What a Japanese Man Thinks of Black Women

Here is a great video with a topic very relevant to this blog. Its a young Japanese man’s opinion on black women. The video is titled “What Japanese Men Think of Black Women”, but in actuality it is the opinion of just one Japanese man. Not to say that we’re not grateful for it, though! And thanks to dearlife (I believe that is her name; please forgive me if I’m wrong!) for the interview and post! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “What a Japanese Man Thinks of Black Women

  1. This is a good interview that Dearlife did with the Japanese man.

    Even though Japan is a homogeneous country, in comparison to many Asian countries, it is more liberal. While I’m not going to say that all Japanese guys will feel like the young man that Dearlife interviewed, it seems that they are a little more open to Black culture. Even though I can’t look at people and tell what are in their hearts, like Dearlife, I ‘m more convinced of the Japanese man’s feelings about them.

    It’s also great that Dearlife conducted this interview. Too often black women/Asian men feel that they don’t like each other. As I’ve mentioned, I assumed that Asian men wasn’t into Black women and that culture( especially if they were the eldest son) would prevent them from doing it..that was until a Filipino guy and an Indian guy showed me otherwise. My brother has a good friend from Burma who( who I have also mentioned on here) assumed that Black women( and no women for that matter) would never be interested in an Asian man like him,but he chanced a date with a Black woman. It’s been a year..so far ,very good. IR Black/White couples still may reign in the states,but AM/BW unions are going up ,thanks to them learning the truth about each other.

  2. when I was watching this I was iexcited to hear from a japanese man’s perpesctive of what he likes about black and he’s right people in japan do love our culture.Him and my brother are the only people I hear that from Hehe I can’t wait to go to japan ^ ^. I’m glad am/bw are on the rise and hopefully reconized by more people and bw and am. Just no forcfull relationships. ughhh

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