The Distinguished Gentleman: Bi on the cover of Esquire

The Distinguished Gentleman indeed. All the other major Bi fansites have posted this yesterday, so I’m sure most of you have already seen this. But I can never pass up another opportunity to post luscious images of Bi on this blog. 😉 The way a tailored suit hangs on this man’s body is a work of art. I am loving this mature, responsible and professional look and am pretty sure this is the look he will no doubt use when entering Hollywood after his 2 year mandatory military service, sadly coming up later this year.

Check out what had to say about the photoshoot (you can also check out the remainder of the photos of Bi that were published there). It must be a real pleasure to work with someone like him. He once said that he feels like a father of 60 kids, no doubt because he has so many people to take care of. Now that’s a real leader…

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31 thoughts on “The Distinguished Gentleman: Bi on the cover of Esquire

  1. Very espionage w/a GQ twist….Where’s his silver briefcase? 😉 Too, it’s amazing how this suit has “minimized” his physical definition. No one would know what was under that suit from just this photo…but very cute! I’m glad to see him hitting the “mainstream”.

  2. Anyone know if these magazines are available in America. Barnes & Noble sells foreign magazines, but they are usually in English from other countries. I would like to own this.

    • wowee…my friends accuse me of being an ‘ageist’ because i always say i wouldn’t marry a guy younger than me, which rain is by a few years…but after this video, now i’m having 2nd thoughts… and he is wearing that suit fo’ sho’…not sure what i’d do if i was on his staff and he walked into a boardroom meeting looking like that…wow, my brain is just goo right now…

      • Yeah I got him by about 4 yrs, maybe even 5 yrs. The Korean age confuses me, but with him I don’t even care. He definitely projects “all man” to me. I am with you bitofabelly81 I used to never be attracted to anyone even a year younger than me.

  3. Give me a second,
    I need to catch my breath, and
    my jaw dropped and I have to pick it up off the floor…
    I am speechless!
    You can probably get a copy
    at an establishment that deals specifically in magazines.
    I’m heading over to one after I get off this job.
    I may have to be a little late to my next one.
    I’ll tell them it’s all Rain’s fault.
    They’ll understand, I hope.

  4. Now THIS is a GROWN A__S MAN!!! Good LAWD!!!


    The first time I saw Bi do that “booty pump”!! I damn near died. UMMM, UMMM, UMMM imagine being the “recipient” of that “rump pumping”……HELLO!!!

      • Thanks. I will see what someone responds as far as navigating the site. When I go into work tomorrow night at Barnes&Noble I will come back and let you know if we sell it or not. I can see when the next shipment comes in and let you all know. Can you imagine the stampede of women bumrushing the registers with their copy!

      • Bitofabelly….

        Where can I find that ep of So Happy Together with the Sang Doo cast? I’ve never seen it. Eng subs would be awesome!

      • @Seli, I have been looking for that clip for a while now. There have been a lot of Bi videos taken down from youtube over the past year. And that was one of them. I can’t locate it anywhere. If I ever do find it, I’ll post it here!

    • biAlamode girl! I know what you are saying!
      I just finished watching the Happy Family episode where he said he wants a Kindergarten teacher during the day and a little something extra at night. Pair that with the booty pump and it is “on and poppin”!
      He is probably the exact same way, one minute very innocent and sweet and then a whole nother person in the dark. My ideal man.

      • Could you give me the link to that episode. I missed that! I know he’s “a little devil” in disguise……(SMILES)

      • @Lei,

        I just finished watching the Happy Together episode in its entirety and I realize that I have seen it before, but only in bits and pieces. I think it’s really funny, innocent (so to speak) comparing it to shows in the U.S. It’s funny how they are in “awe” of the way we do things here. As far as Bi goes, YEP he’s all man and like BOAB81 said…..he wants a lady in the street and a freak in the bed….No Doubt!

        Personally, I think Bi and Miss Lee Hyori probably did the “bedroom tango” at some point in the past. They give off that vibe when a man and woman have been together, but are not publicly boyfriend/girlfriend (SMILES). It’s a certain way they act around each other. Lee Hyori has never been shy about letting it be known she finds Bi attractive. Poor little Hara, she had the biggest crush on Bi….she couldn’t look him in the eye. I don’t know…..Bi did show a little interest, it was ever so slight but it was there. Bi said he would “buy her some cake” (*wink, wink*)……SMILES!

      • @BiAlamode: oh the look on Bi’s face when he told Hara that he could buy it for her. Ay, papi (yes, I said “papi”, even though its a Latino word, Bi makes me want to scream it)! It was ultimate swagger like, “I got dis”.
        Yes, there is/was def something between Bi and Hyori. Did you ever see the Happy Together where she and Bi were there with the cast of “Sang Doo Let’s Go To School”? Hyori was mad jealous of the other chick and showed it in several ways. Meanwhile, Bi was just smirkin’ like, “yeeeeeeah”. I ain’t mad at Hyori though. I actually quite like her. She’s at an age of no nonsense, and she can clearly see men for what they really are. Also, as much as she feels Bi, she doesn’t let him phase her. I think that’s why Bi is intrigued with noonas. The younger chicks (like Hara) are too easy for him. He wants a challenge, and noonas provide that for him. Its more than just “hittin'” them right…noonas have more standards and requirements. Yeah…I think he’s gonna end up with a noona…

      • I am going to have to find the Happy Together with the Sang Doo cast. I wonder why they take down some videos and leave others up. Maybe it is the short set that makes him look so innocent like he would never get with Lee Hyori, but of course that means nothing. Hara was so adorable around him. I felt bad how they were teasing her and Bi didn’t even seem phased by it.

  5. I don’t know if this may help,but some magazine samples can be seen directly online. In this case, the Korean Esquire version does have an online sample of it,but be warned,you better know some Korean or ask one to translate it for you. From what I’ve seen, it is predominately written in Korean. Maybe there is an English version on there,but I haven’t been able to grasp it. The web address to it is

    I was also look some more of those photoshoots of Rain on the AllKpop website. Ahh man..!! if looks could kill. Jesus Christ!

  6. I was disappointed to learn
    that the “international” magazine store in my neighborhood
    does not carry Korean Esquire, or Korean anything.
    I am so disappointed,
    that I have nothing else to say,
    but am grateful for the images posted here,
    and online elsewhere.
    Thank you BoaB!

  7. I called like 4 or 5 differant places that I thought might carry it and got nothing. I am determined. If not I will have to go the Ebay route. just posted 3 more photos from the article. So now I know I must buy it. I am hoping that at some point someone translates the entire article for us to read.

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