believe he’d go for a woman up to 10 years his senior. Maybe more! He doesn’t discriminate 🙂

    • @ladibug: I think his Ninja Assassin training allowed his face to catch up with his body. There is a difference between his looks before NA and after if you look carefully. He did say that his body’s internal age is now 40 because all of the strain he put on it. I think it shows now. Don’t get me wrong…..whatever his body’s internal age is: he’s GORGEOUS!!

      • Yes he is…
        I get how keeping that shower scene under lock and key
        may be best for him right now.
        Had that clip been included in the film,
        the “netizens” would be up in arms, or taken up arms,
        and Naomie Harris’ life could be in considerable danger.
        I imagine his Asian fans would feel about it
        the way many African American women felt about Taye Diggs.
        Maybe there’s a clause in the Freedom of Information Act
        that pertains to this issue.
        As it now stands, it’s so unfair.
        I hope Naomie realizes just how lucky she is.
        She did pretty good if all she got was a case of the giggles.
        I probably would have had to excuse myself and left the room.
        Maybe the scene actually made the first cut,
        but more women fainted watching that scene,
        than watching James Franco cut off his arm in 127 hours.
        Gee, you’d think I was referring to a scene from an adult film.
        I wanna see it soooo bad.
        The very knowledge of its existence
        has my imagination running wild.
        What measures have been taken to keep this under wraps?
        Seriously, if I hadn’t read about it here,
        I would never have known it existed.
        BoaB, how can you stand it?
        I know if you had it,
        you would have shared it with us all, right?

      • @whatthefrell,

        I feel the same way you do about that shower scene. I first read about it here as well and I was like WTF?!! But, you’re right, Bi is a traditional Asian man who is a MEGASTAR in a VERY traditional Asian country. The celebrities there can’t even date openly, which I find bazaar, without Fangirls/Netizens “losing” their minds. So to show Bi, naked and wet in a shower with a…..Oh Gawd dare I say it…..a BLACK WOMAN…….OH Sweet Jesus!! The world would have ended. (But hey, it’s not like Asians and Blacks don’t have sex with each other, case in point the existence of; Kimora Lee Simmons, Amerie, Lisa Wu Hartwell, Earl Hines, Will Demps, Chanel Iman, Denyce Lawton and Korea’s own Insooni to name a few very beautiful Blasians)

        However, I will say this. If Bi intends to come to the States after his military duties are over to pursue acting full time, as he has stated. Then his Asian countrymen/fans will have to get used to the idea that if he’s going to be in American productions/films, then he WILL BE kissing/doing love scenes possibly with women that may not necessarily be Asian. They’ll just have to be okay with that or get okay with it. This is how movies are done over here. He wants to open doors to other Asian artists in the US market, so this is what he’ll have to “endure” over here for that to happen.

        If anyone can make Hollywood see Asian men as HOT Sex Symbols, Bi can!! (SMILES)

  6. bitofabelly I am pretty sure that he said he would go 15 years in one interview and then later said maybe that was a bit much and changed it to 10. So hey, I am still in the range. I have seen a bunch of interviews with differant korean performers and most prefer older women. Wonder if that is the case amongst everyday Korean men.

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