Why We Love Bi: He Gives Back

Bi working hard at Taean Beach

Hi, babigurl1 here! BOAB81 asked if I would occasionally guest blog, to which I readily accepted. Here goes nothing! Soooo, back to why we love Bi…

Ok, it’s no secret that we are in love with rain’s sexy body and confident bad boy swagger. But here’s the icing on the cake. Underneath those designer suits and muscular pecks beats a heart of gold. Rain is well known for devoting much time and energy to various charitable causes. There’s a pretty long list and counting. But here are a few items that caught my eye:

  • He donated proceeds from his world tour in 2006-2007 to help children orphaned by AIDS.
  • There are pictures of him quietly assisting in the cleanup of Taean Beach, S. Korea in the freezing cold after an oil spill.
  • He’s also participated in several charity events supporting organizations that locate missing children and work towards ending human trafficking.
  • He even donated towards the medical costs of a fan that was terminally ill with cancer, and visited her before her death.

Rain is a modest fellow when it comes to his philanthropic activities and appears to rather his efforts not be publicly recognized, especially when that could mean media intrusion disrupting the lives of those he’s helping. But his celebrity lends itself to raising awareness for important causes and thus his giving spirit seems to have rubbed off on others. Thousands of dollars have been donated by his fans worldwide in his name for victims of the earthquakes in Haiti and China. His protégés, MBLAQ, have also participated in several charity functions, including opening a small concert to help needy children.  And if you’ve seen footage of the Blaqies playing with kids, it’s hard to tell who’s having a better time.

I don’t know about you, but the knowledge of all these hot guys helping to support their global neighbors, especially in children’s causes, is enough to make my heart melt and ovaries twitch. 🙂 But seriously, isn’t it nice to know that Rain’s true beauty is internal and that he unselfishly uses his talents and finances to help others? We could use a few more people like that…

babigurl1 out!


6 thoughts on “Why We Love Bi: He Gives Back

  1. “We could use a few more people like that.”( Rain and MBLAQ).

    Yes, we could use more people like them. These days, it just seems that they are only about themselves. Maybe his years of his struggling childhood caused him to be the way that he is. Rain/MBLAQ is blessing others and they will continue to be blessed doing such. Hopefully, this will be a trait that will never leave them.

  2. His philanthropy,
    not just his good,
    I mean exceptional looks,
    is definitely one of the qualities
    that helps to make him extra-special hot.
    When I first read of all the things he was/is involved in,
    I again asked myself where the hell does he find the time!
    But to all of us who know and love Bi,
    all this comes as no surprise,
    and is in keeping with his gracious,
    generous, caring and compassionate public,
    and private persona.
    He’s just a beautiful man inside and out,
    all the way around,
    any way you look at it, or him.

  3. Awwwwww that’s just shows how much of caring, warmhearted and giving person he is. Love that about him, you can barley see traits like these in any celebrity today.

  4. Like ATLSis said, this is a man who knows what it is to struggle. And any compassionate person would do all they can to make sure that someone else does not go through what they’ve been through. He’s a truly beautiful soul…

    • it hurts me to read comments that say his charity work is an insincere ploy for attention. he was once a scared young boy caring for his sister and dying mother on his own with seemingly nowhere to turn for help and not knowing what to do. like you said, it looks like he’s trying to help others the way he wanted to be helped when he needed it. and even if his actions were really insincere, people are still being benefited.

      • I think his history is what makes him so special. Although his family didn’t really experience poverty until he and his sister were a little older, he still wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has an incredibly hard work ethic. I remember when he said he’d done all he could to get enough money for his mother’s insulin…even going to work on a construction site and working for less than minimum wage…
        He only knows hard work. He doesn’t know the meaning of a handout. I love that about him!

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