Lee Joon Wants To Know How Many Guys You’ve Been With

Cutie patootie Joonie

Joonie is a trip, but you gotta love him. This is old news, but I had to share. How would you feel if your new boyfriend grilled you about how many guys you’ve dated/been with? From my experience, most guys just don’t want to know! And if he did, I’d plead the fifth. Its in the past, right? Why even think to bring it up? But I think we can all agree that Lee Joon is not like most guys. According to Joon, he asks in innocence and claims that there is no ulterior motive in his inquiries.

I’m not mad at him, because, I really like Joonie, although my favourite blaqie is Seung Ho. But I like Joonie because he wears his heart on his sleeve and you never have to guess what he is thinking.

I can think of a few of BWLB’s readers that particularly prefer Joonie out of all the boys in Mblaq, so you guys have got to share your thoughts!

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8 thoughts on “Lee Joon Wants To Know How Many Guys You’ve Been With

  1. i love joonie…some of his statements and trains of thought may sound odd, but i’m not surprised anymore…part of it is due to his youth…part of it is that he’s very open, spontaneous and doesn’t seem to have a filter…part of that may be due to his being severely bipolar…i’m no expert and cases vary between individuals…but observing a very close family member with it, i notice some major similarities…he may say there is no agenda, but it will definitely come up later…but joonie’s still my fave…

    personally, this is a question i would not ask on a first date…but it does matter to me a great deal if we are getting serious…commitment issues, safety and health, that sort of thing…there is a point where it can be a deal breaker…

  2. Joonie may tell his audience that there is no agenda behind his question,but the only people that ever ask questions like that are those who are paranoid, dated someone who may have cheated on them( or vice versa) or is concerned about disease. Even from what the article said, some of his female admirers wasn’t keen on his question.

    Initially, I had reservations about Joon. Now that I’ve learned about his bipolar disorder/insomnia, I’m willing to forgive him. Still,unless it’s matter of life and death,not may people will not automatically come out and tell it.That kind of thinking will mess up great relationships. Joon should also think about getting some rest. He said that he once lost two days of sleep and on another occasion slept for only 40 minutes. He may love his job,but if he isn’t careful,the business will eventually do him in.

  3. Lee Joon is a heartbreaker,
    in every sense of the word.

    I would sometimes joke, but not really,
    with a good friend of mine,
    that he has Asperger’s, a high-functioning autistic individual,
    and then we read he has bi-polar syndrome,
    and think Asperger’s is not necessarily outside the realm of possibility,
    except it is more likely an attempt to explain away
    something or somebody you do not understand.

    Keeping in mind none of us really knows him,
    aside from being extremely attractive
    and disarmingly charming,
    he is a very intelligent,
    very talented, very determined,
    very thoughtful and extremely focused individual,
    with a guarded personality, and characteristically sensitive nature.
    He seems to have an old soul,
    which might explain his traditionally conservative,
    potentially rigid and controlling,
    take on relationships for someone so young.
    Trust however, is a huge
    and often deciding factor in any relationship,
    under most circumstances.
    Though that may limit the dating pool,
    now the ladies, or “human beings,”
    know exactly what to expect.
    While some may think that
    he doth not think prior to speaking,
    he most likely thinks things to death,
    and I get that.

    I don’t believe he has an agenda either.
    You ask, he answers;
    honestly, sometimes painfully, to a fault.
    What I absolutely love, is that his comrades
    try to understand him, respect him,
    and though they joke with him and about him,
    and sometimes don’t quite know what to do with him,
    they always have his back.

    That type of vulnerability is unnervingly appealing,
    and entirely relatable (if relatable is word, but you know what I mean).
    I absolutely adore him.

    Thanks for the picture!

  4. … and the picture you used in your
    Favorite MBLAQ Member page
    is thus far my favorite group picture.
    It seems to capture their essence,
    at least as I see it.
    Once again,
    I thank you.

  5. I saw what has to be
    the sweetest clip of Joon I have ever seen.
    There was none of that male chauvinism of his,
    none of his inexplicable selfishness (though I get it),
    none of his traditional takes on relationships
    that seem so old-fashioned for one so young,
    no sudden outbursts, nor
    any of that awkwardness or blankness
    you get from him sometimes.
    The awkwardness was appropriate.
    He says he’s not a player,
    but from what I see here,
    the boy’s got game.

    Please die that boy’s hair back.
    The blond is just not working for me;
    and, it distracts from his otherwise
    very fine performances of Again.
    Hear me now, please.

  6. Joon has a right to ask about the past. I mean I am in my early 20’s I have never dated and I never will. The ethnicity that I have grown up to chesish has helped me focus on the purity of being safe and waiting until marrage to have sex. It is important to be safe and respect yourself enough to save yourself for one person. you should stay with your husband for the rest of your life because you made that commitment when you got married. your marrage should be a once in a life time opertunity. once you have found him why would there be a reason to cheat on him? the vulgarity of socity here in the United States is very sad to look at sometimes. I dont think its a bad thing that it means something to him when a girl has been with other men. I did not know this about him but it makes me like him even more for being a smart, independent man looking for the right girl out there for him. I really dont mean anything rude by this sorry if it seem offensive but if you can understand I have been raised a different way, so see my side of the story if you please. 🙂 (I just wanted to put a different light on this! I couldnt resist)

  7. Joonie is the definition of sensitive and I love him for it. He is my favorite considering just the look of him sends me into a fangirling fit. As a BWLB with a specific interest in Joon I say bring on the questions. He wants know about his girl. He wants to know that they can share everything with each other. He’s an honest guy and any girl would be lucky to have him. He’s truthful to the point where he could potentially hurt his reputation but that just makes him more of the perfect guy. He’s guarded and actually very intelligent no matter how much they make fun of him being the muscle babo. He, like a lot of us out there, probably thinks about what he’s going to say so much that it just comes out the wrong way and then he becomes misunderstood. But that’s who he is, love him or hate him. Really and truly, to me that is what makes Joon the perfect guy.

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