Japan Earthquake Realtime Updates and Donation Information

Google has set up a crisis response page for the massive 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that happened in Northeast Japan on March 11, 2011. 😦

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5 thoughts on “Japan Earthquake Realtime Updates and Donation Information

  1. My God…the devastation .. Wow ! I just don’t know what to say. It just bring tears to your eyes looking at it all. I also continue to pray for the Japanese people and for those nuclear reactors to be put under control.

    Just like what I did with the people of Haiti, I’m doing the same with them. For years, my family and I’ve been donating to the Salvation Army. With the Tsunami crisis that have took place in Japan, I will double it. My alma matter is supposed to have their yearly International Festival and they are good at having donation drives. I’m going to also give them a call to see what I can further contribute to them.

  2. Looking at this devastation also reminds me who really IS in control and that’s God (at least to me) and only HE can truly help the Japanese people through this unspeakable tragedy. I will continue praying for the people of Japan and will seek a way to contribute in my small way.

  3. looking at the pictures and video breaks my heart. I was over in Japan about 5 years ago and made so many friends. I feel bad that I didn’t keep in good contact with them and now I wonder how they are faring.

    My prayers go out to them and I am going to try to help in any way I can.

  4. I live in the South.
    I know mostly tornadoes, floods and hurricanes.
    I know Alicia, I know Allison, I know Katrina, and I know Ike.
    But I know nothing of the type of cataclysmic devastation
    experienced in other places around the world.
    This one to me is the most heartbreaking.

    I feel so deeply for those victims
    who survived the apocalypse of World War II.
    I feel for those who grew up during the massive reconstruction.
    Sixty-nine countries came not to their rescue during that time.
    To have lost so much, to have survived,
    and then in your twilight years, to have to
    live through it yet again, is absolutely heartbreaking.

    I feel for the youth who know nothing of such tragedy.
    But I am grateful that unlike the horror of World War II,
    in so many ways unlike then,
    they will not have to go it alone.

    The Japanese are a very resilient people.
    They have risen from the ashes before unlike no other,
    and I expect they will do so again.

    Now if only the cameras
    would get out of their faces.

    I think Nostradamus was on the right track.
    What he saw with regard to the end of the world
    may have indeed been real.
    But what he sensed may have been
    the general, deep, and intense forebodingness of
    the tumultuous times of the day.
    What he saw as the end,
    may not have been at the hands of mankind
    during a time of great war.
    Though no doubt man plays a part in this,
    it seems more likely that
    the wrath of Mother Nature
    will be our undoing.

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