Do You Love Black Women?

What better way to find out how Japanese men feel about us than to just ask them? Youtuber GS350JPN has done just that in a series he has posted on his channel. Kazeya and Yoshihide, both young Japanese men, answer GS350JPN’s burning question: “Do you love black women?” See what they have to say in the clip below.

Thanks GS350JPN!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Do You Love Black Women?

  1. Gotta love the Japanese.

    Kazeya and Yoshihide seem like reasonable young with reasonable thoughts. They said they like Black women because they seem nice. If I was in a relationship with an Asian man or any other man, this is the way I would like for them to see my as and vice versa. I’ve met a lot of Asians( men included) in my life. Far as AM/BW relationships, I’ve only seen three: A young Japanese American man with his longtime girlfriend(They’ve dated for 4 years or more), an Asian(Indian) and his Black girlfriend,one that I’ve seen on a train and one that I’ve seen as recently as Christmas 2010 while I doing some shopping at a local mall. Mostly, I’ve seen more BM/AW unions, though I’m quite sure there are more.

    My brother has a friend/coworker who is from Burma. I think that he has a thing for Black women,but he didn’t think that they would be into hi. He( my brother) and his roommate( who is Black man) have told him otherwise.Now he’s dating the Black woman of his dreams. It’s great that websites like this one are around. People really need to know that AM/BW unions do exist and there are some Black women who are interested in them.

    P.S . You said that you’re in the process of writing your story. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  2. My one that got away, and by far my biggest regret,
    was Japanese on his mother’s side and German on his father’s… uh huh.
    He definitely identified more with his his mother in looks and cultural demeanor.
    But with his father in terms of physical presence, if that makes sense.
    Out of all the men I have dated,
    he was the best thing to ever happen to me.
    The connection was immediate,
    as was the attraction,
    which grew sweeter as time went on;
    no one ever took better care of me,
    looked after me,
    or loved me so unconditionally;
    he was the consummate gentleman.
    I freaked, and in uncharacteristic,
    rather unceremonious fashion,
    shall we say, kicked him to the curb…
    to which he turned around
    and married someone completely
    unexpected a short time later.
    I hope she accepts his love,
    and appreciates all that he does for her.
    Not surprisingly,
    he came to support me, with his fiance of course,
    at a couple of my band’s several reunion shows.
    He was just as warm and as gracious as ever.
    I congratulated him,
    and wished him, and his fiance,
    every happiness in the world.
    My stomach hurts just thinking about it…

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