Meet Nico Chang

Check out this love drama I stumbled across on youtube. Nico Chang is a young Asian man who suffers from bipolar disorder, and Sam, a young black woman–is his love interest.

I’ve posted parts 1 and 2, but you can watch the remainder of the drama on youtube. Let’s discuss later!

6 thoughts on “Meet Nico Chang


    I watched the YT videos of Nico Chang. I must say it was compelling. The story was deep and very dark in subject matter, but I liked the story. I especially liked the idea of a Blasian relationship, even if it was a troubled one. They seemed to work it out in the end. The cousin “Edison” was troubled as well, but it wasn’t made clear until the end when you realized he was talking to an “imaginery” therapist/friend who had been deceased. I’m not sure but, I think Edison “loves” his cousin Nico (not just as relatives). Anyway, it was very different, thought provoking, very good!

    On a superficial level, I think the actor playing Nico was very cute, his love interest Sam (Samantha) had very lovely skin, but could have been a “smidge” more attractive (to me). I guess that’s my Hollywood desensitized eyes looking at her. Hollywood always makes you feel like you need to be looking at the Halle Berry’s of the world, when really you don’t need to. All in all a great story! Looking forward to the sequel, since the viewer is left with a “To Be Continued” message at the end.

    • @BiAlamode: as usual, thanks for your thoughts! 🙂 I also found this to be a very interesting storyline and indeed it was dark. Edison surely had issues, lol. I agree with you about Sam. I was thinking the same thing, but also dismissed it as the “europeanation (I know it ain’t a word, but I can’t think of any other word to describe)” of my mind. We have all been conditioned subconsciously to think that the Halle’s and Beyonce’s are standard black beauty, and while they are examples of it, they are not all-inclusive. I will be looking forward to the next installment as well…

  2. I liked the Nico Change clips.

    I was very impressed with the realism of the storyline. Not only did I like the recognition of the Blasian element in it, but the clips deals with the issue of mental illness–bipolar disorder in this case. I like the idea that they are showing the challenges that some couples may face in dealing with the problem. I felt Nico and as he said that most of his family( with the exception of Edison) had nothing to do with him.

    At one point, it seemed that evident that Sam almost wanted to wave her surrender flag to Nico was as the tone of her voice/what she said suggests,but as she showed us, love for her is unconditional. For me,Nico Chang is one of those movies that continues to educate me about the meaning of true love.

    • @ATLSis: I’ve never been in a relationship with someone who is bi-polar, but this gave me a bit of a perspective of how it might be. Very educational, as well as (what BiAlamode brought out) dark and even a little cerebral…but the struggles of interracial relationships overtone is indeed very interesting and relevant…

  3. Thank you very much for posting this series! I loved it, and I went on to look at some other stuff that Nana Sam did, including an interview. Nana Sam is an interesting young lady who I am sure we will be hearing more about in the future. The young man who played the role of Nico did an excellent job, and the other actors are to be commended as well.
    I was thinking about the notion of beauty as well. Nana Sam plays the female love interest, but what is beautiful about her character is how creative, insightful, and perceptive she is. I also sensed a lot of self esteem, and that she has an ability to bring people together in a wonderful way. I am looking forward to seeing more of her work.

    • @nanasamfan: thanks so much for your thoughts on this! I would agree that she is creative, insightful and perceptive! It is very apparent in this series…I look forward to more from her as well! 🙂

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