Mir Speaks Out Against Jang Je Yeon’s Persecutors

Mir speak out against Jang’s persecutor’s in one of his latest tweets. It is such a controversial subject, and I think it shows integrity on his part to have done so. Don’t you agree?

Jang Je Yeon

It should sicken just about anyone with a conscience to hear the reasons behind late South Korean actress Jang Je Yeon’s suicide in 2009. My opinion on Jang’s experiences is that they are not at all isolated. My belief is that it is a rather common occurence in the entertainment industry (no matter what country) and that it is now the time to expose and denounce it publicly. The entertainment industries of the world are known for housing some of the most ruthless people in the world, and so it is no wonder that young, talented and naive artists seeking fame are exploited in order to realize their dreams. Yes I’ll say it again. I think that the entertainment industries house some of the most ruthless, perverted and evil people in the world. I’m not referring to the artists. For them to be ruthless and evil would be too obvious. But rather, I’m referring to the people behind the money-grubbing, sex-saturated entertainment industry: the management companies, record executives, etc.

I will also venture to say that I feel that just about every single successful artist has had to deal with some sort of sexual exploitation and mistreatment. It would be naive to think otherwise. It is an industry “insider secret”. All fellow artists and idols know that when they meet each other, and greet each other, they’ve had to do something they probably didn’t want to to get where they are. I’m sure it is an unspoken understanding that they have with each other. A kinship, a bond, that no one on the outside could ever know about. It’s too shocking, it’s too taboo, but now it’s time to start talking about it. Jang knew that she would probably face alot of ridicule and ostracism if she were alive and had spoken out against her persecutors. So instead, she took her life, knowing that she would finally find peace, but also knowing, that the heated suicide note she left would help to expose the dark aspects of the industry that indeed need to be brought to light.

Of course, I do not expect you all to take my word for it. Please do your own research and let me know what you find (if you haven’t already!). I’ve had some involvement with the entertainment industry and people in it, as well as done extensive research into its inner workings. Needless to say, this industry is not for the faint of heart. I do believe that Jang was among one of the weaker minded that just could not bear what she was tasked to undergo. The artists with the strongest minds and survivial skills are the very ones that have endured to this day. Don’t take such phrases as “the entertainment business is not what you think” or “its not all glamour and glitz” as just empty words. In some aspect, they are probably cries for help.

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5 thoughts on “Mir Speaks Out Against Jang Je Yeon’s Persecutors

  1. Can you blame Mir speaking out on Jang’s behalf? He has a sister who is in the entertainment industry and that very well could have been her.

    I’ve reread an older post that you had about Jae and another in some other Korean pop news. I’ve felt so bad for her. She was in so much pain..feeling that there was no way out. Who know how many more young women are going through this? I’m glad that Mir spoke out because what she went through is a total injustice and tragedy.Hopefully his concern will get more people talking about her issue.

    I will agree, everything that glitters definitely isn’t gold. As I once mentioned, I loved Debarge(when they were a group). Not long ago, I read in JET where all of the DeBarge siblings was talking about the hardships of the music industry: the seem for ever dance routines,sex, drugs, corruption etc,just the things we too often hear about that takes place in it. The sad thing about is that most of the DeBarge siblings are dealing with some form of trouble whether it drug addictions, chronic physical pain, and/or disease twenty something years later.

    Sometimes, my mom jokes about how comical my youngest nephew is and that should be in show business. Would I want that for him? Honestly, no. Even with child stars, in entertainment industry can be ruthless to them. When I was watching The Cosby Show ,one of things that I noticed about his show that many others didn’t have were psychologists/psychiatrists on his program. Initially, I didn’t get his logic to it,but later on I would get why. Being familiar with it, he knew the tricks and the trades of it and how hard it can be.

    Jung shouldn’t had to die like that. Nobody should have to go through that. Although it will never bring her back, I hope that there will be a conviction against her tormentors.

    • I don’t blame Mir for speaking out and yes, as a he happens to have a sister in the entertainment business, he has every right to not only make sure she is safe but also see to that another tragedy would never happen again. Lastly, I agree we must never stop talking about Jang Ja Yeon’s case.

  2. There is a show on the Centric network in the U.S. called “Unsung” and it chronicles the rise and fall of many famous black artists. Some of the tragic stories are well documented and were well reported, like the DeBarges, mentioned in an earlier post. You think many of these artists “decided” to let go of the music industry and go back to “normal life”, but the truth is, as BOAB81 stated the entertainment industry is HELL. Many artists are unceremoniously “dumped” when they get older, when “trends” in their industry change, someone inadvertently becomes the ‘star’ of the group and group friction kills the magic. Many become hooked on substances when they applause stops and they realize they have no plan B. Many are just the unfortunate victims of industry executive decisions beyond their control. I have often said to family and friends, no one could “truly want” to be famous. Especially knowing that you have to practically “sell your soul” to become superstar/megstar successful, who would truly Want to do that? Many say they want their name in lights and for the world to know who they are, but do they really? I think if we/they/I really knew what fame truly was and it’s “price tag”, it would be enough to curl my straight permed hair back to its curly African roots.

    I think what people are Really looking for is acceptance, admiration, to be heard, to matter, the ability to have an outlet for the creative force within and honestly a “boat load of money”, but to not be able to go anywhere in public without flash bulbs in your face, whether you have on the right outfit or not….is that really what you wanted? Not being able to know who really loves YOU, is that what you really wanted? This young woman took her precious life because at least 31 individuals THOUGHT she sold her soul for fame and would do anything for it. Which sadly was NEVER the case. She lived in a society (Korean) where propriety and being a lady at all times is revered, what happened to her was unforgivable and I see how the extra pressure (to be what Korean society would dictate a lady is) prompted her to make such a grave decision. Am I saying that everyone in their society makes this grave decision OF COURSE NOT! But as was stated before, if one is not strong in themselves or has the Fiercest love/support of family so as to be protected at all times or relies on a higher power (God, to me), then these unfortunate decisions will continue to be made. People in this country berate Beyonce and her family, but she was PROTECTED from, I am sure A LOT, of “industry evil” because she had Father, Mother, Sister, Cousins SURROUNDING her with True/Real love and support in her immediate circle. I also believe she has a faith she believes strongly in as well. To me these things are ESSENTIAL to not only succeed in the entertainment industry, but in ANY industry and ANY walk of life, whether you are famous or the average joe. Because she had this strong support system around her at all times, she was able to focus solely on the creativity within and ‘evil’ was kept at bay. I am sure many have tried to cripple her success, but she is continuing on in spite of. Whether an individual has these things or not, ULTIMATELY one HAS TO HAVE the strength within one’s OWN SELF to withstand MANY of life’s pressures, temptations and evil forces in order to survive. No one can do it for you.

    For Jang Je Yeon’s sake, I hope these 31 individuals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I hope she has found the peace she was seeking.

  3. I remember you writing about this earlier,
    and I’d read about it online.
    Mir is awesome.
    Sometimes I worry about him more than I do Joon,
    but his statement, what he said and how he said it;
    brief, but very much to the point; and made publicly,
    says an awful lot about this young man’s character.
    When this first came out,
    last I heard very little action had been taken
    compared to the scale of the implications.
    Most thought it would just go away.
    I am so glad to hear it has not,
    and I hope justice continues to be served
    on Jang Je Yeon’s, and other victim’s behalf.
    May they burn in a worse hell,
    than the one she was living in.

  4. I give my hats off to Mir for speaking out once again and let’s applaud him for doing a good cause on Jang Ja Yeon’s behalf. Perhaps we all need to take a leaf out from Mir’s book and never stop speaking out about the hell poor Miss Jang went through.

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