So Ji Sub: Actor, Model….Rapper?

That’s the rumor circulating on the internet! I am inclined to believe it, because there are several videos on youtube featuring his K-Hotness hustlin’ and flowin’, and lookin’ darn good while doing the thang (wearing a do-rag and what not). I, personally, and excited to hear what this guy has to say. He doesn’t strike me as the “mundane” type. However, his debut track entitled “Pick Up Line” seems to suggest otherwise. Still, I will keep my fingers crossed. In the meantime, check out the music video teaser to “Pick Up Line” below. Its not doing much for me now, but because its So Ji Sub, I’ll certainly stay tuned! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “So Ji Sub: Actor, Model….Rapper?

  1. He’s so gorgeous. I have a huge crush on him also other than being sexy he’s also a sweetheart, he’s also very sensitive(like most Korean Men). Oh and I can’t wait for this song.

  2. Seems like everybody is doing the “unexpected” these days.

    I would have never thought that Tom Hanks son and Robin Thicke would go the opposite route, especially Tom’s son. He is trying to do Gangsta Rap. With Robin, I didn’t put two and two together until he said that Alan Thicke was his dad. Initially,it was a shock to me. Robin’s family seems so..I don’t know, conservative. Then again his mom was also a singer/actress.It shouldn’t have been a total surprise to me.

    If So is going the rapper’s route, that’s all good. I like when people multitask their careers. It gives me a chance to see who they truly are. I’m like you, I’m not totally feeling the rap, maybe because I’m not into it( and never was into Gangsta rap. Hope that he never takes that route)like I once was,but I always like being surprised seeing the other side of certain entertainers.

    • Just say it……….Alan Thicke and family seem sooo Caucasian!…….and Robin Thicke is sooo “soulful” to be sooo Caucasian….(SMILES) I laugh because I thought the exact same thing!……(SMILES) It just goes to show that people will do what “feels natural” to their soul and not necessarily what looks to be the natural route they should take in life. Honestly, just by virtue of being born a native Korean, Bi and his countrymen should know nothing about Black American R&B/Hip Hop music, yet he has made a career out of just that. The funny part is it “feels natural” coming from him even though the music was not born of his culture. He took to it like a moth to a flame and those of us who admire Bi have accepted that he has taken what is a natural part of our culture and made it his own and we “believe him.”

    • If I’m not mistaken, music is Jisub’s first passion. But alot of artists get sidetracked because the first real job they’re offered is not their dream job. But struggling artists aren’t picky. Thankfully though, he’s really established himself as an actor, and I think with that credential, it will be alot easier for him to cross over into music. I wish him the best!

  3. Bi has one of the most soulful voices I have ever heard.
    Sometimes, when I haven’t listened to him in a while,
    very rarely if ever of course,
    when I hear his voice it’s like a shock to my system.
    Taeyang is another one (My Girl), phew.
    As for So Ji,
    I appreciated the humor in the video,
    but it kind of reminded me of
    the Macarena, the video anyway.
    As for the music, I’m not sure,
    but like you said, “It’s So Ji Sub.”
    Also, he’s way too covered up,
    that’s just wrong!

  4. I’ve been wanting to reply to this post for a while, so excuse the tardiness! I have spent the last couple month jamming (and spazzing) on the collaborations that So Ji Sub (or “G” as he calls himself in the “rap world”) has done, so this latest debut didn’t shock me as much as most people. SJS has always said he has a strong love for music…what is shocking is that it’s hip hop!

    I have lusted over this man for awhile and have always been amazed by his character, attitude and honesty. Shoot, you throw him rapping into the mix…my brain exploded!

    I snuck my favorite vid & song into this post (see link below) , so BOAB if you have to remove it, that’s okay!

    credit: ziktay @ YT

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