Korean Men Exposed? Pt 2

Ok, so the first part of this series covered 2 myths that we ladies supposedly like to fill our pretty little heads with about Korean men: 1) Korean men like interracial dating, and 2) Older Korean men are more reliable. This is the second part of three.

Myth #3 Korean men are sweet loving and gentleman
Uhm, ok…so why wouldn’t/couldn’t they be? Now, am I so naive to think that all Korean men are sweet, loving gentlemen, as oftentimes displayed in dramas and movies? Of course not! And that goes for all men in dramas and movies, no matter if they are Korean, American, French, Arab, etc. Once again, its just silly to generalize that Korean men are either extreme. There are sleazebag men in Korea who beat their wives and mistreat women, as well as all other parts of the world. Why pick out Korean men?? I really need to know the writer’s motives behind writing this article. Maybe his wife or girlfriend got stolen from him by a Korean guy and he’s playa hatin’. If that is the case, he should hate the playa and not the game. Back to the point, and concerning Korean men being prejudiced, I understand how a person of a different or darker color may be perceived in a homogeneous society such as South Korea. No doubt, that person is going to be stared and gawked at. This is a surface reaction. But things are changing there and I truly believe that when two people, regardless of race, color or nationality get to know each other, all the surface bs goes out the window. We all bleed red, afterall. Although some like to think their blood is a perfect shade of blue that makes them better than everyone else. Hmph.

Men are men are men. In the words of Paul McCartney: "We all know that people are the same wherever you go. There is good and bad...in everyone."

Myth #4 Korean men are gentle, kind yet sensitive with woman
Ok, so this one is actually very similar to myth #3. Once again, to lump all Korean men into this category is just wrong. I totally agree that women should steer clear of male chauvinists….and as stated before…no matter what color he is. I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I think you all get the point. I hate seeing articles like this. Perhaps it cuts so close to me because I am a black woman and unfortunately used to be stereotyped negatively.

I also believe this is why Asian men and black women fit together so well. We understand each others’ struggles.

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2 thoughts on “Korean Men Exposed? Pt 2

  1. I don’t get the critics gripes myself?In the past, you didn’t hear about none of this..the “warnings” about Korean men , their culture, their looks and even with certain movies and so on. It’s like they are becoming scared of this shift. Asian men are supposed to be the undesirables and now that they are beginning to make their throne in the U.S./the world,their critics can’t accept it. I just trip out on it all.Just as long they were in their places it was all good.

    What they don’t know is that Asians men/Black women have been hooking up for a couple of centuries. They just don’t let the world know about them. A couple of days ago, I read a 2000 Newsweek magazine article about Asian men. I was actually surprised that they acknowledged that. However, I was a little miffed that they didn’t acknowledge the number of Black women being in them. They just lumped us in the ” other” category. Once again, it seemed that that reporters were trying to hide us.

    Bi Rain and K-pop/J pop sensations seemed to further elevate the status of Asian men,but my interest in Asian culture( as well as others) didn’t start with that. My pops got me interested in it. He served in the Vietnam War,but he didn’t come back with a chip on his shoulder. He just talked about the beauty of the people and their culture.He also had a Korean( he also was stationed there) photo album. It just made me want to travel to those places. I wanted to go to Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam( as it is today) and if all goes right, I promise myself that I will. I came across an an former college school mate that attended the same Japanese festival as I did. She was all smiles telling me about her ventures in Japan. She intends to go back soon as she is finished with her studies.

    Yes, anytime you are dealing with men who are from different countries, there are some things that has to be considered( and vice versa).As with any man, I would hope that he would treat me as his equal. If I dated a Korean man, I wouldn’t mind learning about his native culture as I did with my African ex,but it’s not culture if he treats me lesser than a dog. I wouldn’t tolerate that from any man no matter where he’s from.The author just make it seem that if we see Korean man were just going to act like crazed fans and just get the first Korean man we see. Some gullible women may do that,but I never have and I will stick to that.

    Korea is a homogeneous country. While there are some Koreans who knows of the existence of Black people, there are many others who don’t. You have those who sincerely don’t know about Black cultures, then you have those who don’t want to learn about us.That shouldn’t come as any surprise to anybody.But the poster doesn’t live in the minds of all Korean men. Yes, some of them can be bigoted,but the poster can’t assume this about all Korean men. If that was the case,The history of AM/BW relationships wouldn’t exist and you cannot miss the hoards of YouTube,My Space,blogs and tweets made about them. If the critics think that it will be a thing of the past, they will be highly disappointed. It’s going to continue to grow.

  2. Hmmmm…

    Have you ever noticed that in almost every culture,
    and I only say almost because
    I cannot claim to be familiar with them all,
    the darker the skin, the lower you are in the caste system of life.
    I always found that interesting;
    America, Asia, South America, Mexico,
    India, Canada, hell Africa.
    I have a running joke with my very good friends,
    when discussing certain issues regarding race.
    It has come up a lot here in Texas regarding matters of immigration.
    I always have to add with a smile of course,
    “you see, nobody wants to be black.”
    The comment is always met with smiles and laughter,
    then the customary pause,
    while they ponder the truth of the matter.
    I say it jokingly of course,
    as I have never once in my life
    wished that I were otherwise.
    Just thought I would throw that out there.
    It kind of boggles the mind.

    Okay, that random thought aside,
    First, I do not recall receiving any “warnings” about Asian men.
    Among friends, I have never had an issue with race.
    Be they Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean or Filipino, or Indian.
    However, with the exception of my friends of mixed race,
    they did seem to be more concerned with
    what their parents or grandparents might think.
    But, my friends seemed to take the attitude of,
    “they’ll get over it,” and it appeared they did.

    Oddly enough, while my mother never took issue
    with the race or ethnicity of any of my friends,
    as we were raised in that way,
    my father at times was compelled to sound his disapproval,
    except it was more concern on his part,
    concern about what other people would think,
    and about the difficulties we might encounter.
    This of course was justified,
    being that we lived in the South,
    and had already endured the customary racism,
    blatant and subtle, between blacks and whites.

    In this way and others, as you have stated previously;
    we, my Asian friends and I, seemed to understand each other,
    our life experience was actually very similar,
    as were our struggles to succeed in
    not necessarily the most open and
    friendliest of environments.

    Any shock displayed, or comments made
    were always on the part of the parents and/ or grandparents,
    and were not necessarily racist in nature,
    but were made out of concern, and frankly surprise,
    because more often than not,
    I was probably the first black person
    they had ever spent any considerable time with,
    much less one who was a regular guest in their home.
    No, you cannot generalize.
    Though cultural differences and tradition
    may warrant specific behaviors,
    in certain circumstances, in the public arena,
    such extremes and/ or variations of such themes
    exist across all racial and cultural lines;
    most especially, when it comes to
    what goes on behind closed doors.

    I would like to add that my experiences
    with Asian men thus far,
    have been nothing but positive ones.
    They have treated me with the utmost respect,
    There is a kindness and a patience about them which I greatly appreciate.
    I point that out because I require a lot of patience;
    and among those I have dated,
    they have been the perfect gentlemen;
    some, so much so, it frightened me, and I ran;
    and that was all on me.
    Independent to a fault,
    what I perceived, at the time,
    to be smothering and controlling,
    was in retrospect a man treating a woman
    the way she deserves to be treated,
    something I had not had the pleasure of experiencing
    in previous relationships.
    I now know better,
    and would expect nothing less in the future.

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